Jun 26, 2008

One Tag, Many Questions

Tagged by Satti. I see 2 ways to do this tag. Considering that it contains a set of highly profound questions that warrant some very thought-provoking answers, one way to do it would be the heart-felt way. But that isn't me (atleast not now) The other way is 'my' way. Any guesses which way this is gonna be done?

I am: Preeti

I am not: Dolly (my sis. A lotta people get our names interchanged. I can never get why!)

I think: Actually I don't

I know: that I'm hungry now

I want: Pepperoni pizza

I have: no money

I wish: I had money

I hate: Arrogance and not being understood

I miss: being a kid

I fear: the boogey-monster in the dark

I feel: hungry! (should explain the Pepperoni)

I hear: Some guy here saying, "Ramakrishna is our team-member" on the phone.

I crave: A couple tequila shots right here, right now :( :(

I search: My bag for my comb

I wonder: What I'd wear on my Birthday this year

I regret: Not being able to go to aerobics for the past month and a half

I love: Chilli chicken and honey roasted peanuts (Yea it's all about food!I'm hungry!)

I ache: When I fall down the stairs every-single-time

I care: A little more than necessary

I always: Have my phone around me

I believe: In God

I dance: All the time. People say I dance when I'm normally talking itself (I shake my head and move my hands a lot)

I sing: because I like to sing.

I cry: Pretty easy actually

I don’t always: like company. I need to be alone at times.

I fight: silly!

I write: hardly anything. I type is more like it.

I win: if I'm lucky

I lose: when I'm unlucky

I never: wanna be unloved

I confuse: myself - all the fuckin' time!

I listen: to music I like (obviously)

I can usually be found: talking. No, I can always be found talking.

I am scared: of the dark! Isn't it the same as I fear...Wait a min now, is this some kinda psychometry test?!?

I need: to turn the AC off here before I freeze!

I am happy about: the fact that my Birthday is coming up in just 15 days :D

Q: One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:
A: I like reading about Ancient Egyptian Mythology. You know, Ra, Amun Ra and the likes. I don't know if any 'religious works' exist, but just information from google is interesting enough! Blame it on Nefertiti and Tutenkhamun if u wish :)

Q: One music video–that you like–from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:
A: Weird question. One of 'em songs by Bond Girls. I'm not really the instrumental kind.

Q: Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there?
A: If I haven't thought of going somewhere, why would I think it would be fun to go there...!?

Q: A sport or game you really hate, or haven’t tried yet, but are willing to give one more go.
A: Bowling. Because I end up falling every time!

Q: A style of dance you probably won’t try..
A: Ballet. Balancing my body on my toes - OUCH!

Q: A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:
A: Anything to do with software or finance. How much ever I try, I can just never understand writing a program or the stock market!

Q: An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for you
A: Ahem ahem, cough cough, wink wink! Go figure! :P

Q: If there’s one thing in life you wanted to do, and will do, what will it be?
A: At any given point, there are close to exactly 1 million things I'd wanna do, but what I would do is certainly a mystery, even to me. And so, if I'm asked to confine my doing-desires to just one, it is a task close to impossible!

I tag all ye guys I've linked up on my side bar - too many for this lazy one to type out :) [Excepting 'The One Who Doesn't Wish To Be Tagged'. Hahahaha!]

P.S: 1. Satti, seriyana potti?? Hahahahahahaha!
2. Others: Don't bother figuring out P.S.1!
3. Some kind soul just turned the AC off :) :) :)


The Techno Maniac said...

hahaha.. good one!!! [:)]

--xh-- said...

ROTFL.... it was typicall u da... good answers... i say, better than the serious answers... :)

The Techno Maniac said...

Hullo! ;) (I am sure you know why I winked - let that be our lil secret)

It's well past lunch time.. You still did not have??

Size la than valandiruka di nee.. mula sutthama illa.. unkuda sendhu nanu kozhandu madri potti podren! so.. u r not actually missing it.. u r kiddish!

boogey monster??

Did you not tell me yday over the phone that you go to aewrobics class daily.. inga u ve wriitten u hav not gone for a month and a half?

u fall down the stairs everytime? enga?

the caring part is what makes people never leave u or come back to you inspite of being complicated.. u know? so thats perhaps ur greatest strength..

