May 29, 2008

Star-ry Eyed

Warning: Profundities ahead. In abundance.

Another month in the passing. It's so weird to imagine that this new month actually signifies that half the year has gone by. The Birthday season has begun. The first half of the year, sparing March, is not that packed. But the second half has Birthdays and festivities galore. Soon my meagre monthly wages would be spent merely on gifts and party-planning. And ofcourse, forget not that MY birthday is coming soon. The one day that I look forward to every year, no matter if it means I'm growing older.

I don't know why I get the feeling this year is gonna be different. If I could give it a name, it would probably be "The Year of Changes". Because deep down somewhere I feel things are gonna change from now. And there's nothing I or anyone can do about it because, I believe, it's already pre-set. Yes, I'm talking about Destiny.

I know a lot of you out there won't agree with a word of what I've got to say. But I'm a firm believer in Destiny, Fate, Karma and the likes; Astrology not included. (Though it does arouse my curiosity quite a bit, and I have consulted astrologers because I just 'wanted to know'). I think my life has already been etched. I'm meant to be where I am, doing what I am doing. Silly, you think? My Dad certainly thinks so. He always tells me we can change our Destiny. But how can we change something we don't know anything about? And even if we try to alter a situation that seems likely to happen, THAT in itself was probably meant to be...?

A lot of things have led me to reiterate this belief. There were soooo many times when I was on the brink of getting into something extremely dangerous, and I was saved just in the nick of time. I never looked at it in the right sense intitally. I used to lament and bemoan my fate, till from somewhere the truth would be in my face and I would do nothing but sit and wonder just HOW things would've been hadn't I gotten out - hurt but unscathed.

This has made me positive. Because when something goes wrong, I have the strength to accept it and expect happier times ahead. Whatever happens, happens for a reason and for the good. Besides, I'm certain of one thing - I have never wronged anyone intentionally and so my current low is just fair-play. It's really helped me get a better grip of life. It's my right hand excuse - That I am the way I am because I'm meant to be the way I am (I know quite a few people who are gonna smirk for this :) Ok, now, enough!).

I'm not and have never forced this on anybody. This is how I look at things and it keeps me happy thinking this way. For some, the belief in one's self is stronger, the belief that they rule their life is what drives them. So be it. As for me, I'm a simple, lazy girl - not taking blame for my mistakes - instead accounting it to what's written on my forehead - just keeping up with it's zigzag course - and trying to be happy through it all.

P.S: 1. I guess I probably sound like a Grandmother, but it's just me being starry eyed :*)
2. You know what I just realized? That my current header has a slight Cosmic tinge to it...Tee hee!


Winds of Change said...


lazy bum...yeah u r u, i am me...n so is every1 else......chill.....i do dat too at timez...wen thingz happen in a wierd manner...i blame it on destiny.....

and yes im still smirkin....:D ...all of us get it......its jus a phase...

lotsa luv
u kno who

--xh-- said...

your destiny is something you desing by yourself..
you asked 'how can we change something we dont know' - well, it is not exactly change. to change something, there should be something. and destiny is something we r not sur eof - so I say, design your destiny.

a different light of preetz - well written post da... :)

rantravereflect said...

yehhhh.. fate,destiny, astrology- the whole jing-bang; maybe it's all written, maybe it's not.i THINK it's better not to ponder, n jus live the day fujn full on :):):)

and yehhh, the festive season is coming in, n the year of changes is around the corner!! -a lot of things are bound to change, but i guess it's always been around, n though our lives change, we'll always be there for each other :):):):)

abt ya gettyn saved in the nick of time, yehhhhhh- no1 knows it bettr than i do... n trust me, ya're god's favorite candy-woman!!!

everything in life is a phase n tatz wazz magical abt it!!

love ya loads..

i know how ya, me n all who love ya are waiting for ya next phase:):)
ya'll get there 'just in teh nick of time' :D

The Maverick Blog said...

"I'm meant to be where I am, doing what I am doing." - Bingo! To me u make perfect sense... I swear!!! It might sound like escapism or lazing around.. But to me its the ultimate truth...

There is always a little difference between believing in destiny and blaming on destin... Tha former doesn't mean that one is not strong/confident.. Confidence is just believing in what you belive :).. And the latter might sound like escapism; Yeah it may be but thts the truth right?

Thats y thatha's and paati's have said "Do your best and leave the rest to God (who decides our destiny)"

And yeah, when ppl don't understand someone, they are termed as "Grandpas/Grandmas".. Don't bother I say!

