Mar 14, 2008

BLuSh, CrUSh and ALL that MuSh!

Update: Note to Public- I am NOT getting married YET. What I meant by arranged marriage time is that, my parents have been bitten by the 'kalyanam virus' and decided enough is enough and wanna push me out. Considering poor lil me has noone to show-off to my parents as 'the man', I'm left with lil choice but to say ok to the entire (pathetic) process! And the process has just started. Will definitely keep you all updated. So please, I'm not aunty, YET! :(

As much as I have tried denying it, as much as I hate accepting it, I blush. At the drop of a hat. Uhh, actually a name. Ask Jane. She'd tell you. Cuz she's the first one to figure it out yearz back. I blush when you mention certain names. I don't know if my complexion allows me to turn red, but if it did, I would. Beet red. That sudden rush of blood to my face, causing a flush that's called a blush when you mention the name of a crush that makes my insides go mush!

Honestly...? I must admit I don't know if I know what love is. As in, the real love or true love or whatever. I mean, there may have been 5 guyz in my life, but they were all the wrong ones. Only 2 of them meant something. The 1st one cuz that was the longest and the 3rd cuz he treated me the best. In the 1st case, I was wayyyyyyy too young when I was in it. I was more in love with the 'idea of being in love', than in love itself. Carried away, quixotic, all that. And then reality struck. The other 3 were friends, on the verge of becoming more. Professed their love for me and I was in the confused,"Hmmm, he's a nice guy. And a great friend. Maybe he's the one...???" state. But nope, they weren't. Cuz they just weren't genuine. And I found that out later, luckily before things went further. Now, with the 3rd guy, everything was perfect. Like in every-fucking- possible way. The real deal and then wham!it was over (Short and sweet...?) As I did mention in My 10 most, he passed away a year later and the only explanation I see for us breaking up was that God willed that way. To save me the trouble of having to deal with the grief of him going away that way.

Ok, this is sooo not meant to be sad! So lets regress to the basic point - Blushing and crushing and mushing! (henceforth BCM). I may not know what love is but what I do know is that, to blush, it doesn't have to be love. Could be that cute guy passing by. Or, a call from a guy I really like. I even blush when people make fun of me with some random guy! I have this smile stuck on my face -Colgate style - 32 teeth, cheek-to-cheek (or rather whatever my tiny lips would allow) and thanks to Jane's publicity, everyone I know, knows it now. And I hate it! I hate that I blush and I hate it that I'm so readable!

I really am not all that romantic a person. I'm not in denial here. I really am not that extra mushy,'oh my baby baby' kinda person. I don't mind being called that way. But reciprocating it is a different ball game. I love flowers and gifts and all that. But am not much of the candle-light dinner type. I would prefer to go to a movie (I actually went for Marudhamalai!), normal dinners (as long as there's food!) or even coffee (the drinking kinds, d-u-h).

I don't feel the need to hype every occassion (but for a birthday) and disappoint/get disappointed when high riding expectations aren't met. The simple things matter to me. You know, simple caring gestures go a longggg way in making me feel secure rather than mile-long speeches professing undying, unrequitted love and its likes. Everytime I've heard it, I was left stupefied at how people could actually say stuff like that. My reply:
1. Aloud: "Aww, that's sooo sweet!"
2. In the confines of my mind, "Naa already 3 timez kaadhu kuthiyachu pa! (Translation: I've already pierced my ears thrice. Uhmm, doesn't make sense in English, so forget it)

And now it's arranged marriage time. I'm not gonna get into my woes on that but my sentiments are: Unknown guy = extra low levels of BCM. Friends say that'd change and things will get all happy, happy and al. But, I can't help but feel doubtful now. Hmmm, all I can do is wait and watch. Let's see, pakalam, dekhte hain, mitteyou!

Sooooooooooo...Temme guyz, what's your take on all this? What makes you BLuSh, CrUSh and ALL that MuSh!?

