Apr 24, 2008

Tag-athon! Cause: Run (the memory cells) to aid eternal-preservation of Memories.

Tagged by OK. He used his space to pen down memories for him to remember but after Drenched's slight persuasion and Payal-Rohtagi as bribe, this has been made a tag. And I decided to get down to the task asap, because my other post doesn't seem to be shaping up the way I want it. Besides, I'm using this as an exercise to try and remember because, as I've mentioned earlier, I've got bad memory. Anywayz, here goes:

1. Everyday when Dolly used to go to school (and I didn't cuz I was 1/2/3), I used to 'bid farewell' by wailing by the lift and begging my mum to let me go to school with her. After much convincing, I used to shut up and get in and I'd wear my sister's uniform and wait for her to come back.

2. The day I joined school. I was 3. This I remember not from the event itself, but mostly from what my sister told me. I didn't know which bus I had to get into to get back home. My Class teacher was in my bus and had told me to follow her. I guess I was too busy gazing at the other nutty kids around that I followed some other teacher and got into another bus. The buses weren't starting and there seemed to be a mini-commotion outside. That's when someone came in and asked if there was anyone called Preeti Ramachandran from Prep. I stood up and when I got out, there was Dolly, all crying big-time because she thought I was lost! (Now she regrets having looked out for me)

3. I used to wanna celebrate my birthday every-single-day of the year. I remember it clearlyyyy. Dad would be standing by the bathroom mirror, shaving, and I would be standing outside the door asking him if I could wear 'colour-dress' to school and take 'chocolates' to give everyone. And he'd say No, every-single-time. Associated memory: I'd celebrate my birthday 3 times a year. Schools in Bahrain would close down for summer vacations during July and August, the hottest months there. My birthday is in July and since it's holiday time, I would do the colourdress-chocolate-party routine in June itself, before I go on vacation. And then, I'd have another party with relatives in India. And the third would be on Dolly's birthday. Really.Every year (till I was 7) I used to get a new dress and my own (smaller) cake for her birthday. Most of my friends thought my birthday it was July 16th (Even me, for a long while :-/ cuz mine is July 11th and Dolz's is Nov 16th and I was just too confused!)

4. My Barbie House: Dad got it when he had gone for a trip somewhere (Uhm, yea, I don't remember where). It was this 3 story house which even had a lift! Well, not an automated one or anything, but it had a thread attached and we could pull it up and down. It had 8 rooms, fully furnished with bed, dressing table, bath-tub and all.

5. There was this kid named Adithya who used to be my neighbour. He was the youngest in the building, after Mayth moved out, and we used to bully him like crazy. I remember playing Monopoly and we used to steal all his money and make him lose everytime. But he used to pretty much adore/dote-on me. Inspite of all that jesting and jousting, he used to write me cute, cute Sorry notes with "I love you, Preeti" written on it and slip it under my door. (Don't even THINK otherwise, he is 6 years younger => total kid) And I used to melt all over.

6. My own sorry notes. I have this habit of writing people notes or letters when I'm angry or sorry, especially to my Dad. I've written sooo many "I hate you Daddy" notes and magnet-ed them on the refrigerator, a strategic location cuz it would be the first thing he'd see when he enters home! He used to pretty much ROFL at it, minus the ROF part and that used to BUG me BIGTIME. And then he'd tickle me till I didn't have a choice but to laugh.

7. I used to write stuff and send them through to magazines. Everyday after getting back from school, I'd start writing. Then I'd put it an envelope, write the address and keep it silently into my dad's briefcase. He'd find it the next morning and laugh, but he used to post them (atleast so I'm assuming). I've had quite a few articles published in the Indian magazine 'Gokulam'. I guess they did put mine cuz it probably would show their far-and-wide reach of their magazine, but yet it made happyyyyy to see it published. I had written a Gokulam rap, a store "All for my stone" etc etc.

8. Once on Channel 55, there was this program on animals and that episode was on chimpanzees and orangutans. At the end of the program, they gave an address for people to write into incase they would like to 'adopt' a chimp. It was obviously for people in the US but I still wrote a letter to them! I don't even know if my Dad sent it.

9. I had an imaginary friend called 'Atta'. Ok, this is realllyyyy embarassing :-/ Apparently, I used to keep talking about Atta alllll the time. Like Atta and me played this, Atta said this and so on.

10. When I was in my 1st standard, there were these 2 boys- Harpal and Jaspal, who used to call me everyday sharp at 6 pm and play the piano for 1 hour. My mum still reminds me of my 'boyfriends'.

11. I won the 1st place in the Memory test in 3rd standard. We had to walk once around a room in which there was a long table with 60 items. We had to then get out and write down whatever we remembered. I wrote 58/60. This guy, Adil, copied it all from me. My teacher knew he did but she didn't want to point him out. He got second place.

