Jun 5, 2008

2 is Company, 3 a Crowd, 4 is FUN and so this TAG!

Anoo tagged me thrice (!) and Wolfie once. I'm gonna do 'em All-in-One, my way. I'm combining 6 quirks-about-me and 5 things-people-dont-know-about-me and making it 6 Whatevers About Me:

1. I've got 15 first cousins. Thanks to Grandad's favourite past-time => Mum has 10 siblings (and she's the first)

2. I'm shit scared of the dark. Which explains why I can never ever sleep alone. I would never dare to. Infact even when friends stay over, and if we ever do get around to sleeping (a rarity), I would do so only if they agree to have the lights on, or I would let them sleep and slowly walk out into my parents' room and cuddle up to Daddy.

3. On any day, at any time, if you ask me,"What's up?" I'd only say,"Nothing. It is soooooo boring!". I'm a born cribber.

4. My eyes are extremely 'power-full'. -4 and -4 to be exact. Yea, I wear lens (and glasses at home)

5. I love, collect and cherish (after stickers) pencil boxes. I've got close to 30 pencil boxes from my adult life (=> engg and MBA). And scales and pencils and sharpeners and erasers and colour pencils and water colours and brushes.

6. I dislike long hair. On me or anybody. Most of my friends would be profusely shaking their heads for this (you can stop now before it falls off). I'm alwayz the one to remind them it's time for a haircut! I would never dream or dare to have hair more than 2" below my shoulders. You should see Dolly, she's like got it down to her waist. *crinkles nose* If only she would listen!

10 Things I miss in my life right now: (In random order)
1. Pp, who is in Singapore right now. Come back soon :(
2. Being occupied
3. Being carefree
4. Being thoughtless
5. Everything about
6. College life - engineering to be specific
7. ICECREAM! And soon, mangoes :(
8. Being able to fit into many of my old clothes. Especially those jeans :(
9. Life alone (-) parents. Those into-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning talks with friends and those million stay overs and LOUD music. I love it with Dad and Mum around too, but those days were really something.
10. The good 'ol days with Aj and Andu (and the gang). Those 4 days - were entirely something else, huh? Lazying around with Lays and Pepsi, Dumbcharades, google and you-tube, Russel Peters and Grey's Anatomy, Simba hair and all those tears. Wish I could relive that for just one day. Time for next!

10 Things I Wanna Achieve (not necessarily) Within a Decade:
1. 10 kilos off in 10 years...? Or maybe more. The more the better :D
2. Get married and have 2 kids.
3. Take Mum and Dad on a World Tour. This is something I really, really wanna do.
I'm definitely short-sighted as I haven't been able to look too deep into the future! I've been sitting with my fingers frozen for the past 7 minutes, to be exact. FINE! I'll just continue!
4. Go on a roller-coaster ride. Did I mention I'm ride-averse?
5. Get 3 more tattoos. I'm not letting out what and where for fear of idea-theft.
6. I just recently pierced my ears again, so now there are 4 on the left and 3 on the right (maybe I'd put up a snap sometime) so I think that option is out. Maybe my nose again (I had pierced it once and it fortunately or unfortunately closed). But I know quite a few people who are against this :D
7. Get my hair cut real short. Boy cut kinds. It's been a dream for toooooo long. (Yes, I dream weird)
8. Just reached #8?? Oh man, this one is difficult. Hmm, oh yea, start my own restaurant.
9. Start my own boutique.
10. Go to the Himalayas. Not to surrender, but just to see the heavenly abode. I'm as pious as it gets!

Last, but not the least, The Book Tag by Adi aka Wolfdude. It comes with its own set of rules:
Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

I swore I'd do this asap only because the book next to me would provide a lot of interesting information which I just really wanted to share.

Page No. 123, Line 5-8 read:
'D' is duties/ excise payable per unit of electrical energy (KWH) on the date of submission of tender, if applicable. 'A' is Any other levy/ charge per unit if applicable on the date of submission of the tender. 'E' is the Amount of difference payable/ recoverable by KMC for prevailing bills of energy charges.

If you understood that, hats off to you. If you didn't, Welcome to my World. Any wonder why I hate my job? :D

Yaaay! I'm done! I'm going to go on and pat myself on my back while you guys take your time to recover from my brilliance. I tag Mayth, Wolfie, Janie, Satti, Prathiboo, Aneri, Arun (ONLY cuz I know you won't do this), Anoo, Maverick, K10, Busygurl etc etc on Tags you haven't already done from here. Take your pick. The rest of you can do it too.


