Jun 2, 2008

Randomness at its Best

I have a lot of random stuff I wanna write about. Stuff that definitely doesn't warrant a separate post for itself, some of them updates from previous posts:

1. My baby cousin's operation: He got admitted yesterday. They haven't fixed his operation date yet. Apparently there are close to 10-20 operations happening there on a daily basis and they aren't able to find a 'slot' for him. The only thing, more than the operation itself, that everyone is worried sick about is how to keep that lil hyper-active nutcase bound to his bed for godknowshowmany days! Damn, the irony of it all.

2. Daddy's wallet: He got it back guys! I kinda forgot to put up this update actually. But yea, he got it back. He had dropped it at some shop and some guy (God Bless his soul) found it and returned it back to him, with everything intact. Nice people really do exist :)

3. I have a lousy ass cold. The one that makes you feel like your throat is on fire and your nostrils are stuffed with cotton. The one that makes you feel like your head is filled only and ONLY with solid lead and ears are high-pressure cabins with scary 'pops' going off now and then. Lousy!

4. Some crazyyyyyy stuff has been happening in a friend's life (those who know, know). I really don't know how else to describe it but for crazy, silly, nonsensical, irritating, frustrating etc etc. I don't wanna get into details here, but seriously, I think I would be on a ship on the way to NeverLand by now had I been in her situation. So much for it being 21st century with 'modern' values and all that. Just praying time would sort it all out for her and him.

5. Why I write. Ok, let's down to some facts. I don't generally new-blog-hop. Not even when I'm dead bored (which is like 99.95% of the time). I don't think I have that much of patience. It works this way for me. When someone new comments on my posts, I see theirs and leave a comment and the bond is formed. As a daily ritual, though, I check the pages of those on my side-bar and I'm close-to-content with that. (I know the list keeps increasing). So, why do I write? At the expense of sounding Highly (with a capital H) cliched, I write to vent. I really don't write for others to read. Agreed, I do use 'guys' and 'people' and stuff like that, but it isn't directed at anyone really - it's just a figure of speech. I like writing, no, I LOVE writing and that's why I do it. And this goes out to noone in particular.

6. I'm ADDICTED. To Icecreams. And I would never ever agree that my cold has anything to do with it. I've never quite been this addicted before. Excepting the last, what, 4 days...? I think I've had icecream pretty much everyday. My favourite flavour of the season is this totally deliciousss strawberry yoghurt from Emilios. Oh yummmmm! I can't go on with this, I'm way too tempted and knowing that I can't have 'em right now is downright torture.

I'm pretty cryey- whiney right now. So, That's All Folks!*
*I'm just quoting Warner Bros.

P.S: 1. Uhhhm, the 'Best' in the title isn't an adjective to describe this post, I just liked the way it sounded in totality. And uhhmm, this is directed at noone in particluar too :P


--xh-- said...

so dad got teh wallet back that is great.. abt the cousin - dnt ya wrry da.. our prayers r with u...

--xh-- said...

cols makes u irritated... no two opiniosn abt that... get well soon da
abt ur frnd: hope every thing gets settle dwn.. i really hope so...
and ice creams - no da, u cna have them.. cold is not really a deterrent, u know :)

The Techno Maniac said...

1. Thats so unfair!! How could they do that to a baby?

2. There are some good people. To true... Well, you need to loose your stuff to these ones. They are the ones who will get it back to you. but where to look for them?

3. Cold due to Icecream... No matter what you say..

4. Crazy stuffs happen to crazy people. We are all crazy.. So is our lives!!!

5. You Know Why I read your blog and want to comment first?

Because I love to. I want to see whats happeneing (a bit) in your crazy brain. I love the way you write. It has all.. right from jokes to philosophy to fun to family to things which I dont understand! a mixed bag!

6. See point 3 (above)

Whiney? u r not whiney!


adi said...

damn you won't write more about the crazy stuff! :P

Okie Dokie said...

Yeah! Yeah! Too much of normalcy.

1. Drenched quit her blog
2. BPSK quit his blog
3. Shenoy seems to ministering to his wife and kids. And so does not update.
4. Chutney was never funny ;)

And now you write non-emotionally-charged up stuff?