Rock on.. Way to go..

kumar said...

Trying to be happy through it all.Dats wat matters granma hahahaha

SK said...

Cosmic tinge indeeed :--) Looks good!

Regarding destiny, yes may be our fate is destined, but I also believe that we can change our fate if we wish. I mean isnt that what drives human beings to have hope and wish and try?

But of course the wisdom lies in differentiating,what is under our control and what is not.

I have heard this, many a times,

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Hope it makes sense. :--(

Arun Sundar said...

U need to get married now. Seriously ;)

The Techno Maniac said...

Hi Mnkey,

Trust me.. So many birthdays in May, and I am almost bankrupt now..
June brings another round and July, perhaps, the biggest expense [;P ;D] of the year..

your birthday, my god, every body freaks! Most of the time you dont know what happens behind the scenes, but PREETI's birthday is one of the most important events in ur best frnds life..

About the year, yes, it is a year of changes.. A lot has changed between all of us or i can rather word it as lot of changes in you and me (restricted entity ;))

Some things never change: for instance: you wont cooperte with me to help me comment on ur blog first :(

SOme things change: I know you value my comments! that make sthe entire differnce.. Does nt it?

Do you see, for a simple issue like a blog, we see changes. When we look life as a whole! My Gawd its scary!!

Anyway, it is inveitable. The time for us together is till our respective marriages, after wich all of us have to move on (not away though) with life..

Destiny, nejama, its really comical, drives you crazy, hurts you, teaches you etc.. I to believe in destiny. Lets see what happens..

and wen u fall into pit holes, you re so darn lucky that there is always someone to pull u just in time..

you're definitely not simple, you re elegant and expensive ;P ;D, lazy (thats true) and CRAZY girl (you left crazy, you crazy mnkey)

and abt that the way I am thingy, it has always been "PREETI" whereevr you go! so why worry?

Just to let you know, whatever the changes may be, you will remain special to your friends (and me ofcourse!)

be ur crazy self, that suits you and US!


V said...

just keep things simple and real man...

i know it's easier said than done... :P

Idling in Top Gear said...

The thing about destiny is that it is only known in hindsight, and therefore is always right. Digging into its existence only leads to a chicken & egg argument of whether something happened because it is one's destiny, or whether because something happened, we think it's their destiny.

Personally, I think the concept of a hard and fixed destiny lies at odds with the concepts of karma and God. For instance, if your past karma determines your destiny at birth, but shouldn't your present karma alter it throughout your life, by that same logic. Similarly, the Gita says that prayer and sattvic life cause a person to spiritually unbind from their pre-written destiny. Assuming that's true, then destiny becomes kind of an outline of what will happen to you if you continued on the same path as you always have. Therefore, I think destiny itself is dependent on certain choices you make in life.

That said, I am a big believer in things beyond one's control either manifesting as results of karma, or just gifts from above.

Coconut Chutney said...

I am waiting for the next big thing.

Its going to happen this year. I know it.

And I'm kinda too lazy to change destiny n all. Im a good girl so im pretty sure all nice things are only coming my way.

And you too. Awesome awesome things are going to happen. I can feel it in my toes ;)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Hehe. Alright. Nice that you've been completely honest. :)

I don't believe in 'destiny'. I think I'm responsible for everything I do, and the outcome of all my reactions.

Well... there you go, I forgot bout my commenter's block temporarily. :D

lotsa love!

aneri_masi said...

oh I don't know about destiny...I think its all about the choices I make. I can choose to be mean and selfish, or nice and kind. I can choose to look at the glass half full, or I can see it as half empty.
And what happens in my life is absolutely my own choice! I have the power to make it or break it, right?

You can probably argue that we make the choices we make because we are destined to do so? Maybe! I still like to believe that I am the only one that controls what I do, not some "novelist" up there who wrote my life story :)

aneri_masi said...

I totally love your new header!

Anonymous said...

You sound like Jules from Pulp Fiction! :)

Keshi said...

Beautiful post Preetz. and I agree with ya..I believe in Destiny too. And I hv so many stories to prove it.

* I think my life has already been etched

Spot on! Its the truth. And some fools think there's free-will..if its there then we should all be able to become CEOs and earn $200000 a year!


wt said...

:) destiny bit has had me confused for long but karma, yes!

header on the black bg is scintillating!;) :D oh, speaking of stars, one can name a star at a site called starregistry. kidding...not!:D

rsubras said...

hey first of all....the changes u have done to ur blog is awesome.... can be told as the best of what we had seen so far in ur blog :)

and soo philosophical post from u :) first time seeing this from u...looked as if you sat in ur terrace gazing at the stars and captured ur thought flow at this time....

rsubras said...

preetz... how did ur baby cousin's surgery go?

