Jun 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Before I put out my trip-log, I just have to post this wish for one of my BESTEST friends- Janie Wanie! There are like a million names that I've called her through our 7-year friendship (Can you believe it has been 7 whole fucking years..!??) Janie, Johnny Bravo, Panni etc etc, basically anything but her real name Jane!

Through 4 years of engineering and another 2 years of MBA, we've been through every-single-shit of ours together. There were some crazy times when we stopped talking to each other for totally pointless reasons but I always knew deep down that together we were meant to be! Ok, being senti is sooo not us, so I'm cutting this down totally :D

Whether or not I express it (it just wouldn't come out right, however I try), I know for sure that you know what you mean to me. The both of us somehow have that weird connection - we just know it, accept it and don't care to express it. And to me, that's what keeps us going. Love you always and forever - so, so very much di. You truly mean the world to me. And we're gonna make it through tough times ahead together :) Here's wishing you a super Happy Birthday and an awesomely, absofuckinglutely (quoting you!) kick-ass life ahead. Muahhhh!!!

P.S: This post hasn't done even 1% justice to what you mean to me, Jane. There are way too many things to mention if details are to be given. I could go on (pretty much) forever on this!


Prathi:-) said...

janey's bday????? :) ooh gosh:) happy bday janey waney:)
p3... i mgt jus steal ur idea and post a blog myself a special tribute to the kindred spirits i knw... but not the bday wish alone... but in general abt them:) and hwt they mean to me:)
nwz... janey is the bestest of all best frnds we cud ever ask for... :) i love her too:)
and she is one of the most imp pillars of our sexceesix;) the lady came out wth the name;)
nwz... happy bday di:) love u:))))
hope all ur dreams cm true:)

Scribblers Inc said...

happy jane, happy you...
"Lets make a better place, for you and me..."

Long live great friendships et all...blog roll it is for you...thanks for stopping by...
Scribblers Inc.

--xh-- said...

happy b'dat to ur jenny.. missed partying @ blr though..

kumar said...

p3 convey my happy bday wishes to jane

Keshi said...

Happy Bday to ur friend!:)


Arv said...

Happy Birthday to your friend!!!

Some friendships are really special, glad to see that you have someone from that class.

Take care... have a nice day... Cheers...

Ketan said...

Appy Budday to your phrend!

The Techno Maniac said...


As I have mentioned somewhere in my blog, "I've learned that all a person has in life is family and friends. If you lose those, you have nothing, so friends are to be treasured more than anything else in the world"

And with respect to the friendship you share with her, I ve been a spectator, though you girls fite or argue like crazy, end of the day(s), you re like a pair of eels, always together. I was urprised at the intensity of passion you girls have for each other.. You re lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you and both of you together drives the othesr around you gurlz nuts! i suppose its not sufficient that you two are the biggest nutz ever!

I ve also realized that you both can never be far from each other, whilst diging up some instances of the past.. I just wish that the friendship you gurlz share should (and will) go on for ever..

Happy Bday Jaaney/Jan! Love ya.. be good..


rantravereflect said...

it was my budday!! n it was like absofuckulutingly awesum woman!!

n thank yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!1
i loveddd al of it!! like totalllly!
n i'm gonna do a post on it, when i get all the pics together!!!
i meannnnnnn heeeeeeeeeeee, today, i totally didnt expect it, n it was friggggging goooooddd.

i mean teh last time, it was my mock budday in mainlan jus for the cake ;) n tis time, ryte above mainland, in sigreee, it was my real one.. i'm soooo frigggyn fuknnnn gladddd.. totalllly!!!

n deeeee
ya're the bestest!! i mean i've never myself seen too repelling poles liek us attract each other bettta!!
we dun express us,, we keep it under wraps, but tat fire we share, it's neva gonna die, n we'll keep it tat way..

n dee, one of these days, lezz get drunk on tat ;);)

ya n dolll are liek my sisters form another mother n i really believ tat.

heeee thanks a tonnnn babeyyyy.. for being there with me on my dayyyyyy..heeee.. love ya ssoooo muchhhhhh

ruby-->woman shalli dig ya nose?? ;););) love ya galllll... love ya sooo much i'll eat ya scum;)

yehhh, i know how much ya love preeti n me n prathi n ruby.. sometimes i wonder how ya cud put up with all of us nutsssssssss, n at others, i just consider ya one among us 'girls'
heeee now is tat y ya growing ya pony -tail?????;););)

mwuahhhh to all of ya..
n part 3 of birthday is tomp- ya guys be there.. n loveee ya llll

Preeti said...


That's so sweet of all of u to share my happiness on her birthday!

And the woman has spoken just above this...Thanx from her too! :)

ani said...

wish u many many happy returns of the day jane.. hope u had a blast.. take care :)

V said...

wow, preeti... you really go out of the way to wish someone on their birthday... and i wouldn't even remember a friend's birthday until he/she told me about it... i guess, we need both people like you and me to make sure the scale doesn't tip.

SK said...

Happy Budday to your friend :--)
Nice to see so much comraderie among girls :--))

Okie Dokie said...

Ya ya.. so she was born. Big deal;)

(Nasty mood)


The Mahathma said...

ok stop crying now !

Aleta said...

Well, I don't know your friend, but I wish her a happy birthday and good wishes for your continued friendship.

One of my friends I've known for 30 years. Those types of friendships are rare to come by, to last so long and to be so accepting of one another. Cherish it and allow it to thrive for years and years to come!

The Mahathma said...

construction completed

adithya said...

belated wishes to her but i want trip post!! :|

Winds of Change said...


hey ammu!!!!!! HOPE U HAD A FANTASTIC BIRTH'WEEK' and not Jus BDAY...reason being v hav been celebratin it for the past 3-4 days...hehehehe!!!! hope u wer really truely surprised at SOME point.....u jus mean soooo much to us....luv u loadz....

lotsa luv

Preeti said...

@V: I'm extremely extremely senti about birthdays (and friends) and I get even more excited than the person whose birthday it is, most of the times! :D And I'm also equally particular that people remember my birthday ;)

@Okie: Hahahahahaha! Pardoned on account of nasty mood ;)

@Mahathma: I wasnt cryin! Honest! :D

@Aleta: Thanx a million...True friendships r really rare and im really glad to have found my share of them :)

@Wolfie: Iniki...for SURE!!


Hugs! :)

Keshi said...

wuts wrong Preetz?



Preeti said...

@Keshi: I'm good kesh! *Hugs*