Jun 9, 2008

And it Continues :)

The Happy-Happy phase continues. I guess all that tension from last week is slowly fizzing out thanks to the all-pervading happiness :)

The babe is fine. He's shifted outta the ICU now. Pretty soon you think? Well, apparently inspite of the sedatives, he was sooo hyper inside that they decided it was OK to let him out :) And now that he's out, he's all raring to go. Though he does complain of pain intermittently (like obviously!), he's doing fine and blabbering non-stop! :) These are moments when I guess Ignorance is really Bliss. He doesn't know what's happening to him and all he cares about is being done with whatever's happening to him, whatever's holding him down from getting on that cycle and romping around my grandmum's place scaring those kittens away! And he'd do anything to get out of his present state (of misery).

But imagine on the other side, someone like my Mum. Paranoid about dying in her sleep. Paranoid about waking up, sitting down, walking etc etc. According to the Doc, she had one block and after her angioplasty her heart is probably in a better condition than most normal people and her chances of having another attack would be the same as any other normal person! And yet she's scared. Why? Because she 'knows' (or so she thinks), she hears, she reads, she's supposedly 'aware' and that is just about a big pain in the...wherever!

Anyway, this was meant to be about me being happy, so continuing on that note, Pp is back from Singapore :) :) :) And he got me a Tommy girl perfume. I'm super-super-happy for that. And he also got me (Ok, fine it's for Dolly) stickers - like LOADS of stickers. Disney stickers, shiney stickers, awesome stickers. WOW! Any wonder why I'm happy? :)

Next, I did some stuff to my hair again and I really like it. There's more to be done though. All this is for my Big Day!Yup, the countdown for my Birthday has begun [There is just about a month left ;)] I'm gonna be sooo busy from now on planning for my Birthday - Clothes, hair, shoes etc etc etc. Damn, I'm gonna get busy! :)

Next, the family is gonna be off on a trip! We are going to Munnar this week for 4 days. It's been ages since we went on a proper family 'vacation' => Not a temple visit. From Bahrain to Singapore to Kodaikanal, we finally settled down on Munnar. I'm pretty worried about the train journey though, because almost everytime, I come back with some skin allergy or the other and that is positively the worst thing ever! But it's ok, we are going and I'm happy because Mum and Dad need this break :)

My Boss is off for the week and there's nothing more :) than that!

P.S: 1. Okie Dokie, don't I sound a lot like you? Not the way of writing, but the extreme levels of 'everything-is-oh-so-perfect'- ness...??? Hehe...
2. I kinda find all those smileys and that over-happiness a lil gag-worthy right now. I think I just sounded too weirdly bimbo-ey up there, but I just don't know how else to express how happy I am!!!!


--xh-- said...

wow.. teh babay is fine.. :)

--xh-- said...

yeah.. many times, ppl who 'know' stuff tell ppl thei knowledge, making ppl like mom freaking out.. many times i hv felt like gng and giving those ppl a solid bash...

wow, a vecation.. go and enjoy maadi :)

Arun Sundar said...

Sandhoshamaa irundhaa wogay dhaan.

Anonymous said...


Casperbaba said...

my blesings with the child.. god bless... let him not know coz is inocense is his protector his saviour. which ur mom has manaed 2 loose after so many yrs of facing life. she's woried, she know some things that u might not comprihend. I pray to the lord almighty for her seedy recovery too...


The Techno Maniac said...

ignorence is bliss! thats the only possible explanation...

Have a happy vacation.. and enjoy till ur boss is back..

Oh man.. here comes ur bday.. no comments..

stickers? because u r gona flick all the stickers from Dolz? Poor Dolz!

You Know Who

S said...

"It's been ages since we went on a proper family 'vacation' => Not a temple visit."

Hahahaha. I'm still not over it though, but wit is always appreciated :)

J said...

A perfect example of ignorance is bliss. Yeh at times I think as we grow older we tend to look at things more seriously.. or maybe that's how its supposed to be.