The Techno Maniac said...

Okay, I suppose I got to commen t first.. after loooooooooong!! so here we go..

I know about your family, by the way you attend functions: Uncle's wife's cousin's sons upanayanam and the likes!! :P

A lot of people are scared about the dark too! yeah.. you re a bborn cribber, show off and high maintanance.. :P

I dno.. i liked the spectacled preeti better, looks cute than the outdoor one..

I have one of ur prized possesions!! [:D] pencil box!! :)

Hmm.. denly u r not gona like me when you see me after 3 or 4 years then..

Pp? who is that?

abt the weight part... dnt care a damn.. u wud not look good if u reduce! i think so!

Married.. hopefully we can expect it this year...


I d be happy to fit in my present clothes!!

I dont know di, but I just realized, my life is simpler wit my parents around me..

Himalaya? visit kanchenjunga and amarnath!

I l do the tag over the week end, quite a handful of work now..


The Techno Maniac said...

Sexcee Six not on the list?? :( :(

Confounded-Lady said...

Yayy tag yayy tag :d

Ok, first of all..you piereced your nose-a? :O :O

Lucky bum :| :D Me too...but things konjum complicated from now one I would think.

I dont really miss Bahrain now...I wonder why. :D But too many similar points to mention. I ll probably ctrl+c and paste yours (barrning a few of course like missing pp in Singaproe. )

Again..yay tag yay! :D

--xh-- said...

ha haha.. lot fo tag in one post... 3 more tattos? great :) will give u some good ideas :)

30 pencil boxes? wow.. thatz is a huge collection...

go to himalayas - that is something i want to do... as soon as possible...

i hv done most of this... so wil take up the book tag some time soon :)

adi said...

Lol, nice! If you miss being occupied, how do you miss being carefree? Or you really really care about not being occupied? :p

Eh, what was that all about? why is that book even on your table!!? :D

ROFL@ grandad's fav pass time..err, past-time? :-??

rantravereflect said...

if 2 is compny, 3 a crowd and 4 fun- then TENNNNN children- mannnn that's a stampede :)
zoooozeeezaaazoooo :)vaaat a pastime- no wonder ya love ya grandpa- ya'd love to learn the art frm him- maybe the silent tigress in B#@ comes frm there!!

dee, 30? you counted wrong- it should 've been close to a 50, or even a 100..
(n ya used to hate me for losing all ya epncils n rubberz n pens- soo ya always gave me the cheap ones :) that neve walked back 2 ya neways)heeeeeeee :)
how proud i'm of tat- i think every sem exam, i've written by ya hand(pen/pencil)
geeeee :)

ya stickers- boooooo- heeeeeee- they're all in ya cards to all of us!!i know ya hate givin them aaway!

long hair- yehhhhhh!!!! n i have to mention 2 the world- guys I'M PREETI'S SCAPEGOAT WHEN IT COMES TO BOY-CUT HAIR- i meaN two times ya made me dooo it!!! n both the times, i ended up likea panni!!

power"full"- deeeee- we're teh blind bums..

grey's & russels & aj n anand n the guys!!!!- i love ya guys together- ya n doll rock wit 'em!!!!!how cum ya never fell in love with any one of them!!!;););)

pp comeeee back in a bit- cos peeto is givin us chennaiites water to drink with all those tears ;)

tattos n piercings- deeee, in a few months, after we're married, let's go on a spree.. my tattoo- virgin body aches for them..love yarz btw..

boutique n restaurant- for me, it's a play -school in addition 2 tat ;)we're gonna be great connoisseurs ;)

love ya,

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

HAHA. OMG, you know, I'm exactly the same, that answer to ssup is like the first sentence for a mega-enthu-story. lol.

I have this thing for stationary too. pencil boxex, wow! i love the disney ones.

and long hair, lurrve it. but never come round to growing it long. i always end up cuttin it (outta haste...lol).

real sweetly done tag. :) btw, who is Pp??

will take this up asap! thanks for taggin me! :D

Love! :)

Winds of Change said...


GUD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lotsa luv
u kno who.....

Arun Sundar said...

