Jul 6, 2008


Thanks to all those who expressed (minute amounts of) distress at my moving outta here. You guys are nice souls and I like you. Those of you who visited my new space or tried to, you are all sweethearts, I like you very much. For those meanies who feigned sadness and then forgot about my move, I'm presuming your jealous and hene glad competition has moved, but it's ok - I'm a nice girl and I like you too. BUT, I'm still here and I've still got a comp at home and so this space isn't gone, ok???

Oh I also wanted to mention, all of you who miss my commenting (ahem), Idling has come up with a way for me to comment without it being directed to blogger.com. He says,

"I think I have a solution to your commenting problem on blogger. “Blogger In Draft” allows people to embed the comment form in the post itself so that the URL won’t change to http://www.blogger.com when you try and comment. Try it on my page, and if it works, may be you can get your other blogmates to embed commenting in their posts as well."

And I did try and it did work. So, if anyone is interested, you could try making that change. I mean like atleast TRY! Hmmpph!

P.S: Yes, nasty mood!

Jul 3, 2008


I can't believe the time has come for me to say Goodbye to my first blog page.Well, I guess I still will come back and use it whenever I can.But thanks to Blogger being censored at my work place, I've got no choice but to move to keep my writing skills intact.I know I can blog from home, but a 9 yr old PC is definitely not blog-friendly. Infact, it isn't 'anything' friendly...Besides, I write to combat work-induced boredom, and so if I don't get to blog from work, I probably never would. I considered quitting my job and moving to another place, but right now this seemed better...*sniff*

Cheer up people, I'm not gonna stop writing, you can now get to read my stuff at www.beetlejuice357.wordpress.com. Just some shmall minor changes. See ya there.