Only wolf seems to be doing ok.

Coconut Chutney said...

EMILIO'S!! I discovered that little piece of heaven in CIT Colony. Did you go there or somewhere else?

It is so heaven.

aneri_masi said...

I guess this just confirms your previous post...that things just happen, you can't plan them, not really. I was hoping to hear news about the little boy, and I don't like this update! waiting is the worst thing, man!

yayy, scan your mom's pic...or make some more copies or something. in case he loses it again!

i can feel that lousy ass cold coming on too :( it sucks so bad, nahi?

J said...

Good things happen to good people and that includes your cold too :P

I see that the culprit might be the icecream. Give it up. Doc J.


SK said...

Some parts I feel I am really my own ramblings ;--)
Like points 5 and 6. Very much can relate.

kumar said...

daddys girl illa so u will tell lik dat.am happy he got his purse bk,everybody gets grumpy when they have cold so it will pass,just dont give in to the icrecream temptation till ur better....

wt said...

Prayers are with the kiddo,hope he feels better soon!:)
summer allergies are killing me, not cold but itchy red nose(read rudolph) and watery eyes! :(
moi not addicted to ice creams,yay!gotta visit this Emilios on my next trip! is Mövenpick still in business?

rantravereflect said...

i'm paying for that cuteeeeee lil' one- he's gonne be great babeeeee.. - n he's gonne keep be troubling ya allllllll n bein a handful :)

daddy's wallet- good people realllly do exist in this world bebo, n well, tat was a sheer example of tat!!

my cold is lousyyyyyyyy as well, so bad i'm breathing with my mouth wide open! waaaat a tragedy!!!

about teh cray things happenin to her, she'z gonan be fine- n we'll walk her through it!! :):)

we not only love ya writing, we also love that brutal honesty, mock sarcasm, and sincere rants!!! we love reading you- write wen ya want to, post when ya want to, it's ya blog, it's ya life!!! n wat better way of getting a scoop than readin ya with ya soul bared!!

addiction- my latest is to jelabeez!!! :(:(:(
12 day before :(
well, but it's soooooo yummm whoo cares!!:):):)
n emelios!- deeee teh best place to gooo to, thagt cures of all our worries in life- every lil' thing there is like heaven- i loveee teh hat -shaped-waffles.. heeeeeee..

n ya're teh bestttttttttest!!!!
n ya know tat!!
:) luvvv ya always!! mwuaaahhhhh!!!

Preeti said...

@Anoo: Cold isnt a deterrent i knw...never has been...but this time, i really wanna get it over PROPERLY before i do any monkey business! :-/

@Techno: I hate it when this happens to a kid...i dont even wanna talk abt it...The good ones are there, but god knows where...Cold and icecream, not convinced!

@Adi: Lemme get permission to write it (with names changed et al) and i definitely will :)

@Okie: Long time pal..And Drenched QUIT? As in, Q.U.I.T Quit???? Shenoy is busy...This really is Kalyug isnt it??? And me, I'm konjam emotionally down right now..and I dont wanna crib toooo mcuh thru the posts, tatz why..wolfie is all upbeat as alwayz and so r u :) Touchwod!

@Chutney: YAAAAA!!! CIT Colony e dan! U know it toooooo???? Isn't it just AWESOME???I guess if u probably go there on any weekday at any time, ud find me and my friend's there...a noisy bunch of 4 gurls...it's really our 2nd home...or rather 2nd office ;)

@Aneri: Yea it is :( And this said cold is Soooo in love with that it just isnt lettin go! I've had it!

@J: So u sayin the cold is good? Or the cold is bad and if it's happenin to me , then im bad??? :)

@SK: Fellow Cancerian after all :D

@Kumar: I'm REALLY tryin not to give into the temptation...im tired of bein sick so i guess i can do just about anything to get myself back on track! :)

Preeti said...

