Jun 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's Prathiboo's Birthday! The Day of the Pink Lady has finally arrived! As always, I'm excited, but here is one girl who probably shares the sameeee amount of excitement for Birthdays as me! The ensemble shopping, the hype and allllll that jazz!

For all that she's going through right now, I'm hoping and praying with ALL my (big) heart that the year ahead is gonna be allll full of smiles for her and she gets exactly everything that she's wished for! I'm kinda more than certain that this is going to happen! You just wait and see di!

A part of the veritable Sexcee Six, Princess Cinderella from the Elegant Group of Princesses, this girl is one person I totally totally love. I know you know this but lemme say it again today I do love you so Prathi! :) Muah!!! And Happy Happy Birthday to you!


--xh-- said...

HBD wishes to prathiba from me too :)

The Techno Maniac said...

happy bday prathi..

We all pray for you, as what s happening in your life is the "happening" topic of discussion of your frnds..

Winds of Change said...


hope cindy liked watevr v did...she btr!!!

hope u had a gr8 day prati!!!

u kno who

kumar said...

well if shes ur frnd she deserves all the wishes..heres wishing her a very happy..healthy prosperoud funfilled year ahead:-)

Keshi said...

Happy Bday mate! :)


NEurodrOne said...

oh! just stumbled in here.(don't ask where from :P)

so, well..

Many Happy Returns of the day! :) have a blast!!

(does a cursory check. finds abundant c00ln3ss. resorts to read the rest.)

rantravereflect said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :)):)Prathidewwwww:):) happppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppy b'dayyyy princessss :)
n peeto, i'm not a big sucker of b'dayz but tat day i got reaaly spruced up.. totally upbeat!!!

Preeti said...


From Prathi, THANX! :)

And Neurodrone...welcome welcome ;)

Prathi:-) said...

heyyyy :) hi:) i had a super fun bday... thanks to all my darling princesses:) this group... - sexceesix... has probably been the only gp that made me feel soooo good and wanted and special:) they are jus wayyyyyyyy toooo amazing:)
and im glad u guys cud make it to my bday:)
i love u alll sooooo much:) i can nvr say enf to mean hw much:)
rgt now... i need Prayers... as many as possible... hope this year is the most amazing special and super year of my life...
love u all to make it dt way everyday:)
p3... spl thanks di:) i really needed to meet u guys dt day:) thanks:) really:)