Feb 28, 2008

My 10 Most...

This may resemble a tag cuz its one of those '10 most-' posts. But it isn't. What I did yesterday and the 'pats-on-my back' I received for it prompted this :) Here are 10 of my most dumbest and smartest moments/moves.

DUMBEST (In chronological order, not necessarily in dumbness order)

1. Joining DAV: Strict, disciplined, All-Girl's school, geeky girls screeching over gawky boys, flunking exams and lots and lots of special classes. Yup, it is a wonder I survived it. (Refer post: The Middle Name Tag for more details)

2. Trusting Guy#1: No comments (and no questions)

3. Joining Sathyabama: Girl-boy no mingle jingle, barren land - to enforce rule#1, ie, girl-boy no hanky panky, Black glasses & white teeth, Punishment for looking at a guy/carrying oranges/short sleeves/low neck and rules like these. Survived, yet again.

4. Trusting Guy#2: Sweet talker, cute looker and best friend. Short stint, friendship continues. No further comments. (and no further questions)

5. Trusting Guy#3: He's crossed over so, no comments. May his soul RIP.

6. Joining ITM: Every morn regret. Class of 55 morons (minus us 5, ofcourse..hehe) , Class of 60 senior morons, over-zealous party poopers- fist fights,broken pots et al, high level 'bit' technology and strains of "Abey o" at every turn. They should have renamed it Institute for Terminally Mental. I'm quite a survivor, ain't I?

7. Trusting Guy#4: Save your judgements. There's more! [Further comments, contact Ruby ;)]

8. Not learning from Guyz#1-4 and trusting Guy#5 (!!!): Dumb-bell brained, deported, alcoholic, self-obsessed freak. Yea, yea I am a sillly girl. But hey, everyone makes mistakes....right?

9. Joining the gym: yet-again and (like obviously) quitting it half-way through. Inspiration to join-d*** head above. Inspiration to quit- revenge on d*** head above!

10. The reason behind this post: Trying to send a 60 MB mail from my Outlook (which I learnt today can send a mail of max 10 MB). Resulting in, not just Outlook, but my entire system getting fucked! Prathi had an awesome laugh and took the humble initiative of passing the word around. But considering it gave the World this post, it isn't such a dumb thing after all huh? ;)


Ahem, ahem. Beneath that dumb exterior facade lies an extremely smart, intelligent, bright.......ok, u can stopping the eye-rolling now :)

1. Staying away from the jing-bang in DAV: by staying away from school itself. Got me into truck loads of shit, but anything beats going there. Even flunking.

2. Dumping Guy#1: No small fea(e)t for me!

3. Using 'messenger service' to talk to the Forbidden 'boys-at-the-back': Uh, actually, if you study in Sathyabama, all boys are behind you...I mean literally, cuz they all sit at the back! (College rules, you see-Karls (girls) wanly in the firshtu aar shecondu row. In bus and class). It was more for practical study purposes, you see. To study the trajectory of the projectile (tiny, rolled bits of white paper containing important information not transmittable by sound), analyze the speed etc etc. You know, physics. With a lil bit of chemistry and lotsa biology!This, by the way, is the secret behind Guy#2 ;)

4. Dumping Guy#2: Best friend or whatever. Super sexy eyes or whatever. Cute poems/Love songs or whatever. It should be just me, baby!

5. Guy#3: I don't have a prefix for this one. Probably the only guy I've ever loved (Yay!Finally). Sad ending. And even worse that he is no more (this happened after we ended).But meeting him was one of the best things that happened to me. Trusting him was wrong maybe. Falling for him wasn't right. But he kept me happy while it lasted. That's all the matters, isn't it?

6. Joining ITM: Yup, really. And no, I'm not contradicting myself. I could fail a psychometry test with this answer but the reason is this- how many (ultra smart) people do you know, who decided to take a break after engineering and join an institite for humour's sake? Donate some 3.5-4 lakhs of dad's hard earned money to get to be with some of the World's classic nut-cases. Now, I can proudly say, I've pretty much seen them all. And earned a Masters in Barbarian Administration enroute.

7. No points for guessing- Dumping guy#4: Or did he dump me...?I don't know. But better to be single than being the man!

8. Damn, I guess I don't have as many smart moves as I thought I did. I'm really sweating it out here thinking. Well, hmmm...I guess I would have to go with Dumping guy#5. Actually, not that smart a move. Cuz if I didn't dump him...?That would've been the strongest contender for "The World's Dumbest". C'mon, I found out through orkut that he was dating (like for 3 years) someone else!

9. Quitting my previous job: Read here for more info. [Indirect smart move-Hyper linking to other posts for the impatient 'one-post-one-comment'ers! ;)]

10. Probably the smartest of them all. Ending this post right here, right now!

Think your dumber/smarter than me...? Lemme know :)


--xh-- said...

this oen really mad eme laugh.. was kind of diappointed whn u deledt this one yesterday.. :) hey common - u have more smart moments in ur life - fill up the list...

PREETI said...

hey xh: Something wrong with the display when i tried to publish it yesterday. Tweaked it a lil n here it is- fully complete..!

The Techno Maniac said...


I really regret reading this post.. I feel that i dnt knw you at all!

Post was too good.. dumpin guys and all.. i dont want to comment about that.. we will never agree upon it..

But yeah.. intrestin read.. esp the satyabama one.. keep up!