P.S: 1. I'd especially like to hear from Mayth aunty on this. If you don't mind :)
2. I take this opportunity to profess my unconditional love for my Best Bosom Buddies, my Darlin Dido Dolz & Ultimate Superstar Pp ;) And I accept your respective speeches, and I promise my 'inner voice' is silent through it :D I have a crush on you guyz man ;)


rantravereflect said...

haaaaaaaaaaaa :) i was in teh middle of a meein wen i saw ya mess- have zillion things fukn ma head, but i actually came 2 ma desk n typed in ya blog url :)

gurllllll... no chambor blush can compete with ya natural blush, n tatz a serious compliment..

no amt of oats n egg white (refer 2 ma blog people!-free publicity;)) could do the trick either!!

jus a cute guyz name cud set ya cheeks n ears on fire!!

haaaaaa- i wish i cud blush, but its quite a rare phenomenon 4 ma pore-rutted face!- 4 me its more of an adrenaline-ragine-hormones RUSH..
if i see a cute guy,i jus go all weak-kneed n i begin to lose it in the head- its more an internal RUSH, n tatz a gud thing4 me-
a)cos i'm committed n i dun wan ma guy 2 know wen i'm lookin..
b)cos women like me, who dun blush, need to give chambor/bourjois a reason for their business sustenance :)

as far as ma crush list goes, dee, ya know every single of them.. :)
ryte from madhu to julian to oswin to benny to anto to ammu to arun to Charlee 2 ram :)

in school, it had been a longer list- startin from class 1..
sohail, arun philip,rohit bhandari, dinesh john, aamir, ashish, raj, girish, fasil :)

i think i'lll keep crushin on men- they deserve it-soem are way 2 cute to keep ya eyes off from :)

Winds of Change said...


well..i dnt think im the rite person to comment on this blog...cuz i havent 'been in luv' ...yeah i kno i dnt need to b in luv 2 blush...neways.....
wen it cmez 2 u...yeah its really obvi....u jus keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep smilin...dats bout it...watevr is happenin out thr....u jus hav dat awesum smile on ur face....:) n as i keep tln u...even if its arranged is still gna rock...n ul kno wat real luv is ...:)

u kno who

The Techno Maniac said...


Colgate smile aa?? adi paavi.. orbit advt la oru maadu, orbit sapadrathuku munadi pala kamikume, athu madri iruku onaku... colgate smile? epadi nee matum?? :P :D

Ok getting back to things at hand..

You blushed for the asan guy too! I saw that.. unfortunately i did not have camera on my mobile at that moment!!

Well abt ur relationshipss.. i aint commentin.. a lot is being said and i dnt know all of it [:P].. god knows.. ur next blog, i may get to know few new things about u.. :P

"idea of being love" that was too good.. the phrase.. and yeah.,.. again i hate to admit.. your BCM does make u look fatally attractive.. am not sayin more..

you can be romantic when you want to.. i remember your eyes twinklin when you spoke to me abt the last guy.. well.. dnt try to be humble..

adi paavi.. "Aww, that's sooo sweet!" enkita 1000 times solirupiye! i hate you!

Arranged marriage.. has its own fun!! try it! and may be u can write ur experiences..

i keep tellin all my close frnds, guys, vyshnavee, a girl here in office.. ppl never understand those who love them.. and the girls i know fall for guys who are not even worth a point percentage of them.. i dont know abt guy 3 n guy 2.. but the others are not even worthy of you.. it will be better for me to stop right now.. just want you to know.. and for you P.S.2 = Aww, that's sooo sweet! :P


--xh-- said...

ROTFL... BCM at teh drop of a name.. well, i can use u as a model for my photoshoot then :-)

rOhit said...

Naat bad! BCM?
Hmph. Interesting!

Arun Sundar said...

Arranged marriage'aa?? Maatnaan andha paiyyan!!

:)) Kiddin...U have a great life and good luck.

Solitaire said...

Arranged marriage? Marriage arrange ho gaya? You seem to be a very rational person, adding humor to a situation that is nervewracking!! You will survive the extra low doses of BCM!

Anyway, you might wanna read my latest two posts. Might answer some of your questions and maybe make you feel better about your situation.

Confounded-Lady said...


