Mar 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Oh am I happy or am I happy!!??! It's Pp's Birthday! Finally, the day is here :) I've been waitingggg for this day to go on to tell him how super special he is! Though he should be knowing, but yet :)

Check out this lil hunk:

[All you 18 year old girls out there, behold! He's a perfect catch. Certified by ISI, ISO et all ;)]

No matter what I say right now, it wouldn't be enough to let you know what you mean to me. But I'm just gonna wish you an extremely Happy Birthday. This is the millionth time I'm wishing you, but hey, it's your birthday and you can never get enough wishes now, can you?

Just know that you are loved loadz n loadz by this crazy sis of yours. Wanna see you smiling, smiling alllll the time. (With me around, how else would you be huh??) God Bless! Muahhhhh!


--xh-- said...

:-D a very sweet b'day wish... wish him from my part too...

rantravereflect said...

heyyy prakash, :)
YA SIS is always talkin abt ya, n wishin the best 4 ya- may ya be 18 forever, be kickarse, n have sooper fun today!

Ok said...

Shirt => Basics (sports fit)?

I have an identical one.

Drenched said...

Happy Birthday to him! :) 18 is an awesome thing to be. Shower him with gifts. :D

*Sigh* Too bad I'm two years too old for him. :P

Keshi said...


Just 18? LOL! I prefer older men Preeti :):)


PREETI said...

@xh: conveyed...he's touched! :)

@janie: :)

@ok: iv gta find out from him...nt sure!

@drenched: 18 definitely is FUN...bein a bryan adams fan n all, my mantra is 18 till i die! (damn im 24!) 2 yrz older ;)

@keshi: older men huh? juz hw old r u gurl...? ;)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

will a girl, 17, very sweet n decent n always smiling types do? :P :P


p.s-am an arien. he's one too, i guess we shldnt be havin compatiblity probs too. :P :P

PREETI said...

@busygurl: super...all wat i ws lookin for, for him :) we shall discuss over another pvt forum ok? ;)

Winds of Change said...

hey prakash!

hope u hade a blast yest...

keep rockin!!!!!!

Keshi said...

older means men in late 20s or early 30s? ;-)



PREETI said...

ah!late target segment is the same ;) hehe!

Keshi said...

lol @target segment!

r ya by any chance a Marketing student? Cos I learnt those terms during my Marketing course at Uni :)


PREETI said...

i did do my mba...n so iv learnt a bit of marketin n finance n ofcourse HR..tho i majoured in finance...n hence my exposure to those terms too ;)