Mar 25, 2008

Happy Birthday again!

Spate of birthdays this month. And all of them are extra special people!Today is Andu san's birthday. Andu san aka Anand Johnson-of the Johnson brothers' fame.

As I alwayz say, the Johnson brothers (Aj and Andu & co.) are the reason the Ramachandran sisters smile. Really. They brought happiness into our life. And I just don't mean happiness, I mean belly aching, rolling on the floor, heart stopping, breath choking Laughter with a capital 'L'. From the time we met till now, I guess we've been laughing all the way. Literally!

Andu san- ur a laugh riot! With your smart alec jokes and whacky expressions, you crack us up allll the time. And ofcourse, ur super sweet, "Love you P3 san" messages that make me smile the instant I get them. Somehow you alwayz know when I'm low and that message of yours comes right on time! Didn't I say you were Godsent?

Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday. You rock, we rock and we'll keep rocking! Loooooooooveeeeeeee to itsy witsy teeny weeny bits. Hugz! Muah!

P.S: Yet to load a snap of yours cuz I don't have one at work right now. Will do it asap. Pardon!


Confounded-Lady said...

Aapee Birthday to the fella who makes Preets smile :)

--xh-- said...

warm b'day wishes to Anand san from me :-D

PREETI said...

@Mayth & xh: Thankoo on his behalf!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

spate of bdays this month! i so agree with you!

belated wishes to him! :)

PREETI said...

@busygurl: wishes given :)

Winds of Change said...


wish u a very happy bday!!!!!!!

A.Johnson said...

Thankyou so much P3san!! Cant tell you how happy this made me feel!

M really gr8ful...

Love you Loadz!!!

I'd like to also thank
*p3san (for thanking them on my behalf :p)
*And certainly not last Rupini! :)

Amazing day to remind us just how valuable our friends are to us...

[Marx' waitin for me outside right now so I gotta hurry...]

But thanks again p3san!! Really!