I m glad u have begun to agree about the phone thing my dear call centre..

dance.. yes.. that you do.. in fact i can support that statement.. crazy mnkey..

You fight for all reasons, good and bad, big and small, simple prob or complicated problems.. nevertheless.. its intrestin!

You will be never unloved as long as you infinite number of friends are not around.. hundred others or thousand others are always round you.. some people take extra effort in loving you (if you understand what i mean.. eg - Asan etc.. i dont want go wit more examples.. may land me in trouble..) hahahahaheheheh :D

U not only confuse urself.. but also the rest around! it takes so much times to reverse it for the latter

u r a talk-o-maniac.. Yaay!! and a message-o-maniac.. nevertheless.. u r always wanted..

Scared: made afraid
Fear: be afraid or scared of; be frightened of

(anyway.. both looks pretty the same.. so i suppose this has an element of pshycometry in it.. )

I too cant dream about being a software programmer! never! and finance.. suttham..

i know.. trust me.. that was a wrong question posted to you... the one about what you wanted to do.. u r scary...

S said...

what are the odds!
pepperoni pizza is my craving favorite too :)

Rajesh said...

nice one...but Preeti.. Did u blog roll me after this article or before this?? ( I don't wanna be tagged ) :) :) :) .. It's very unfair if you had blog rolled me after writing this article and even more unfair if u lie saying u blogrolled me b4 this article :) :)

Two things that sounded nice were

I win : when I"m lucky
I lose: when I'm unlucky

Keep writing...

gradwolf said...

pepperoni, chicken!

abacharam abacharam!

ani said...

okk.. am hungryy now.. lol.. when am i not..

hnnmm thats a nice tag.. might take it up eventuallyy.. lol.. not just yet.. hehe that did look like a pyschometry test if i may say so.. lol.. hehe

and you not talking.. not happening..
you stop falling down the stairs.. err hnnm again not happening.. ok may be possible.. but anyways..

being understood when we talk.. well that solves most of our problems :)

babez you will never go unloved.. you have us bunch of friends around and so you is ur family.. and the mr right somewhere hanging around.. so dont worry about that..

rantravereflect/ jane said...

haaa haaa :) i've been tagged this one too.. found it too deep to get in2.. but ya made it total fun.. this is ya.. n this is as real as it gets!

hunger food pepperoni.. i knowww the tongue is awayzzzz craving for moreeeeee.. :)i ate at rathna cafe today- man, the sambar there was awesummm.. ;) yehh but i'd prefer a pepperoni neday.. :)

bowling n ballet- yehh they're not really my type either, though maybe we can get pur kids to do it ;)

s/w n finance.. add sales to tat for me ;);) oh my- i'm gonna get kicked out soon..geeee..

abt caring fro people, tatz wat ya are, keep doing it, cos we're all used to the pampering,.. as for unwanted things n unwanted peopel, mayve ya can trim it down a bit- it
d save ya a lotttttttta confusion...

n tequilla- lezz plan a nyte out soooon :) mwuahhh :*
loadsa lurvvvvv...

Arv said...

": Ballet. Balancing my body on my toes - OUCH!"

That was a good one :)


Have a nice day... Cheers..

mayth!! said...

That was fun :D

aneri_masi said...

I loved reading the first tag. All about the right here, right now, without getting too philosophical about it :)

oye, where are the pics of the new hair-do!

Anonymous said...

Oh Bowling! It's my favourite thing. So I guess you have been to fun land in Marina Beach (not the beach in Chennai) in our old hometown. Now it’s around 2.5 BD for a game.

I think you gotta learn to control the temperature while using A/C rather than switching it off. I’d need A/C at 25 oC even during winter.

Coconut Chutney said...

iyer ponnu non-veg saapadriya?
abhishtoo! :P

Keshi said...

very cute :)

btw why d u MISS being a kid? I think u still r a child at heart and a very beautiful one too. HUGZ!


Solitaire said...

How do you have so many extra questions in the end that I have not read before?

And yeahhhhhhhhhhh...its all about food. On top of that you want booze too!

You are crazy!

Preeti said...

@Techno: ;) Hehehe! I may still be kiddish but not care-free and that's not nice :( Aerobics naa ipo dan seriya poga start panirken, again! Iv fallen down stairs just close to a million times thambi! :P ANd I dont fight! U DO!