Emaan said...

he he he
nice post
made me and mommy laugh :-)

A.Johnson said...

If i stop working entirely... I am doomed to fail forever until I die.

If i decide to smile at people more from tmw... people will think Im a happy person.

If i restart smoking, I'll seal my "fate".

I dont believe in destiny.

I believe we are what we make ourselves out to be.

We end up where we should be if we can decide on where we want to be.

That doesn't mean you'll always end up where you "want" to :)

Preeti said...

@Ruby: U r a destiny-believer?! I dint know!

@Anoo: I'm happy to have my destiny too lazy to go thru the process of workin towards it :D

@Janie: Yup, that's what we've seen over and over again huh? That life is a set of phases and it's amazin to see how we gt outta each one :)

@Sunil: Yea, ur rite...i dont care if people call me a patti, this is my belief and this is me :D

@Kumar: Yes kumar, yes...laugh laugh :P was ur weekend?

@SK: Totally makes sense...That was really really nice...Will remember it :)

@Arun: Why?? WHY?? I'm fine JUST the way i am :P

@Satti:: R u tryin to be nice cuz ur comin soon? Quite a few 'nice' things abt me there...Hmmm, im skeptical...una namba mudiyadu! And YEAAAA my bday is comingggggggggggg!!! :D :D :D

@V: Definitely easier said than done...but this is as real as i can get :D

@Idling: Did make sense...all that u said there, but i guess this belief is just an extension of faith...on, as u said, something beyond our control :)

@Thenga: I'm a good girl too :) U really think nice nice things will happen for me? Thanks, makes me smile :)

@Busygurl: I'm happy uv commented...That's all :)

@Aneri: Haha! True :) I admire that in people too, that amount of self-belief but somehow, try as i can, i cant seem to shake off my belief in the unexpected :)

Preeti said...

@Aneri again: U do?? THANKS! :)

@Wolf: Yea? I do? :P

@Keshi: I could just about hug u rite now! :) We both are believers, nice to know :)

@WickeD: Nice? Really?! THANKOOOO!!! I really liked it too :")

@Subra: I guess i felt like that when i was writin it too...or atleast i felt like doin it...lyin down at gazin at those stars.. :) U like the changes? Seriously glad to know...Means so much :)

@Emaan: :)

@Andu: Well, hmmm, i guess i need to have a one on one to explain out my stance...cuz when i say destiny, i wud have to also say that it means the bigger paths...somethin as small and trivial as what i wud wear to work tom is definitely my decision and i really dont think the Big Man Up There would have time to etch that much of detail out :D Let's talk! And u know what? Im pretty much super happy that ur here now :) LOVEEEEE U! and i really really do miss u :(

kumar said...

weekend was rocking,did all the village stuff,more like the rural exposure camps we had in college brushed with neem stems,swam in the well ravished mango fields..totally had a gud time was urs?

Preeti said...

@Kumar: YEA?? Sounds like fun...mine was ok...dint even go around all that much, been down with a cold...

kumar said...

mazhai season has started illa so every1s getting the full pamperingaa

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

Well written post !!!!

Nirmal's Blog said...

listen to ur daddy gal......we can decide our faith...

now to explain tat...i will have to type a lot.....will do it next feeling lazy..


Preeti said...

@Kumar: Yaaru? My mom? Pampering aa??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good joke...she's most likely to shout at me for eating too much icecream and getting sick :D

@Superficial: Thanks :)

@Nirmal: Hehe...Take ur time lazy guy :P

The Techno Maniac said...

Nope.. I am just the way I am (sounds familiar? ;)] you have just started to notice how nice I am. Glad o see that you started accepting univeersal truths. Eg- Satti is always nice. If you dnt agree with that, slap yourself and read the first line of the example.

Me coming down, I dont think.. Its going to take a very long time or one of you girls wedding should bring m there...

you're bday - Sorry, i cannot tell you. but thanks for reminding.. time to start doing certain things

Preeti said...

@Techno: PODA! :P

The Techno Maniac said...

hmmm.. dnt tell me i did not tell you...

nee podi

Preeti said...

@Techno: Anyway ur not comin, so i cant say vaa, so im sayin what's only natural and obvious...poda!

The Techno Maniac said...

i know you dnt want me to come