Mar 31, 2008

Baby Talk...

There are 2 basic reasons for this post:

1. Baby talk is in the air, or rather talk on babies is in the air. And poor Dolz is bearing the brunt of every Gita, Sita & Rita (Incase your going huh...? It's the Indianized, womanized version of Tom, Dick & Harry) enquiring in hushed tones and dumb charades-ish actions- "Any good news??" So much so that our family prefers not to talk or get too socially involved with anyone other than the 5 of us and ofcourse close friends. That is just sooo much better than having to give 'excuses' like,"Oh, they both are in IT. No time you know" or "Ippo vendanu solranga" or "They are trying, but..." I mean, whatever their reasons are NOT to have a kid right now, it needn't be published in the Mylapore Times, right?

2. All that baby talk made me think of my childhood. I mean,I can't believe Dolz is gonna have a kid!I really feel me and her are still stuck somewhere in between adolescence and adulthood and are still nutty as ever. And here she's gonna have to raise a family..?!?!? And what would that kid call me...chitti, aunty, masi...? Uhm, I think I'd rather have her/him stick to calling me Preeti. It is way cooler, isn't it? Besides, it would be an Ego booster :)

Till I was in the 10th standard, me and her never discussed the B word (B=>Boys). I wouldn't dare breathe a word about the cute guy I had my eyes on. And she used to consider whatever I did or said as "Baccha stuff" ['Baccha stuff' was this ultra-famous phrase used back in our school by all the 'Seniors'] I never called her akka or anything, but I always felt the 4-year difference between us. Once we moved to Chennai, living alone really brought us closer. I've been really mean to her cuz of some a**-hole. I didn't talk to her for a while just cuz 'this guy' told me to (Don't ask me what I was thinking then, I really don't know). She used to cry and ask my friends to get me to talk to her, while I would turn away and cry silently :(

Leaving that silly phase aside, I must say that now me and Dolz are inseparable. She's probably the only one who knows me inside out. We still love watching cartoons together, have these CRAZY names (we both call each other 'buji'. The others are unmentionable) and brawl like maniacs in detention. I can show you nail marks on my right forehand that she gave me last month. I responded with a solid punch on her back :D buhahahaha! My friends have been witness to some extra-violent, true-blue WWF at our place. Hair-pulling, dress-tearing, expletives^infinity et all! But the next second, we'd act like nothing happened! (My mum gets super pissed for this cuz if she tries stopping our fight, we gang up against her instead)

For all that she's been through in life, I'm so, SO glad she's happy and married now to this superlicious guy. And the fact that she's still in Chennai and we still get to do all our silly stuff together is another thing I'm thankful for!

Oh, buj, I know this is all senti, and you and me are never that way, but I must tell you that I couldn't have asked for a better sister. And I don't know what I'd ever do without you. "Buji buji boo, I love you" [to be sung to the tune of the title track (!?) of Scooby doo ;)]


The Techno Maniac said...

Hi Di,

Its has been a long time.. that i get to comment first on ur blog eh?

Well about the baby talk.. i really wonder.. It has been happening all long the times.. when mu uncles were married, they had to get babies by the next year.. it was like a planned thing you know?? ypu get married on one year, and the next year you have a kid.. but thats the old generations.. we have a lot of ppl now thinking otherwise.. they do take their time to get the kid.. and as a matter of fact.. women are so career oriented tht they think of marriage not before 27.. Am seeing all this happening, to one of my respected friends here..

and abt dolz.. i think she is really great person... and you re really luky to hav her as ur sister.. and i m sure she will have the world's cutest baby (with regards to her magnificient personanlity!!)

and yeah... may be you too will have cute kids.. ;) just like you.. well.. thats got to wait for quite some time..

Its not always you get a great sister like yours! so hats off to her as well as to your relationship with Dolz.. and she is also very good to us! so I suppose.. we are lucky too!!!

Way to go babe!


Doll said...

hmmmmmm.......a blog abt me?!!!!!! woweeeeee peeeeeeeetu am overwhelmed......!!!! :)

love u way tooooooooo much........will alwayz do.........

buji boo....i love ya tooooooo ;-)


--xh-- said...

wow, a full blon testi for a great sis :-D if i ever write abt my bro, it will be sumtin like dis..
and teh babay talk.. itz crazy da - itz their life.. why the otehr ppl r so much intrested in poking their nose to their affairs???

Anonymous said...

I get my neice to call me anna, much to the chagrin of my younger cousin sister whom she calls aunty;).

In any case, that was cute.


rsubras said...

hey story completed..awaiting ur comments...btw..didnt read this post as yet..will do

Confounded-Lady said...


I love you too Dolly ...muuaaah :D

SK said...

:--) Sweet
I dont have a sister, but love hearing tales of sisters! :--))

Prathi:-) said...

frankly... i have never been reallly movedddddd by any of ur blogs di... as in.. nthng dt made me get tears in my eyes or smthng... but i reallly got moved wth dis one... i dnt knw... probably coz i have seen u guys both stand up for each other n drive each other mad at the same time... as in... i really knw hw much u guys love each other:) n its damnnn cute:)
moreover... even i was close to my sister... and now her marriage n all... thngs have changed soooo much:) im so gloag u guys r sensible enf not to let stupid silly thngs affect ur bond:)
u guys r d best:)
n dolz???? gosh she is truly an amazing person n deserves all of dis love n much much:)
lov ya babes:)

Keshi said...

aww how nice for ur sis. And u wrote such a loving post for her too. Well done girl!

Babies r so cute...and I so cant get over em whenever I see one!

I wish ur sis all the best!