Next decade, you'd be married. Fine. But 2 kids?? Don't even think about it if you are gonna be in India :) Our population is already at an alarming rate. One kid is fine. Have as many as you want, if you live in a foreign country. That's Kabali's advice ;)

And this tag was sweetly done. And the mention of my name(and that too with the known results!) brought a smile on my face :)

wt said...

woo hoo Grandad's been a busy man, hope you make him proud someday! ;)
*hifi* on the piercings, i had the the same count of 4L-3R but one on each side closed up recently!:( w.r.t Tatoos, i was out on this tatoo expo last year where the red neck bikers showed up in gazillions, and watching two of my friends slither in the process, got me shit scar(r)ed! :|

mitr_bayarea said...


Loled at your booky tag, you sure picked up the nearest book.

aneri_masi said...

pencil boxes!? scales, erasers, colors, stickers? are you sure you want to open a restaurant and boutique and not a stationary shop? :)

himalaya to hum jaake aaye hain, teeheee :) u shld go, its very very beautiful!

I'll do the book tag, baaki I think I have done already.

Keshi said...

cute :)

**to Grandad's favourite past-time => Mum has 10 siblings


I dun like very long hair but I like long hair. But Short is neater and easier to manage too, I agree.

U dun hv to wait for 10yrs if u wanna lose weight hun...go for a 45min walk on a daily basis. U'll lose weight in no time.


Wussup Preeti? ;-)


Preeti said...

@Techno: Yaaay! Ur first! Anyway, I am NOT high maintenance! Never!The spectacled Preeti is spectacular i know, tatz y i dont prefer to publicize my cuteness in all its fervour u see ;) My pencil box- no comments...at all..Pp is my cousin Prakash...3 more tattos- I am geeting!!!!Kanchenjunga is spiritual...???Why would i miss the sexcee 6?

@Mayth: Yea i had gotten it peirced durin my MBA but it went off,...contemplatin doin it again but noone around me wants me to :( need more suport :D And Bahrain, I guess I miss it most cuz i haven't been there in...4 yrs :(

@Anoo: Book tag soon ok? U too himalayas? Maybe we'd take the expedition togetheR? :D

@Wolfie: Care-free doesn't mean 'free' with time on hands..I wanna be carefree in my mind...No naggin thoughts u see...And occupied cuz im vetti... :) And that book is what im workin on! Haha! And i blog mostly from work which explains its presence next to me...And that word back there it's pastime...Pass or past i dno! :D

kumar said...

u know i have 34 1st cousins,the nose ring should look gud go for it..and wats with the 2 kids..still following the hum do hamare do policy of the 80's huh:-)

Preeti said...

@Janie: Hahahahahahahahahaahaha on the scapegoat! Di...I REALLY love the boycuts on u...sheesh! I'm seirous...u werent my guinea pig...i really liked em on u! :) Yea we r blind bums...ada public aa solanuma?? :D

@Busygurl: Wassup gurl?? ;) And Tsk tsk..Dont thank me and all..My pleasure taggin u dear one :D Goin by the photo on ur blog i did kinda realise u do have long-ish hair...Mine is gonna go shorter anytime now considerin my bday is around the corner ;) And pp is my lil cousin :)

@Robo: Thu :P

@Arun: 2 is too many u say? Now i have to start rethinkin my life plans??? NOOOO!!! ;) Hehe...And i just couldnt resist mentionin u here...cuz i KNOW how tag-averse u r! :D

@Wicked: Keep him proud...?Gurl, have mercy on me! But maybe it isn't such a bad idea after alll..My grandmum is like skinny...maybe that'd be the outcome?? :D And tattoos...get one...dont look at others squirmin in their seats...I'd advocate a tattoo anyday...It is jus THE best thing on me...!

@Mitr: Yup, I really did! Added to my enthusiasm of takin up the tag :D

@Aneri: If I had a stationery shop i would never sell ;) Hehe...Actually it would be the same case would restaurant too :D And u went to the Himalayas??? REALLY?? WOWWWW!!!Mujhe bhi jaana hai!! :(

@Kesh: Nothing gurl, it's just sooo boring! Haha ;) And i know u have long hair...And it looks good on u...so keep it :) I would never carry off long hair well enough...really never...! 45 min walk u say? Aerobics is good enough, yea? Hugz!

Preeti said...

Kumar: 34 first cousins?? WOW!! That's AWESOME! Must be just sooo much fun huh??? Nice! Nose yea...maybe sometime soon...right now everyone around me is like NOOOO!!! :( 2 kids cuz...1 is boring and 3 is too many :D

Idling in Top Gear said...

Lol at the Book tag.

Leave it to the Indian government to put out a 120+ page document to place a bid for a project with a small town municipality!

Preeti said...