Why does Mayth feel so special all of a sudden :P

I really dont know what to include..and what not ( ahem.. :D ) but I'd like to belive that the blush-factor depends on 3 things:

1. What sort of person you are.
(A preson like me couldnt blush even if Brad Pitt flirted with me)

2. What sort of person is the blush-causing-gentleman
(Regardless of arranged or love...of he can make you blsuh, he;ll make you blush ;) )

3. How much you want to make it work with him
Face it..saccirine lines and moves just cant impress you if you havent been impressed by his personlaity yet.

So thats the funda that gets involved in making me blush.

I've heard its a nice blush n all. Should probably learn to do so with feminine grace and front of the mirror.


Lots of love and topped with oodles of chocolate,


Confounded-Lady said...

I sooo hope that there is no reading in between the lines in that mini-blog I posted in your blog. Lol! :D

Drenched said...

Hahahaha! *Hi fives*. I'm all blushy-blushy too. I go a particular shade of beet red and need to hide my face when people tease me about a stupid random guy! That's the worst of it. But then, I'll still go different shades of red depending on who's teasing and who I am being teased about. When the blood rushes to my face, I wish nothing more than to bury my head under the earth like an ostrich. Hmph. Blushing sucks. I've seen people look at me, nudge each other and giggle, whispering, "Oh look, she's gone all tomato red/beet red/baby pink/[insert various shades here]!! Awwwwww, how cute!". It pisses the living hell out me. Pffffft.

As for arranged marriage, I've so many mixed feelings about it. An absolute arranged one in which you just check out the guy's credentials and meet him once or twice is like the biggest gamble that I've ever come across till now. Some people go on and on about how it can be an "interesting discovery" of another person or how it's like solving a puzzle and all that but then, it's not a freakin' game. You can't get married like this, get bored of the discovery game, throw a tantrum and yell, "All right, this is enough for me! I want a new game now!". I see more sense in the "other" kind of arranged marriages which I've been seeing quite a lot now- the parents introduce the guy and the girl, they go out for a couple of months, decide if they like each other. If yes, alright. If no, next please. Discovery done, verdict given.

Shubham Bhardwaj said... gurls still BCM?? been ages since i saw a girl blushing.

Ok said...

I love the title.. "Blush, cruch and mush" :).

Oh! so you are on the road to be one aunt (married) a:).

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Preethi..Black background and red and bright text. Not so friendly to read.Change if you too feel so.

rsubras said...

hey very nice post i shud say... infact it is unfair to attach any adjective to this at all :) coz it is one of a DFH post.. (direct-from-heart) but the way you have portrayed ur thoughts were something the reader could easily relate with :)

BCM is it for a girl or a guy...only some stupid films made lots of fuss about this thing..oru thadavai thirumbi paarthale, athukku love than reason nu.... :)

First timer to ur from a blog en route Raz's blog

Different colors in a black background... reminds me of the 286, 386 PC we used in school..when we used to develop applications in GW-BASIC :)

Ron Lemon said...

You are about to enter a very different world, things would be very different and opposite to whatever you were going through till now (literally).... happy ANTI phase:)

Anonymous said...

im slightly confused. the whole BCM it good or bad?
I mean...i've seen girls blushing in an instant the moment u mention the 'right things' :P
But really..i think women are confused (no offence intended honest!!) U want a guy to be all mushy or u DONT want the guy to be all mushy?
gaaaah....i dunno
rawk on anyways

ps. the thing about u goin red all the time...well its really something :P :P :P bwahahahahaha (no offence, again)
peace out!

santhosh said...

Bright suggestion of the day : why don't you get a guy who shares a name you already BCM for? So that you can rush the gush of mush when your pushy -crush tries to hush you when you blush flush!!

SK said...

LOL!Aunty definition seems to keep changing from gen to gen ;--)
Kalyanamana aunty illa, for me, only when someone has a kid she is an aunty :--D

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Lol @ the 'note to the public'. :D
and, lol.. join the club! i blush at the drop of a "name" too! hehe.. and everyone out here has figured dat out bout me too.. jeez.
Hmm, yea.. bein on the recievin end of all the mushy-ness is nicer. ;)

P.S-for the beet root red bluch, while the normal blushin process is on, bite your tongue hard.. :P

P.P.S-you've been tagged!

Keshi said...

LOL @Kalyanam Virus!

I used to be a very romantic person..not anymore. Cos all the baboons I hv met so far has killed any romance that was left in me.