Countdown for the B'day that's a month away.. damn!! Sure sense the excitement.

Happy vacationing.

rsubras said...

nice to know the baby is fine :) hope all our prayers keeps him in absolute happiness or watsoever without a semblance of the thing that happened to him this age..... :) GOD Bless him with a longgggg and healthy life

Also i feel it would be a bliss, if u r mom too feel strong and confident about her health, wish you experience that joy as well :)

Vrij said...

Oh Great, thats gr8 news abt the kiddo. God bless him.

And so ur off to Munnar? Cool place.. amazing now esp since the monsoon has just set in and there will be amazing greenery and misty weather. My cousin went a couple of weeks back for his HM and enjoyed it totally.

I would like to think that you folks are traveling on the 6041 Chennai-Alleppey express in a First Class (non AC) coach. But then I'm guessing ur actually booked in an AC :(

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

First twas arun standin at god's gift-givin-away counter for too long and now tis you standin at the happiness-givin-away counter. Unfair world. *sulks*

Lol. Tis great when life's all summery, have fun! :))

Lotsa love! :)

Okie Dokie said...

Girl, I think it is absolutely wonderful you are so happy. Sometimes things just fall in place:).

And nothing wrong with smileys:)

And sorry to be a spoilsport but I found Munnar really boring. You could like it only if you are into 'kallu sarayam'.

P.S. That remark makes me extremely happy:))). Nobody has called me a happy person.

K.C. said...

Ride that wave of happiness. Keep it up and be happy. You are supposed to be happy! Love that word, can you tell? If you feel it, then you are doing something right... keep it up! Good for you... KC

Anonymous said...

YAY for the successful operation!
double yay for ur boss not being in town!
all the happiness!
wow wow wow!
u sound a lot like busywriter.

ANd wow for the vacation!
u considered baharain? and ur not goin!
i've heard its the most beautiful place ever, like the artificial vegetation and everything!
anyway, im sure u had ur reasons

keep smiling!
peace,cheers, respect

Idling in Top Gear said...

Lol @ family 'vacation' => Not a temple visit.

Laughing hard coz I've been dragged to Thiruchendur, Thirunallaru and Guruvayur on "vacations" before! Gotta love Tam Brahm parents.

aneri_masi said...

even if the kid knows whats going on, he won't give it as much thought as we adults do. Case in point, my niece got bitten by a dog, it hurt like hell, but she quit crying and went back to playing in like 2 minutes. They are just SO focused on PLAYING :D

munnar mast hai, yaar. never been there, but my nomad parents (they have been to China, Egypt, Ladakh within a span of 6 months!) have been. Mom said its awesome!

And I need to see pics of that new hairdo.

Family vacation = temple visit! I hear ya! I have been to all the "otris" (Gangotri, Yamnotri, et al), all the "dwars" (haridwar, nathdwara, dwarka, et al), all the "naths" (kedarnath, badrinath, jagannath-puri et al. except amarnath) all the 12 jyotirlings, every temple worth its salt (u gotta check out my last post abt me and temple visits ;).
Yaar, I have even been to a "Hidimba temple"!!! Sach bol rahi hoon!

But you know what, the temples have amazing architecture, the locations are beeeautiful, so to me, it WAS a vacation!

**I kinda find all those smileys and that over-happiness a lil gag-worthy right now.**
Well, I will take your smileys and over-happiness any day over whines and cribs about how sad life is!

Solitaire said...

WOW! Is everyone in Singapore these days? Has that become the hotspot? Show us pictures of you with your new hairdo!!

Prathi:-) said...

am really happy for u di:)
as in esp for the baby:) gosh was soooo relieved to hear abt him:)

and vacation???? enjjjoooyyyy:) im sure u'll have a ball:) have fun:)

The Maverick Blog said...

Have fun.. Have a great trip!

Preeti said...

@Anoo: Solid bash only..including one for my mum! :P Hopin to enjoy the vacation :)

@Arun: Edho ippo iruken...Thanks-nga!

@Anon: b???

