Mar 25, 2008

The Tag Bug!

UPDATE: I've just updated a snap of my tattoo. FYI :)

Bitten by the Tag Bug again. Busy Lil Writin' Gurl has done the honours this time :)

Ok, frankly, I'm as confused as hell about this tag. It's supposed to be 5/6/7/8/... quirks about me or something. Each person doing the tag has edited it to suit themselves (kinda like that Chinese whisper game. Amazing how one simple word (here,tag) could change from origin till end!) And so, here's what I'm gonna do- Join the bandwagon and edit the tag to suit myself. Gonna reveal 11 things ppl don't know about me. Or atleast ppl in Blogsville High. (Why 11...? I've got noooo clue!)

1. (This is gonna sound like some Tamil film hero introducing himself)
En paeru (my name): Preeti. But everyone calls me: p3 (san), peeto, peeti, peetu, peetri, !#@!@,'s better we stop here
Appa paeru (Dad's name): Ramachandran. Ooru Kerala. (Place: Kerala)
Amma paeru (mom's name): Rukmani. Namma ooru Iyer ponnu. Orey Louves you see!
Akka paeru (Sis's name): Pratibha aka Dolly. Ava oru Seth payyan a kalyanam panita. (She's married to a Seth aka Marwari guy) Avar paeru Harsh. (His name)
Naay paeru (Dog's name): Chintu. Our 4 year old German Shepherd. The apple of our eyes!
Thozhil (Work): Naan oru Engineer. With MBA. Aana naa ippo paakara vela, blogging. (I am an Engineer. With MBA. But now the work that I do is, blogging)

P.S: For those of you who expected some masala answer like "saaraya vyabaram" (liquor brewing) and the likes, I'm sorry to disappoint. I'm just a very ordinary young girl :P Enough of my family! This is about me :D

2. I was born in Bahrain. And raised there till I was 15. The rest is history.

3. I don't know how to ride a cycle. Dad never let us. I never bothered and had no regrets till this one Kodai trip our class went to during engg and every-single-freaking-human being in the class went cycling around the lake. I, on the other hand, had to walk around freezing my ass out and stuffing my face with home made chocolate waiting for the annoying riders to stop. I had a friend for company, who couldn't ride cuz Miss. Smarty Pants wore heels for a close-to-trekking trip to Kodai (!). And we got lost while climbing up-hill. In the darkness. Alone.

4. I talk at Bullet Train speed. Forget the fact that I can talk non-stop for however long on whatever topic. That's nothing. I've been compared to the likes of Ben Johnson for my talking speed, even when I was a kid! On a recent conversation with Andu, he pointed out (God bless him) that I just completed a relatively mid-length sentence in less than 3 secs. Are the Record book people listening...?? I'm not proud of it.

5. My phone is eternally busy. I'm either on the landline or the mobile. Satti christened me "The Call Center". Which is what flashes on his phone when I call. (If ever I do call) I'm not proud of it either.

6. I love Water. I can drink any amount of water. At times, I drink upto 8 litres a day. It's like a compulsion. If there's a bottle near me, I just have to finish it. Which obviously means I visit the loo !@# number of times a day. Though, most of the time it's to check myself out ;)

7. I'm a matching-matching FREAK. I'm kinda known for it. I match my accessories, basically earrings and bangles, earnestly. I pretty much have allllll colours with me. Not the flashy kinds though! I can't imagine an unmatched day. *shudder* [I manage to make it in time to office every morning, inspite of this ;)]

8. I looooveeeeee stickers. I collect them. Any kind. Especially ones with glitter! *starry eyed* I've got alllllllll the stickers I've ever bought till now with me in this big bag. My Dad threatens to throw it out everytime he gets angry thereby forcing me to comply with his (baseless) orders. Best part is I never use 'em! I'm hyper-senti about my stickers. If I do use one of my precious ones for anyone, you can be assured that person is extremely special. More than 'the sticker'.

