Jun 8, 2007

A Quickie...

Now,now don't get your thoughts twisted..! I mean this is a quick, mini sequel of sorts to my previous entry.Just a few more thoughts I missed out that I simply must share :)

For those of you with access to paid channels, I'd request you to watch atleast one episode of Channel V's "Get Gorgeous" which is (supposedly) the "Hunt for India's hottest face", whatever that is!The "panel", as they call themselves, consist of a stick like girl with a mop of curly hair, a very gay guy (and no, I don't mean gay as in happy) and some hugely successful make-up artist. Their rampage covers the hot cities of Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and,ofcourse, Mumbai (Talk of hot and Chennai should be way up there, but no, not to them. The Chennai they know still has girls attired in pavadai dhavanis!). The only episode I saw ( I couldn't bear to watch that and hence no more)had the moppy girl going to the most 'happening' places in these cities and handing over admit cards to girls whom they considered model material and inviting them for the audition.

The girls present themselves in weird hues and patterns and act weird-er in front of the panel to get themselves noticed. The panel goes by the mantra- the weirder, the better. Atleast that's how it seemed. I personally don't have anything against these pageants because I basically just don't care for them but watching this one infuriated me! Wanna know why? Listen to this-There was this one girl who walked into the audition room and the gay guy with the weirdly spiked hair and his characteristic nasal voice shrieked," My!!Who asked you to come here???" The girl was obviously taken aback and answered that her friends thought she was pretty and wanted her to audition. To which the dude, with an animated shocked expression exclaimed, "Oh no!!Your friends must be blind!You are U.G.L.Y. Your hair's too dry, your eyes too wide and your lips too thin. Please go NOW!" ....!!!!!!Poor parents of his, they must regret having raised a monstrous homo with a shoot-off mouth. I don't even want to get into what the girl's reaction was at this outburst!What makes him or any of those out there put someone down that way?

This brings us to the issue of hurtful motor mouth comments. I always thought people who said mean things were either enemies or just plain bad. But I now realize that there are people who believe they can simply speak their mind and think that's ok- whether or not it hurts the other. Recently at a friend's place, I had someone tell me that my hair looked real soft and nice. Just as I was all blushy and was about to tell her my secret serum story, she leaned forward, touched my hair and said, "Oh!Y'know what? It just looks soft, maybe cuz of the straightening, but it's actually rough to touch". I was stumped. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh in wonder at the fact that there are actually people like that and cry because, well, I was hurt! But she didn't flinch, because she didn't think it was wrong to say that. And let me tell you, she was a friend. And a pretty good one.

I have always been the kind of person who has thought it alright to "white-lie" or rather hide the truth [Yup, Janie, you know what I mean. Not just in office but otherwise too :)] A firm believer in karma, I would never even dream of saying anything, knowing that it's going to hurt. Never, never, never!But it is saddening to see that there are those who feel that they wield the baton of truth. Knowingly or unknowingly, they say discomforting things, thinking that it's alright. They don't notice the shrivelled face, the slight drooping eyes and lips and that shattered expression of the other.

I don't know whether all of you would agree [Jane, Dolz n Ruby, I count you in with me, cuz of our million-hour tete-a-tete's in which all that would be voiced would be HOWs and WHYs...hehe...] . It maybe a trivial pursuit to few, or many, but it is something I feel strongly about. Lemme know what you think, and yea, make it (A) Quick(ie)!!!