@Wt: Rudolph nose...*high-five* And Movenpick is defnitely in business..Though it kinda looks run down right now...I'm not too fond of it, really..It's tooooo overpriced for an icecream joint..Makes me savour every spoon just to feel it's worth! And that's not worth it! But this Emilio's..?? MUST try! and ADDICTIVE :)

@Janie: Yup panni..Emilio's is our joint :) I am gonna keep writin till i get bored of it...which is i dont kow when...till then im gonna keep going :D No matter :) Loveeee u tooooo! Muah!

Keshi said...

hope the baby is doing ok?

glad ur dad got his wallet bak :)

HUGZ luv!


Solitaire said...

Love the colors on your blog!

Hope your cousin feels better and recover really soon! Hope you feel better soon too!!

k10 said...

Did you know that the "Ice creams cause a cold" and all that jazz is actually a myth?
I dont till recently!

Does your friend need any help?

Wow, your Dad must be excited! and relieved!

Writing is good for the soul, and some major finger practice!

How is work?

k10 said...

Hows the kid faring?

Preeti said...

@Keshi: Right now he's totally fine...Spoke to him in the mornin and he's still cuteness personified :) The ops tom :-/

@SolitairE: Liked it? Thanx! :) And thanx for the good will too :)

@K10: Even if it were true, i wudnt stop eatin it :D And I'm totally glad Dad got the wallet back too..Atleast cuz he's happy now :) Work sucks as usual...Nothing's happenin and im juz stuck here worried sick for the lil one and tryin to get blood donors ready...Finally done and i can breathe easy till the op...

Mocha said...

I came here blog hopping. U had written a comment to a fellow blogger which was exactly my comment to him. But when i read ur post one thing that stood was why u write. It sounded exactly like my reasons. Not a person who loves leaving comments so do expect any even though i would reading ur post

Preeti said...

@Mocha: Welcome here :) I'd be glad knowin that ur readin even if u dont comment :)

kumar said...

do let us know once the ops over,he will get thru with all the prayers....

Preeti said...

@Kumar: Yea, his energy is deifnitely catchy...he can bring anyone up with his antics...the Op is tom morn at 6.30...will definitely keep u all posted on his recovery...thanks :)

Keshi said...



The Techno Maniac said...

i know u d never compensate wit me on arguements

Preeti said...

@Keshi: *HUGZ* Read ur post and i need it even more :-/

@Techno: :P

mitr_bayarea said...


first time visitor here..yes, indeed a lot of random thoughts put together, brings a nice post.

Keshi said...

yes Preeti...it's a cruel world out there. more HUGZ!


Preeti said...

@mitr: Thank you! :) And welcome here :)

@Keshi: Yea it indeed it..Hugz :)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Awww, I hope your cousin is alright soon. :)

Yay, your dad got his wallet. he musta been so happy...aww.

and ditto. my reasons for writing are the same. and i used to go new blog hoppin months ago whn i used to be dead-ass-bored...no longer do, which is pretty ironical considering i love readin blogs more now. okay am blabbering. shut me up. :P

btw, i love readin you. random fast, but yea... i read this post the same day dat you posted..but dint get round to commenting..

icecreams...ahhh, addicted to em, me too.


Winds of Change said...

Commentin on ur pointz..
1. ur cuzin is/has/wil/shud/btr b ok post operation..and alll of us r prayin 4 it...so letz jus hope ething goez fine...

2. man...datz realllllyyyyyyyyy awesummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

3. i KNO wat a lousy cold can do....i hav it ALL the time!!! hate it.......ull b ok soon...:)

4. hope she settlez down soon...

5. dats exactly wat a blog is meant 4...jus write watevr wenevr

6. emilios has got a 700% turnover.....u kno hw!!!!!

'I'm pretty cryey' : dnt b!!!!!!!!!!!

u kno who

Preeti said...

@Busygurl: Finally :) and a decently sized comment...u r more than pardoned for ur laziness, uhh, sorry busy-ness! ;) Im glad i can keep u comin bak to this page...if anythin, tat makes me wanna write more :) Love!

@Robo: Yea, Emilions makes all their sales/profits/ etc etc only from us...im not complainin considerin the 'raja mariyadai' we get whenever we enter :)

Prathi:-) said...

hmmm we knw the updates on all them by now :) except probably one case... so.... lets see:) time will tell that ans:)