**What makes you BLuSh, CrUSh and ALL that MuSh!?

hmmmm a hunk that's impossible to get. LOL!

ok jokes apart, what makes me blush, crush and all that mush is someone who can teach me something new...something that I hv never even thought abt. Someone who can take me to a new dimension in this life.

All the best hun! Let us know when u hit the jackpot ;-)


PREETI said...

@janie: for me the blush comes first n then those associated reactions...!thnx bt no thnx to u for pointin it out! n abt all ur crushez...yup i knw of em allllllll! some of them i cnt belive HOW!

@windz: bullshit!dnt temme u hvnt had a crush on anyone... :P man, ur makin me seem !#!!..hehe...

@techno: nw u knw the true reaction behind the 'aww so sweet!' buhahahahaha!

@xh: model...??me??! *blushes* honoured! ;)

@rohit: not baad huh? :)

@arun: adey dan naanum thinkin...aana unum maatala anda paiyan! :D

@solitaire: abhi tak fix nahin hua!thank god! n im takin the rational bit as a compliment :D rushin to see ur 2 postz nw! :)

PREETI said...

@mayth: thnxx! yes, yes the intention ws very much to honour u :D u dnt blush???even when THE name is mnetioned? mayb we shud meet more often for classes!??!?

@drenched: *high five* super cool! iv found a fellow blusher in a fellow blogger! :) i hate it wen ppl pinpoint my blush moment too!

n abt arranged marriages, ur family hs absolutely NO knowledge on hw stuff works cuz my parentz n my sis hv had a luv we r tryin to fit in..! weird :) thnx for droppin by! gr8 to hv ur comment :)

@shubham: mayb we shud meet n then u cud c a girl BCM in real :)

p.s: thnx for droppin by!

@ok: no,No,NO! not yet on that road...! Really! thnx for the suggestion. will definitely see wat i cn do :)

PREETI said...

@rsubras: thnx :) i knw! movies r the culprit for hypin EVRYTHIN! parthale kadhal...hehe!

indirect aa ena kalayichiteengala?? tat im still stuck in the Basic world? hehe..thing is i luv black...n anythin to go with it! :)

@ronlemon: juz wishin the aunty/anti phase is gna b a 'happy' one :D...whenever tat happenz!

@upecmustang: u rite dude...we r a confused bunch...n i dnt think thrz a rite or wrng abt blushin...itz (unfortunately) very uncontrollable...juz tatz itz a lilllllll embarassin...hehe...n chill, no offence taken :)

PREETI said...

@santhosh: ayooo, now my parents search for the rite groom will have to include another field: name...romba kashtam dont u think? :D

@sk: actually, i agree, aunty shud b after havin a kid...even then not actually cuz we'd b young at heart..*ahem ahem*

@busywritr: tongue bitin huh? hmmm gta try it...dnt knw hw much it'd work tho cuz im veryyyy sensitive when it comes to hurtin myself...hehe..mayb i cud whack the person next to me...? :D

n ur a blusher too..!??AWW!! :)

n tagged...?super! wil do it soon :)

@keshi: even i thought the romance in me ws killed by those 'babboonz' bt i rediscover it everytime :D im sure thrz gna b someone bringin tat new dimension into ur life with loadza luv soon!

will definitely keep ya poster ;)

luv ya all :)

Ziah said...

Aww! thats a sweet post!:) You blush? Cuteness:)

Marriage is quite nice if you're married to someone you can talk to:) "Arrangement" aint a bad way to meet people SO LONG as you have the time to figure the guy out and the family is known:) So, all the best:)

Shubham Bhardwaj said...

If u r gonna blush when we meet then thanx but no thanx. Blushing girls tend to make me extremely uncomfortable :)

PREETI said...

@ziah: thnxxxxx...u r too kind :) u say all the nicest thingz to me :D :")

need all the best wishes i cn keep em comin! :)

@shubham: hey, i dnt blush THAT easy also ;)

Solitaire said...

tccchhh..don't listen to these people.

Marriage does not make you an aunty!!

PREETI said...

@sol: yea...ur rite!!!!!!thnx!i need all the reassurance i cn gt :)

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