9. I have a tattoo. On my lower back on the right side. It's my name in Japanese. Decided to commemorate myself and Japanese and so the tattoo. Besides, I couldn't think of anything else. Raring to get more. But the problem is my parents don't know :D I've managed to keep it a secret for a year and a 1/2 now. And there's no other hideable place *sigh*

10. I hate working. I'm a total home body. I would love to be a house wife. Just laze around the house, doing nothing. And in between all that lazing, get some cooking/washing/cleaning done. I'm not ambitious and not the go-getter/gotta-reach-the-top-of-the-corporate-ladder-by-eating-other's-heads types. Nope, not me. Not in the least! Very simple girl, you know!

11. I have BIG palms. Long fingers too, but big palms. They are so big that when I put mehandi, they are tempted to charge for 3 palms, for the extra mehandi and extra effort taken!I actually have a complex about it. For all you know, my 'man' would probably have smaller palms than me! :-/

I guess this should do now. Will save the rest for similar future tags ;) Oh and btw, I tag Janie, Prathiboo, Satti and Mayth to do this!


--xh-- said...

so u dont really deal in liqur? seesh...whatta day :-(

u hv sticker collection, i have poster collection. I never even allow anyone to touch my posters, adn no i DONT share them :-D
me toow anna get a tattoooo.....

Ziah said...

hehehe... sweet!:)

Call center?? LOL!:) I used to be like that in college... when dad stops paying your phone bill, a lotta things change..:)

Housewifery?? Just make sure you marry well then... else the husnband will make you replace the maid!!:(

Madhumita said...

An actual honest-to-goodness tattoo?? Wow, now thats something. And are you really really sure about the homebody thing? Why don't you talk to some of us married types first :-)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

1. hey, ur online now! :D :P i liked your horse-bout-to-run banner! :D

a) ooOoo, facts bout preeti's family. :P
c) haha.. roflmao, u knw wot? its been ages since i rode a cycle..i dont think i remember now.. lol. once, i rode into this deep ditch.. lol, dint fall.. kept ridin IN it. lol.
d) haha, omg.. me too! ME TOO! :D
e) MINE too! lol.. thas the reason why mum mum refuses to buy me a cellph for myself! :(
f) okay.. i can drink fizz-flavoured-water :P
g) hehe, m more a mixture!
h) me too! i love the glitterly, glossy, sparkly ones! :D
i) damnnnnn, so cool! post a pic! post a pic!
k) hehe, i have bigish palms too.. fingers compensate tho. ;)

tag done the fun way! m proud of you :P :P.

Winds of Change said...

hahaha...ellam therunja vishayam.....;) .....

u rock..

u kno who


ha haaaa..
good one there-
few things:
a)prtibha aka dolly- for a min i thot ya were calling her akka!!!!
BTW have ya ever called her akka??
ya n jeff shud be taught a lesson- both ya younger sibblyn brats..
b)i think ya're more mallu on the inside , n more tamil outside..
somethin likee like intel inside mental outside..
c)ya talk extremely fast- but do ya talk sense- ;););)yet ya get people to listen.. i can actually impersonate ya, ya must ask satti abt it, i think its near perfect..i will do it this saturday..
d)not learnin to ride/balance a cycle at at early age- maybe tatz y ya're so unbalanced.. ;)muhahahahahaha
e)tattoo- love the jap.. love the hip babe.. this sat, ya know wat we need to see ;)
i WILL get a tattoo soon.. :)
f)water- yeah teh elixir of life..
but i prefer matter more- its the elixir of living life..
n they rhyme!


Anonymous said...

"I have a tattoo." Oooooo

Howyu doin?


Solitaire said...

I am assuming you live in India?!

How do you manage to drink so much water? I restricted myself for a day sometimes when I knew that I would not get to use a clean loo!!

Keshi said...

nee oru romba CUTE thamil ponnu :)

Ur fone is eternally busy? aww so we can never reach ya ha :(

Dolly is a cute nic for ur sis..

I hate bloody WORKING too!


Keshi. said...

Nice post...gotta know something abt ya....
nice to hear you don't brew liquor:P LOL but hope you brew coffee atleast....
Got to learn a bit of Tamil as well :D
Keep writing and visiting my blog....

Mayur said...

Yeah! I can understand....
Even I was not a gadget guy but being an IT professional I turned into one.
I'm not so crazy about mobile phones etcetc.
Infact my ideas about gadgets are quite weird....
I wud love to have a camera, an mp3(which I hv nw), and a mobile phone instead of carrying all-in0one mobile phone....HeHeHe

Mayur said...

