Aug 29, 2007

I just HAVE to add these:

Issue #6- The Condolence Talk.

After the **** face, the next thing that bugs the crap outta me (the list of 'Things that bug me' is quite long and the order varies by the second, but yet) is what I call the 'Condolence' Talk. A pissing off day at work and you happen to tell someone that. What do I expect in return? Nothing! Really, all I want is just to tell it out and I don't want to know how 'alright' it is, or how i shouldnt 'worry' or how 'nice' a person I am [not just cuz I know it all already ;)] I don't need/want/expect sympathy. I don't, I don't, I don't. This, by the way, is one of precedents for Issue #1. I'd rather not speak out my woes than to have to listen to a sympathetic out-cry. No, I'm not dying or dead and neither is someone I know. Neither am I depressed or suicidal. So, thank you. Can the lecture.

Issue #7- The Needle-Got-Stuck-On-the-Record!

One day after something happened (by saying 'something' I mean I don't even know what happened!)

The Other: "Are you ok?Are you sure you're ok?Are you positive you're ok?" (over dose of KBC)

Me: "Yes, Yes and Yes."

The Other (yet again, persistence is his/her middle name): Uhhhmm....U sure right?"

Me: @#$%^&

Another day, when some other something happened

The Other: "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean it"

Me: O.K

The Other (an hour later): "Are you still mad at me?"

Me: No

The Other (a day later): "Hey, well...Uhhh...I'm sorry about the other day. I mean...I didn't, you know, like...mean to...u know...Well, I'm just sorry".

Me: ( *blank*) "What other day????"

Time flies. People move on. Situations change. All in a day. Then Why, just WHY, would I remember some spat or low moment I had days ago. Just appreciate that I'm not miffed enough never to talk again. If I do talk, it means I'm fine. Any reference to the past or digging up that buried hatchet could prove to be fatal.

Issue #8- I don't take hints.

I'm bad with games. Card games, board games, guessing games and especially mind games. And so, it is no wonder that I cannot (also read: will not) read someone's mind??? If there's something bothering you, go on, spill the beans. The low voice, the extra low murmur, the glazed eye or the guilty cough would just go unnoticed. I wouldn't even notice something is wrong. I don't take hints.

Couldn't help but add them :)

Aug 27, 2007

Breaking the Sabbatical...

There is no reason for this blog but to break my sabbatical from blogging. It isn't even intended for public reading. I know, I know. I did promise a faster and a more interesting next post, but somehow didn't get around to it. A peek into my page the other day revealed that my last post was a month ago. And i actually felt a twinge. I seriously doubted my communication capabilities then. The previous 2 drafts, that I intended completing the very day I had started them, seemed lame. Infact, I don't even feel the need to write on them now. Trust me, I tried. For the past 2 days, all I've been doing at work is staring at the (dumb) lines I had written [Yea, Yea. This IS what I do at work!] Staring, typing, backspace-ing, staring, typing and deleting. The titles always seem to pop into my head first and then content. This time- no title, no content. So I'm just going to keep going with a few nagging thoughts and see where this heads.

Issue #1- My Tale of Woes.

Quite a few people have been telling me lately that I'm a cribber. I laughed it off at first and then (as alwayz a little late) I realized that, sadly, it is true. Soooooooo, I decided to make a pact with myself- that I wouldn't crib to anyone anymore. And even if I do want to, I'd make it short. I mean, why would anyone want to listen to the history and geography of my silly problem! [Don't refute, guys. I KNOW I'm right on this. I can't handle them myself , so why you?] I'm going to try and solve it internally before letting it out!

Issue #2- The **** Face Syndrome.

Certain people have this uncanny ability to irk at a glance. Nothing to do with their physical appearance, really. Just that certain actions and words of theirs ruin the chemistry of history, bringing it to this. I alwayz knew my temper wasn't the best but now, all I have to do is look at certain faces and my blood starts boiling like a cauldron! Instantaneously a dozen abusive words find their way to the tip of my tongue and I literally have to hold myself back from uttering them out loud. Worst part? It irks me more that it irks me in the first place!

Issue #3- The Selfishness Streak.

Some are born with it, some acquire it, while some others try to implement it because they are told it helps survive. Funny huh? All through our childhood, parents go on and on and on about how sharing is important but all of a sudden in the World of the mighty adults [fuelled by the Darwinian theory of 'survival of the fittest'] it is only right that we claw, bite and gnaw our way into excellence. It doesn't matter how many trees are felled, it doesn't matter how much blood is shed, as long as the end is good. It certainly is a sad,sad situation!

Issue #4- The Feud Fetish.

I've alwayz maintained that I don't like fighting. I hate being the object of one or even worse, being in the midst of one. Which seems to be happening a lot lately. Which is why I kinda feel maybe these guys actually have a fetish for it! I feel like I suddenly have a cabbage for a head which people really relish eating. I don't get it (and I really don't want to) but everything I do or not do, say or not say is an issue. Silly to me, important to others. I guess that's where the problem is. To me all that bickering, bashing and bitching is such a waste of time,energy and emotion. Bury the hatchet and everything is back to normal. So, what was the point in getting all worked up at all?????

Issue #5- The Mad Ad World.

This is a serious turn off. 30 min program, 20 min ads. I was surprised when I was looking at the T.V guide last Saturday when I noticed that the program me and my sis wanted to watch was scheduled for 10-11.55 pm. Pretttttty long right? No points for guessing why. All we got was Glimpses. The show, Shah Rukh Khan, the show, HDFC, the show, a baby, the show, Big B! Takes allll the fun out of a relaxing T.V experience. To top it all, none of the ads themselves make any sense. Some silly man cooking a meal for his silly wife and trying to talk silly stuff which happens to be an ad for some even sillier anti-ageing cream! A Mad Ad World in a Mad Mad World!

There's lots more where that came from but I guess this should do for now. I feel a ton lighter getting these thoughts out and Breaking the Sabbatical.....