Winds of Change said...


all dat i can say is.....u lack a major quotient of ur brain...common sense ;)....dont analyse thingz too much!!! nt wrth it mky......so chill....n yeah thnx for redirecting ppl 2 contact me reg guy # 4!! x(..... bout 'everybody makes mistakes'....im not gna comment on dt ....cuz thr r ppl who commit mistakes knowingly.....:) :D ......

bout ITM...adhu noothuku nooru unmai!

lotsa luv
u kno who

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Spicy. ;) :P

Anonymous said...

happy to make to ur dumbest and smartest list...

Confounded-lady said...

Preets ma gurl!

Just when I aksed m'slef 'wheres all the humour in life', I see your post.
Total ROTFL wonly.
You maybe dumb you may be smart, but you ve got one hell of a tale to tell your grandkids :)



loved the style, the formatting and the hyperlinkin...
guy no#2 - ha haaaaa i cant forget his spider poems or his lil notes to ya.. what i will never forget to ma grave is ya color co-ordination, both of ya wearin the same color!!!!!deeeeeeeeeee, blasphemy!!!!!!

ma DUMBEST move there- not noticin this 'matchin matchin' 4 a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time.

ma SMARTEST move- heeee, i did catch ya n GUY#2 RED- handed one day wearin PURPLE (he had purple shirt as well!!)i think,and ya got all PINK in ya cheeks wen i discovered ya dirty lil secret.. ON MY OWN, without the slightest hint frm ya
(except tat ya guys were strongly hintin me with teh same paired colors for almost 2 weeks- there i'm- bak 2 bein dumb once again)

masters in barbarian admin- HAAAAA.. liked tat one.

alright, now 4 tat icing on the cake..
dumbest move- i'm sooo dumb I CAN'T COUNT.. so I dunno how many men ive been wyd [;)]

smartest move-

I can sumhow count it right wen it comes to you PEETO- love ya....
ya're gonna sooo hate me 4 thys...

guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. this is the new BLINGGGGGG...
ya gotta give Peeto a PINGGGGG....
sHe's having a fukin good fLING...
he n peeto- nowadays doin a lotta TRING TRING

ps: peeto enjoy it while ya can..
n stay single till ya find teh ryte guy- marriAGE itself says tat ya need to AGE mentally n psychologically befre you MAKE(love) or MAR(riage) your ultimate destiny..
I know ya'll MAKE it..[:D]
(cos i know ya MAKE OUT pretty well- caught yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

crazyBugga said...

aah sathyabama. The place where life is as abundant as the trees in the campus [:)]

Prathi:-) said...

Dt was amazing… I really liked dis blog of urs… babes.. U could get some more smart moves if u realllyyyy squeeze ur brain;)
Im going to rate n rank on ur dumbest n smartest whtever;)
Okie… ur the most dumbest thing to do was the guy 5… I swear… trustiong dt bastard asshole fucker freak was the most duuuummmmbbbest thing to do… another smart thing u shud have done was to find that winnie the pooh n tell her about her fucked up fiancé… u missed dt… had u done dt.. I wud have given u a nobel prize;) whtever category u want it for.. Social service???? ;) saving women????

Ur next dummmmbbbb thing was guy 4… babe… it still beats me… hwwww????? Whyyyyyyyy?????? U r a gem… he was an asshole… guess smtimes fate does make us blind to even basic details…

And the most cutest dumb thing u eveeerrr did was… the outlook issue:) oohhh… yes I laughed my head off on that one:)
About DAV n ITM? Well… I have to share the dumbness with u for ITM… but DAV? I dnt know… I hav had my share of dumb schools as well.. So I guess im dumb in my own way;) {{each and every person is beautiful in his or her own way;)}}

About the hyperlinking bit??? Hmmm it compensates the outlook stupidity by like 25% hahah :D

PREETI said...

@techno: u knw abt all of it...u juz feel u dnt...

@ruby: ooohhh..periya varthai..common sense n all... ;)

@busywriter: hehe :)

@confoundedgurl-soon to be mrs.:i hope thr rnt any more tales to tell! ;) atleast in the guy dept :D

@janie wanie: u juz hd to, dint u...?juz HAD to! hehe...man! wat wud i do wit/witout u!? :P

@crazy: well said :)

@prathi:thnx for secondin my dumbest moves :P

Jagannath Chakravarty said...

all ur dumbest and smartest moves are acceptable..except one...SATHYABAMA!...lol...that is freakin funny...i wish and pray u dont go in a km range of that place again! :-D

PREETI said...

@jag: i wish the same ;)

Ok said...

5 guys and still you are getting into an arranged marriage? You are dumb;).


P.S. Kidding;) Super intelligent. Have fun with worthless guys and marry a super rich guy:D

PREETI said...

@ok: qn..wich wud b dumber...5 guyz n jumpin onto #6 prayin hard for him to b mr.rite...?or 5 guyz n jumpin into an arranged marriage knowin tat nw tat im in it, it better work...?

tat confusion is arnd me allllllll the time...wat to do!

n yea, super rich dude soundz super nice...any idea whr i cn find em?

Art said...

Hey I was in DAV and i'm a hot girl. Geez.

Ok I spilt my beanz.

aneri_masi said...

I know I am SUPER late here, but man! this is funny! I just read the rules of Satyabhama on that other blog. Are those for real!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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