And u look lovely in that new pic WOW!

btw I just linked ur blog to ur name in my current post..sorry I forgot to do that b4.

*HUGZ* get well soon!


Nirmal's Blog said...

hey nice cute post......

Jagannath Chakravarty said...


Solitaire said...

Awwww. I miss having a sister. :(

rsubras said...

such a cuteee post..... :)

chanceh illeengo........ sweeetness of love appdiye vazhiyuthu intha post la.... very good :)

Meghna said...

Hi preeti,
New here but loved your blog! count me in as a regular reader....loved the slight touch of humor that all your posts have :)
I've nothing to say to this...time passes really soon...and if that kid calls u Preeti...that wld be cool LOL!

PREETI said...

@techno: yaay! ur the first commenter! :)

*women are so career oriented tht they think of marriage not before 27*

im certainly not career minded in the least...!but wudnt mind gettin married lateeee! :)

@doll: yup buji baby...tis allll about u!!! :-*

@xh: seriously man...noooo clue...they'l never ever learn...! n waitin for the testimonial for ur bro :)

@OK: thanx...for me no akka also, juz preeti :D

@rsubras: story read and commented too! :)

@mayth: dolly loves u too! n muah! :)

@sk: sisterz r fun...especially when we rnt fightin ;)

@prathi: im moved to tearz tat i could move someone to tearz! ;) bt yea, we really do stick together thru it all...u missed the fight at janez place the other day... ;)

PREETI said...

@keshi: thnxxxxxx abt the pic :) me really blushy! :") [i wonder when im gna stop!] n i LUVVVVVVV babiez me, me n my sis can never ever EVER get enough of babiez...juz waitin for my own n id smother it with love :) thnx for me linkin me on thr! huggzzzzzz!!! muah!

@nirmal: thnx :)

@jag: :P no commentz for late commenterz :P

@sol: u can have mine...when we fite ;)

@rsubras: nalla vela sweetness dan vazhiyidu ;) thnx! :)

@meghna: u lil 13 yr old! welcome aboard! my pleasure to have u here...keep readin n keep writin :)


Prathi:-) said...

ooh der was another one at janez too???? hehehe :D okie okie;) is thuis blog like an apology for that? ;) p3???? when did u write this blog???? ;)

Arun Sundar said...

Reminded me of those good ol'days with my sis. If I think, it is indeed painful to realize career takes away a lot from one. Anyways, about those "Edhuvum visheshamaa??" asking people, I think of a joke I read a while ago about those elderly people always bugging youngsters:

In a wedding, one elderly woman naughtily told a single guy "Ah! now that Ramesh got married, you are next!!". And the guy replied "Now that Ramesh's paati passed away last month, Can I say you are next?!"

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Awwww, so terribly cute! Having big sisters much be soo much fun! :)
Btw, calling you Preeti would be more of an ego booster for the kid. ;) :P

super cute post! :)

Drenched said...

This is one perfect Awwwwww post! :) Having an elder sister must be so much fun! Maybe someday, I'll kidnap one.

LOL @ Gita, Sita & Rita. :P

Keshi said...

aww :) MWAH!


rantravereflect said...

gita sita n rita!
after bike yesterday, all i can think of is teh margarita;)- bitter n salted, yet strong n different!
babeeeeez are way 2 cute- i only wish sumone else wud bear my kid 4 me- i'll jus rear it, n have kickarse fun with it.. :) geeee
pethu kuduka oru maya
pal kudukathuku orro aya
naan ootee kudupen adhuku muttton paya
easiya valappen haaaaaiya..

i lost 3 cases in a row, i think tatz where the nuts n bolts have loosened in ma system.. :)

baby can call ya buji as well:) tat'd be cute,as it ends the same as masi, chithi, n it dusnt make ya age visible :) geeee

n siblin fytes- my jesus, temme abt it. jeff n me are sumtimes way 2 horrible 2 each other, but yeah, end of the day, we'd be nothing without each other..

heeee :)
lurv ya,
meet ya soon!

PREETI said...

@prathi: yea in the next 15 sec after u left...dolz cried, blah blah :D hehe...n tis isnt an apology...was drafter way before that :D

@arun: yea, seriously...i wish i could juz go n say it those grannies out there...annoyin..itz actually really stressin my sis out n itz sooo sad to see her tat way :(

@busywriter: thnx :) n hw wud it be an ego booster for the kid? :)

@drenched:hehe..thnx :)if u wanna kidnap mine, gimme ur num, il tel u when ;)

@keshi: muah girl! :)

@janie: margaritaaaaa!!! gurl i cnt wait to try it out! :)

n luvdddd ur TR style poemu...superu! :D

luv u diiiii!

Anonymous said...

Great post!!!
I wish to have a sis like you :)

PREETI said...

thnx vidhya! very sweet of u :)

Winds of Change said...

dat wuz realllllllllllyyy shweet!!!...yeah...u guys ARE inseparable...n the crazy stuf...yeah i can really relate to dat considerin jan n me do soo much crap....soooo much fun to hav an elder sis around.....ohhh n the nail bitez....i used to fite with jan sooooooooo much...v literally used to keep bitin each other!....i can spare u the detailz....ahem..v still cont duin the crappy stf....
so FM n BK...u guyz rock!!! n itz sooo much fun to hang out wit u one else can match up to the fun v hav 2 gthr! :)

lotsa luv
u kno who

PREETI said...

@ruby: yup, i knw hw u n janz r...juz like me n dolz...inseparable n yet fite every single minute together!but we younger onez r wayyy cooler rnt we?? ;)

Anonymous said...

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