Mar 3, 2008

MiSSiN' LoVe!

Song to perfectly describe present state:
"I've been wandering up n down the house
Wonderin what the hell to do!
............(irrelevant lines)
Ah, this is torture, this is pain
It feels like I'm gonna, go insane
I hope ur coming back real soon
Cuz I don't know what to do,
Chorus: Baby when your gone,
I realize I'm in love
Days go on n on
N the nights just seem sooooo long!
Even food don't taste that good
Honey, doing what it should
Things just feel so wrong
Baby, when ur gone"

by Bryan Adams

The house is silent. (Almost. Faint sounds of Mallu comedy, thanks to Dad, fall on my deaf ears) Me...?I lay sprawled on my bed staring at the fan go round n round n round n round get it. My heart feels like it would explode with emotion. It feels heavy. Bereft. I never knew it would be so hard. I thought I could brave anything. But, this...this is difficult.

I've lost track of time staring at the empty space before me. The space 'he' occupied. Me and him would sit for hours on end, staring at each other, not speaking a word. A million images, a myriad of colours would flash before us. And I would laugh, cry and more with the stories he spewed on me. My constant companion. At times, my only companion. He didn't have to go now. Especially not now. When I needed him the most.

I'm low. Freaking, totally, absolutely, all-time low.

Oh yes guyz, the unthinkable has occured.

My TV has stopped working.

P.S: I really hope it's coming back soon. Pray.


rantravereflect said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa [:)]
i saw this cumin!!!

grt metaphorical comparison out there- even a guy can never compare 2 TV in reality[:)], esp with those million reality shows tat keep one hooked [:)] nethyn on tv could be better than the nothingness..

will pray it gets bak 2 ya soon [:)]

Winds of Change said...


i knew twuz ur tv!! lol!....dnt wry...he'l b back soon in his best health! hahahahahaha....till the othr tv...

dne prayin....

u kno who

Prathi:-) said...

di.... seriously... i almost screamed out loud... hehhe :D u have bcma crackpot... i swear:)
btw... Prayers done:)
not to u rupz;)
love ya:)

The Techno Maniac said...

Thu.. for an instant i tht u did another dumb thing!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

lol!! when i read the last line, i was all like, "oooohhhhh Teee-Veeee? cha!!" lol! :P

PREETI said...

@janie & ruby: i knew both of u wud knw thnx to me recitin my sob story over n over again... ;)

n ruby: the other tv...?NO WAY!44" ku apram 25" aa? *aarrgghhh* No, Never!

@prathi: thnx for the prayerz...u r a gud soul ;) hehe...n yup im cracked up! tatz y we'r frienz huh? ;)

@techno & busywriter: buhahahahaha!GOTCHA! ;) but really, im all lowly low! :(

cva said...

"Missing love" -that was a good one!

TV is so amazing
u cud control it the way u want.
Mute it if u think he talks lot
turn off if u think he irriates

No wonder he is everyone;s companion.

Good one

just stumbled upon your blog.

Madhumita. said...

:-). I actually fell for it and spent a few seconds mistakenly sympathizing!

confounded-lady said...

Enamo perissa build kudukambodayae nanechaen... ipdi thaan vandu mudikkumnu. :P

Wish her a speedy recovery ;)


Ok said...

Woah.. I almost thought it was Mr. 6.


Keshi said...

And this was abt ur TV? hahaha!

I can u'stand that guy can come between me and my music. Its like that :)


PREETI said...

@cva: welcome here :) ur rite...the tv is my man cuz i cn control him everytime! ;)

@madhumitha: nt a mistake...i need the sympathies...i really do!

@mayth aunty: hez a 'he' not a she... :D

@ok: Oh hez No.1, with a capital N,uhh,O...alwayz n forever :D

@keshi: music AND tv...way above any man ;)

Ziah said...

Drama Queen! The adorable variety:) So you n the TV sorted out? Was your relationship 'warrantied'???

PREETI said...

@ziah: awwww...thnx! me alll blushey nw :")

n no, we rnt bak together yet :( the world is a cruel,cruel place :(

Jagannath Chakravarty said...

I know what missing a TV can do to u!...brings u down...mentally ;)

I watch a movie everyday...(yes...i know, i m very " phukat" in life) it gets well soon :D

P.S: that song u recited is my fav bryan adams track!


Keshi said...

lol yes sista!


Keshi said...

btw I just replied to ur comment in my blog Preeti :) Sorry I missed ur's b4 in the crowd.

And tnxx! :)


PREETI said...

@jag: yup, we R the bryan adams freaks :) tatz one of my favz too!

@keshi: thnx :) read the reply...sooo true! n dnt u worry abt nethin ok??? :)

Shanks_P said...

"One feels empty when something that filled a lot suddenly disappears ..."

stumbled here on blog hoping ....

Nice write ups ...straight from heart

Keep writing .....