Mar 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This is gonna be a new feature on my blog. There are these extra special people in my life whom I love to itsy-witsy, teeny-weeny bits. And I decided it'd be a super cool idea to honour them on their birthdays with a small post. And the lucky one to kick-start this feature is my Handsome Hunk of a bro-in-law- Harsh, whose Birthday is on the 16th of March.

It is a wonder how things change with time. It's been a year and a half since he's entered our lil family and I actually feel like he's been around forever! I may have not said it in as many words, Harsh, but I really do love you. For the way you make my sis smile, for the way you take care of her, for the respect you give my parents and for the person you are. You are everything and more than what I could ever ask for Dolz.

Thanks for alwayz, alwayz being there. Wishing you an Awesome Birthday. God Bless You! Hugz!


--xh-- said...

wow, tahzt a good idea. happy b'day wishes to harsh :-D

Keshi said...

aww nice one and hot guy :)


Solitaire said...

He is realllly handsome. Too bad he belongs to your sister. ;)

Drenched said...

Happy birthday to him! :)

PS: Cute b-i-l. ;)

PREETI said...

@xh: thnx from him :)

@keshi,solitaire n drenched: he is hot/handsome/cute isnt he? :)

harsh r u listenin....???

Doll said...

thnx preeto......this is sooo sweet!! n well...thnx all of u out thr who thinks my husband is hot ;-) i one lucky chick or wat...?!!! hehe :)

love ya buji

PREETI said...

no mention buji boo! :)

n yea...BOTH of u r lucky to hv each other!

luv u loadzzzzz :)

Winds of Change said...


dat wuz very thotful!!
n dolz....u guyz make an awesum pair.....:)

bobo....way ta go.....:D

u kno who :)