Check out my other blog too.....

Mayur said...

yeah! Even I heard the same. I'm not sure if I will ever fall in love. I'm the weirdest guy on this planet..........LOL

Mayur said...

I went through some confusing experiences in d past I misunderstood wid love.
I don't know anything abt it. I like a gal but am quite confused about what I feel for her thats y I wrote the post.....

Doll said...

nice blog page peetu!!

love ya

Solitaire said...

come check your story...its up!

PREETI said...

@xh: considerin im newayz bugged wit wrk, i probably cud juz quit n do some brewin... ;) n DO gt a tattoo..itz worth it :)

@ziah: :( i do pay my billz :( bt as i already mentioned, Iv gt super frenz who call me even if i dont :D

@madhu: mayb i shud b talkin to the married typez first...lemme knw when ur free to chat ;)

@busygurl: honoured to have made u proud :P no cellphne???oh man! rite nw id say ur better off witout one! n yup will post a pic of the tattoo soon..

@windz: teriyila na, ud b a goner by nw! :P

@janie: dolz??n akka??!NO,NEVER! hehe...waitin for u to gt ur tattoo u-knw-whr! :D

@ok: *blushing*

@solitaire: luckily iv workd at 2 places with good loos...n at home ofcourse its made my way...THANKFULLY!

@kesh: awww..thnx! :) n dolly is her nick cuz when she ws a kid she ws round n reallllllllly quiet... :) n if u wanna reach me, gimme a call, il call bk :D

@mayur: glad to be of help for u to learn a new language ;) thnx for droppin by!

@buji: thnx!! :D

@sol again: saw it! touched! :)

Gazal said...


call correct for someone on the phone !!!!

water and loo...interconnected
did you know that after sometime,no matter how much water we drink,the trips to the loo will decrease....the kidneys get used to the amt comin in !!!

cheers to H2O.

cva said...

-- Chintu

One of my friend's daughter is Chintu. I am not sure if this will make you feel happy or make my friend fume :-)

-- Blogging

80% of engineers spend 60% of their time blogging or chatting or orkutting. Yes, I did a survey yesterday :-)

-- Bicycle

I had been to one party and almost everyone who had come there knew to play a muiscal intrument and everyone was singing and playing music. I know nothing :-( But still I got hold of on Tabla and started hitting ("playing") it. In the midst of other instruments it got lost :-)

-- Bullet train

I have met some people who talk like a water fountain (spraying)

PREETI said...

@gazal: Ah! so that's the reason y i dont visit the loo as much as i used to bak in college n stuff...the whole kidney gettin used to it routine...thnx for the enlightenment :) n yup, cheerz to

@cva:frnz daughter is chintu...AWWW!!! :)

super survey result ;)

oh so now ur a table player too...(doesnt matter if ur gud at it, all u cn say is,"this one time i played the tabla.....") hehe

n i knwwww abt the sprayer n us call it the 'spray gun' syndrome :D

Keshi said...

aww @she was round.

tnxx Preeti for the 'UNDERSTANDING' u offered in my blog just now. When alot of ppl there seem to be judging me and expecting me to be superwoman, u really reached out to me and made me feel like u knew what I was trying to say. Everyday is not a good day and u understood that. LOVE U n tnxx MWAH!


rOhit said...

I loved the names one.
And me too donno how to ride a cycle :(

PREETI said...

@keshi: am glad i ws of help :) luv u too gurl...muah!

@rohit: et tu? am i happy i hv company or wat!? ;)

Drenched said...

11? Hahahaha, it's like the whole concept of 'shagun'...11, 21, 51, 101. ;)

And what's it with NRIs raised in obscure places and the inability to ride a bicycle? I knew this girl who'd grown up in Cameroon (it's somewhere in Africa) and she said she never learnt it either. Why? Why is it that some people are deprived of such simple pleasures? :P

And *high five*! I luuuuurrrrrrve water too! I drink like 5-6 bottles every day and my friends used to call me mad...until some days back, somebody really praised my "glowing and beautiful" skin. Hahahahaha. Water rules! :D

Thanks for telling the tatoo location. When I get one, I'll get it done there too...and parents will be in ignorant bliss. Hah!