@Casperbaba: Thanks sooo much :)

@Techno: Hey! Im not flickin them from her, he got them for me too!!!! :( :( :( Ur here for my birthday ritE???!!!

@S: Deja vu huh?? Hehe..I thought of u while writin it :D

@J: If u were here to see me, the excitement would be evident 100 fold :D I actually am gettin tensed about whthr id be able to do it all before the day! ;)

@Rsubras: Thnks! I really pray she understands too..Me...naa konjam loosu...Enake teriyadu naa epadi react panuven nu! :P

@Vrij: Munnar was nicE??? Yea??? Ok, THANX lik a million for that info...Atleast I can look forward to it a bit more now! :) And we r goin by the very same train u mentioned..But AC..That isn't good???

@Busygurl: And just WHAT is troubling ur pretty head??? Smilie now smile...no sulking! :P Hehe...Love :)

wt said...

How about a round of tequila shots for all the happiness...game? ;)

Happy Munnar'ing! :)

Preeti said...

@Okie: Munnar boring huh? Actually imagine my situation...2 couples and me...Dad and mum 30 yrs into marriage, sis and her dude 1.5 yrs into their marriage, and me alone in a romantic place...Idha vida ena kodumai? But Im gonna try and take photos and look beyond all this :D And u r a happy person...Atleast i always think so :)

@K.C: I do feel it now and it does seem to be nice...Welcome here :)

@Mustang: Bahrain is my home...I was born and brought up there...So ur ABSOLUTELY right when u say it is one of THE most beautifulest place in the world! But, all our friends r comin down on vacation to India by now so we dont wanna go when noone is there..and no point goin for like 4 days and all (that's all leave we get)! :)

@Idling: Trust me! For us, Getaway = Guruvayur! Alll the time...Initially it was fun cuz we have this real close fam friend there and the aunty cooks awesome but after a point.....u knw!

@Aneri: Hahahahahaha@ the otris, naths and so on! Hahaha! REALLY??? But i LOVE goin on pilgrimages too..There was this one time, we went down south to my mom's village side and did 22 temples in 3 days...it was sooo much fun cuz we were around 40 people (my entire family) and all cousins and masti and all...But really, not all the time :-/ Pics with hairdo soonnnn!!!

@Solitaire: Yea, Singapore certainly is like the hot spot...I guess it's cuz tickets r cheap and the place does have a lot to see...But not this time for us..And pics soon, definitely :)

@Prathi: Bday baby alllll exciteD??? (Im excited for u, u knw ritE?? :D)

@Sunil: Thanx dude thanx! :)

Preeti said...

@WickeD: I was wonderin where u were?! :) Tequila anyday - just an addition to the happiness ;)

kumar said...

glad dat d kids doing great,vacation to munnar at the monsoons hmmm... nehow enjoy pannu u need it to get ready for ur bday:-)

wt said...

been around babe!:) just catching up with some travel this summer, before school starts. :D

Keshi said...

how nice. The family deserves a good break. My love to the bubz!

*HUGZ* Preeti!


Winds of Change said...

hey hey!

i can c ur reallllyyyyyyyy happy.....:) way ta go....jus stay the same....u dno how glad im am bout the kid........thank god ething went on fine....:) .....btw...wen r u gna gve the stickers 2 me!!;) hahahahahaha.....gna mish u wen ur gne 2 munnar...but yeah...wud b an awesum change.....

lotsa luv
u kno who

Preeti said...

@Kumar: There u r! :) Yea I need to have a fun-run right uptil my Bday right? :D

@Wicked: Travel et tu? And u shud start writing..forget the sophomore bit, really now...it doesnt take too long and isnt really all that much of a distraction gurl! :)

@Keshi: Yup we REALLY need the vacation... HUGZZZ!!