@Anoo: Hehe thanx! U know me - serious is just not my type ;)

@S: No way! That BOND is just sooo there gurl! :)

@Rajesh: I most-definitely blogrolled u before publishing this and so, please, do the tag!And I never lie! ;)

@Gradwolf: Whiskey, vodka, rum, beer - sutham! :P

@ANi: The one thing i would love to do though is TRY not to fall down stairs! hehe...and yea, do the tag!

@Jane: Night-out soon di...Lets just not keep plannin, lets kick into action mode :) And pepperoni - im better off not thinkin abt it now ;)

@Arv: Thanx :)

@Mayth: YEA! Precisely why u shud take it up :P

@Aneri: Philosophical and me -never! Hehe..Arey, snaps soon :( so sorry, i juz gotta gt em!

@Shajit: I used to go bowling at a friend's place in Budaiya...Then here sometime...Not me at allllll!!! And the AC is centralized for the entire floor, so i cant really do much with the temp-control :(

@Coconut: Naangalam porandadu lende fraud ;)

@Keshi: AWWW KEsh! U make me smile and blush! Thankx...but i miss bein a kid cuz of the fact tat there r no mature worries to taint that happiness..Sigh!

@Sol: I definitely am crazy! IT takes one to know one huh??? ;) Hehe!

Rajesh said...

well...m sorry...jus got tagged by ani a week back...

Okie Dokie said...

Ennaku bore adikardu. Edavdu controversial a erudu.

In any case Chill chicken reminds me of Munnabhai MBBS. Arshad will be like "Ai chill chicken.."

aneri_masi said...

that's the funnest part about your posts dear. Just plain, good life, no heavy philosophy :)

jayant said...

wow.. that was a loooong tag,pretty much like an interview!
but I loved some of the answers.. witty and honest and some were.. err.. i dare say.. ordinary(coz they were random, i guess)
now i'm not saying which one's which.. guess tht urself if u want to

would love to read more..

The Mahathma said...


WT said...

Hahaha@ I confuse: myself.

Pep..Pep..Pepperoni? :O my dare-devil stint was trying out (gasp!)mock meat--made of soy & whey protein! my lovely friends swear on their steaks that it DOES taste like meat. ah well, i wouldn't know.:D

ps: we gotta do those shots on my next trip!

SK said...

Hey the first tag was super funny!! :--)
I mean what kind of questions are these! You done them well, with super nakkal. :--)

The Mahathma said...

bored now ! taking the tag even if im not on ur sidebar !

...Im subtly indicating that u shud be adding me there (((wink)))

J said...

Ok Dolly.. erm preeti :P must give you some bowling lessons. After all I am the champ at the game.. from my bunch of four :D

Ketan said...

"I crave: A couple tequila shots right here, right now :( :("

Tell me about it..I dont mind a beer either!

Good way of taggin you ve got here...Will post soon.

Winds of Change said...

hey hey

dat wuz reallyyyyyyyyyyyy funny...

rollin out here

lots aluv
u kno who

The Techno Maniac said...

adi paaavi! i fight? its only when you force me to!

which stairs do you fall of incedentally?

Prashanth Nagaraj said...

well....We r in the same community....

Nice reading.....Gud goin
Needhan nalla IYER AATHU PONNU!!!

Scribblers Inc said...


Prathi:-) said...

Good one:) loads of food for thought eh???? ;)
heehehhe :D the post was crazy as u:) cute crazy;)

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey hello

am comin in this blog for the first time

it is really gr8 to do a tag and imagine even i got the same tag almost same...but tagged by sachhi my blogger frnd

ur blog is simply awesome

hope to visit here soon

check mine


The Solitary Writer. said...

hey can i blogroll ya if u dont mind :)

Sheks said...

Wonder how you had the patience to answer all the questions.I'm going to take this up unofficially!

Keshi said...

I agree, I feel the same way now :(


Mark IV said...

1. ur sis name is dolly? like her real name? like in school n stuff? :O

2. chilli chicken n honey roasted peanuts? wattya combo!!!

3. do u think the ancient egypts had something to do with the telugus? amun ra would mean ámun come here'!!


Ketan said...

Hows the Mood?

Jagjit said...

Reading tags was never so interesting. i liked the subdued humor...