@Idling: Trust me! there are 3 200+ page volumes right here in front of me which i have to decode in the next couple hours...!

nefariousoutlook said...


grandad's fav pastime ...lol

you have answered a lot of tags together...

you are a stationary freak !! ohh man welcome to the club

and yeah grey's anatomy and lays are my fav passtime as well

tatoos !! 3 of them ..ambitious :D

keep posting and thanks for dropping by!!!

kumar said...

yeah 22 on moms side n 12 on dads its fun da...:-)

The Maverick Blog said...

Hey Preeti.. Thanks for the tags.. Have taken it.. Chk em out when u get time..:)

Preeti said...

@Nefarious: Et tu stationary freak?! High- five! :D And the tattos, not really ambitious...Im sure im not gonna stop with juz 1!

@Kumar: 22 on mumz side! Tatz awesome...Im not too sure of how many i have on dadz side...Close to mumz side only :)

@Sunil: Tags done??? Will chek em out tonite from home...try n do something abt that music bit please :(

The Maverick Blog said...

hmm ok.. I've done something now.. check n tell if its working now..

Preeti said...

@Maverick: Nope :( Not working! Damn this damn company and it's damned network and its rules or whatever!U wait, im gonna quit soon! X-(

Okie Dokie said...

"Lays and Pepsi, Dumbcharades, google and you-tube, Russel Peters and Grey's Anatomy, Simba hair and all those tears. Wish I could relive that for just one day. Time for next!"

Tooo girly!

And you go girl. With more piercings and tatoos, you are just making it incredibly tough for guys (at least me) to not hit on you.

Preeti said...

@Okie: Too girly aa? That's stuff I've done with 5 guy-friends!! :) hehe...And lol@ the second bit..Long distance hittin on is difficult no??

ani said...


why am i not surprised by most of the things you have written.. hehe well guess wht am planning to get a tattoo done myself.. ( okk close ur mouth lol.. am still thinking it out lol..) so it eventually might not happen..

anyways.. hnnm wht didnt i know from it. oh yeah ur new ear piercing.. hehe so did u pick up pics anywhere.. goshh girlll

and reallyy i would love to go back to my boy cut hair days.. u have never seen me like that i know.. hehe neither have i for agesss.. hehe ..

well keep it gooinggg babes..
miss bugging u now..
lov u

Preeti said...

@Aniiiiiiiiiii: Where have u been>? I miss buggin u toooooooo!!! sheesh!So much fun nah? :P hehe... Yea more piercings added on...Il definitely try takin pics and putting it up...No camera is a pain really! :) And the tattoo :) Get it done and lemme know, then il comment :)

The Techno Maniac said...

why would you miss the sexcee six? because one of its member (i hope) is like 800 km away from there?

Preeti said...

@Techno: I don't miss what's in my life and with me all the time :) And that includes you guys :)

ani said...

i know babez.. bugging and blabbering to each other is the best thing tht we do.. hehe...

i dont know how u r going to take the pics.. but u better take some and send me..

n btw.. hehe ur parents know about this piercing or is it still a state secret?? or is it actually cool this time around.. am wondering abt the tattoo's now..

was it painful dii.. am havin 2 minds.. ( which is as usual common thinggyy ) but really.. any suggestions abt whtt i might do?

Preeti said...

@Ani: The pericings, well, they just didnt notice di! I actually was a lil scared and tried not to show them and all that but seriously, they didnt even notice.hehe...i think they have just realised therez no point in tellin me stuff :) hehe...And tattoo they dont know...Now that is definitely top secret cuz Dad would NEVER be ok with it...NEVER! And u shud get one...no pain, no gain- that's my philosophy :D

ani said...

hehe gee thanks for been the voice in my head now..

no pain.. no gains..
goshhh reallyy u na..

hehe and i know wht u mean.. hehe happpens.. if i do eventually get the tattoo.. n my parents come to know.. lol they will just flipp.. lol understatement.. but anyways.. lol

Preeti said...

@Ani: Yea...that is something they just would never ever understand! So think about it...if u can manage hiding it like me, then go ahead...illana... :-/

ani said...

i know.. that is what I am planning to do.. hehe..

so lets see.. hehe

The Techno Maniac said...

You did not get what i said.. nevertheless, I m not gona hang on to it.. TC

Preeti said...

@Ani: Yup, if u get it lemme know...Il give u ideas for it too! :)

@Techno: I know what u meant, but did u get what I meant..!??

The Techno Maniac said...

i did, but you still did not!

Preeti said...

@Techno: :P