Arun Sundar said...

This Tagging fever seriously needs a cure.

PREETI said...

@drenched:shagun or nt i guess itz cuz my birth date is the 11th! :)

n hey Bahrain isn't an obscure place! itz tis real nice island! :) hehe...

try the tattoo n lemme knw hw u managed hidin it ;)

n hi-five for the water thing!

@arun: hey, the feverz nt alllll tat bad :) cmon now!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi.First timer here from ZIAH s..Tattoo in Japanese..hmm wonder why..may be be a posting on that will help

Coconut Chutney said...

Stickers?! Lol, that's adorable!

I kinda have a thing for them myself, especially winnie-the-pooh ones. :)

And your tattoo...waaaaaw *starry eyed*
I want one too!

rsubras said...

shud learn from u on how to keep blogging :)

inniku eppadiyaachum story mudikka try pannaren preeto

on a serious note, blog lay ivvalo personal details reveal pannalama.... :) ??

Keshi said...

btw come play the game in my blog ;-)


Gargling Garbage said...

Such a fun-fun blog u hv here :D :D U r sooo full of energy... amazing! We do hv things in common - can't ride a bicycle, nt even a tricycle for nuts.. n work... wot is dat ;)

Luv it.. 'll be back for more..!!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Wow @ the pic! :O :O

*sobs sobs* I want one too!

p.s- how you sure that's your "name" in japanese and not a swear word? ;) :P :P

Ps said...

Heh heh heh--No.1 was really funny!

It was nice reading this tag--does feel like I know you already!

Confounded-Lady said...

I'm tagged. Yayyyyy.

Grow up Mayth..yeah I know. I love tags nevertheless.

Cute tattoo..but like bw says, are you sure it isnt some thitu word ;)

Btw...I'm telling aunty.


PREETI said...

@compassion: tattoo in jap cuz i learnt japn luv it...n itz my name...pretty mch tatz it!

@chutney: winnie the pooh? iv gt those too! :) n go on, gt the tattoo!

@rsubras: gna go chk if ur story is cmplete now :) n personal details...??hmm....terila, enaala secretive aa iruka mudiyadu...olaral vaay syndrome!

@keshi: game done ;)

@gargling: ayo ayo! im blushin :") thnx, thnx n THNX! glad i cud come bak for more! :)

@busygurl: gt one gurl, go for it :) n well, tat certainly is my name cuz im the one who wrote it out...they r jap alphabets pi-ree-ti! :D

@ps: thnx :)

@mayth: Time for Deal:How much to shut u up?Tell me plz! wont call u aunty anymore..SWEAR!

The Techno Maniac said...

It does not sound like a tamil film.. its sounds like a good solid mallu intro!

Bahrain! I have heard enough of that actually.. bahrain this and bahrain that and blah blah blah! phew!

Thank god you dont know how to ride a bicycle.. nee road la nadakarchey evalo problem.. nee cycle otineyna.. avalthan.. daily accident (not for you though!)

Bullet train and nthin makes sense to.. its actually humourous!

Well, you have mentioned my thoughts abt ur phone.. it wont be necessary for me to reiterate my point..

Water.. loo.. no comments!

Matching freak.. that you are.. i hav seen it at many a occasions. chumma evalo nal than ora emathara u pakren..(btw occasion = daily (till i left to hyd))

Stickers - you have not given me a sticker!! :( sob! sob!

Tatoo.. i m going to ask you infront of ur dad.. hw much did you spend for the tatoo on ur back.. :D

Hate Working?? Lazy ***

Big palms eh? well.. you see... nthin!

just gimme some time gurl.. i shall do the tags..


PREETI said...

@satti: appada, finally u found it in u to read my blog n comment! thhnx! :P

waitin for u to do the tag :)

luvvv u!

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

Nice read...Interesting tag..

Btw..i have been a regular reader,just had been too lazy to comment thats all..

PREETI said...

@superficial: haha, ok...thnx n welcome here :)

Satan said...

Are u still single???.... LOL!!!

PREETI said...

@Satan: Yup i am :D

Satan said...

Then let me help u out to find a guy 4 u :)