@Robo: U shudv figured how happy i was from ystrday evenin ;) hehe...And the stckers...Doly took em all..Till she gives me some, iv got none! :-/
Maybe u shud patent the 'u know who' bit?? ;) :D

rantravereflect said...

heyyy happpe babeeee :)
i'm really gladdd ya're chirpy n happy :)
n abt the babe, mom n me realllly prayed: soooo really happy for him :) romping away to glory

but the happiness is also highly accentuated by the tommy perfume :) n i think more by the stickers..;);)

ya did stuff to ya hair??? :):):) welllllll, i'm waitynnn 2 see ya sweethearttttt:) this evening for sure.. ya musst put in a newpic here as well :)

n have funnn on ya vacation!!!! n munnar's gonna hae sum fun wit ya guys :) mywaaaah :*

Vrij said...

AC is good.. but there is a certain charm to the good old non AC First Class with cabins n coupes!

Nirmal said...

hey tats cool....family outing..hav a nice time ther...

The Techno Maniac said...


Preeti said...

@Janie: Yea di...the perfume is awesome and so r the stickers...will show u sometime ok? :) be all set to see the hair today evening (not all that great really, chumma someting)

@Vrij: My Dad is this AC AC person...and it is hot in chennai...i guess that kinda makes our choices lean onto the side of the AC... :-/ Next time I'll keep this in mind and see what i can do!

@Nirmal: Thanx da :)

@Techno: Poda!

adi said...

have a great vacation!

k10 said...

Glad to hear that the kid is fine.

Munnar is an awesome place. I went there 3 years ago, in these months ,and i enjoyed it to my souls satisfaction.
Dont forget to buy the Drakkar Noir Ittar from the local market there...

And yeah...always keep a bottle of Old Monk near you at all time.

V said...

wow, you definetly know how to live it up! happy birthday... i know you say it's a month away but i'm sure my memory would fail me... has anyone ever wished you this far in advance?

Coconut Chutney said...

i disagree, you sound chirpy and happy, not okie.
in order to sound like him, keep the happy constant and increase the stupid. on a final note criticize the ICC. and use aiyooo every 3 sentences.
thats okie.

aneri_masi said...

Really, I HAVE been to all these places! For me, any kind of traveling is good, doesn't matter where I am going, why I am going. I do some times get bored of visiting people, when all I have to do is sit at their home and watch TV :|

K.C. said...

Yeah, I am about the COOLEST 41 year old you could EVER know...

And , well, I wish that were true. I think I am cool. I play like I am. My kids, well, they don't so much think that.. Especially when I am dancing.....
yeah, especially then...

Of course, when you are 23, 41 seems absolutely ancient, huh? I remember that. I should be with a cane right about now, but, I'm still kicking it...just not that high...:) Thanks for the compliment though... KC

Preeti said...

@Adi: Yea thanx! Need it :)

@K10: Before everything else, temme, have u disabled comments on ur blogS??? Now to next, Munnar is beautiful? YAAY! Seriously am relieved that people have bn tellin me that...DYIN to go now :) And plz dont temme Old Monk and all..I gta kiss all those dreams goodbye..Goin with parents :-/

@V: Awwwww! THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! No, noone has wished me this much in advance and it makes me SOOOO HAPPY that u have! (Now u c how excited i get!) And come today, it is EXACTLY a month away..I've been remindin all n sundry of this every sec over here :D

@ChutneY: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Buhehehehe!!

@Aneri: Im thinkin this trip im gonna be doin that...wathcin TV in a romantic place with 2 couples around! :-/

@KC: Im assuming kids would never get that their parents r cool, even if they really r...But every kid would wish their mom was AS cool as the other...And i would wish u wr my mom in that respect! :) No mention for the compliments! :)

k10 said...

Disabled Comments???
You got to be kidding me!!!
Try again please!

Preeti said...

@K10: I read all ur posts regularly..But I never comment cuz i can never seem to find where to comment...iv tried searchin and searchin ur entire page...I'll check again but u juz check as well incase uv accidentally done it or somethin...

k10 said...

how can that be!! Disabling comments is aking to sacrilage!!!

Comments section is way below..nearing the footer of the page.
Let me know asap if it's a problem still!