12. Me and Dolly used to call ourselves the 'Cross Sisters', no clue why. We'd pose in front of the mirror with our hands and legs all crossed up like idiots.

13. I remember this 4-wheel cycle that me and Dolz had. She used to ride it (most of the time) inside the house on the carpet. That was the only cycle we EVER drove.

14. Dad was very strict about girls playing on the road and stuff. So me and Dolz never used to go down and play inspite of alllllllllll our friends playing. We used to sit inside and play Scrabble, Uno, Mastermind etc. Mum used to feel sad for us and she'd let us go down (all the other kids would begggg her) ONLY if we didn't tell Dad she let us (I am a blabber-mouth by birth, you see). Dad had a white car and more than enjoying our play, we would constantly keep looking down the road for any white car that happened to pass. And if we spotted one, we'd rush up 3 floors in a hurry and jump into our rooms.

15. I had a black-board and I would 'teach' all my 'students' as I studied. I loved chalks and Dad used to get me alll colours and I'd preserve them.

16. We used to jump outta the bus with our bags in the front and beat on it screaming "Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder CATS!" from our favorite cartoon.

17. On our Chennai trips, my great grandmother used to always give us Poppins. She had this Butter Cookies dabba that we had given her once and she kept her Poppins in that, along with her medicines. It was always sooo special.

18. My thatha used to buy us these kutti, colourful rasagollas and round bubblegum when he gets back from his walking trips with his friend Dar-bur chittapa (Christened so because of his sleep-fartness). I miss him sooo much :(

19. Fridays meant Calling-India-day. And every time, Mum and Dad would talk to all my relatives and then pass the phone to me and Dolly. Our Tamil wasn't great and we used to be sooo shy to ask "Epdi irukeenga" (How are you). We would awake early and remain in bed practicing how to say it right. But we'd always end up asking "Ammamma, how are you?" and she'd laugh.

20. I used to love it when Dad used to drop me at the bus-stop. It was just across the road but on Thursday mornings when he had an off, he would drop us. Dolly used to find it a lil embarassing cuz she was older and all, but I used to get outta the car like I was a Queen, all-smiling and showing off (for God knows what reason).

I've written more than I thought I would. I could go on but this would do.


The Techno Maniac said...

WOW.. You loved school?? Thats seriously news.. I know you hated college.. esp MBA other than your friends.. which made you come to college once in a way..

You got lost? Impossible I say!

Your birthday.. my god.. thats one big day you look forward to ryte? It is always grand day and your friends (includes me as well) paint the town red! So much calls.. so many events, so many dresses.. a new surprise.. i actually have run out of ideas to celebrate ur bday.. speaking of which.. i will not be able to make it to your bday this time on time.. its on a friday!

I did not get to see ur barbie house.. but i remmeber a pic ur dad showed (which u did not want to..) need more explanations??

I was wondering how u used to win in monoply.. ipo than purinjidhu.. oru kozhandai ya emathi jaipiya nee? i was so proud of u before i knew this..

U used to write to gokulum? Another piece of new info..

memory test.. food items thana?? ;)

cross sisters?? i think u r still cross!!

auto lendhu when you get down.. romba thimira than erungura.. athula no change.. ;)

evan unkita matikaporano!

You Know Who!

PS - I am the first to comment again.. I hope!!!

--xh-- said...

ha ha ha.. birthday all along the year.. cross sisters.. and getting 'lost' in teh school bus..
u liekd thundercats? greta.. me too :-D

poppins.. love them..

it alwys feels nice to go back to the memory lane, rt?

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice! but, you are schizophrenic ah?? :p

OK said...

Awww that was sooo cuteeee! If I screech any more I might as well be a girl.

You and your sister are a pair:). My favorite is 8! And that cross sisters was also funny.

And good question wolf. You had some issues as a kid? Usually, the imaginary kid 'Atta' will turn out to be a murdered spirit.


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Awww, this had me majorly gripped! hehe, really cute and sweet and fulllll of nostalgia! :) some of the stuff you've done is so terribly cute, am tellin you, they should be made classic-examples-for-the-criteria-for-cuteness (okay, if you got that, pat yourself on your back! ;))
and damn, i used to LOVE those barbie houses, full 'fantasising' bout how it'd be if i were babie and that was my house. lol.

anyway, damn interesting post. :)
cheeeers! :D

Meenu said...

Hey this is the 1st time i am reading your blog happened to read through XH- bikers blog !:)

a lovely tag - 1stly down the memory line s sweet exp... :)
then about ur bad memory ???
i doubt .. seems to be great mmemory ..esp with 58/60:) 1st mark ...
and ur poppins , bdays and cross sis !:)
lovely to imagine ... well about piano :) great ......
and that dad dropping in car ! :) he he loved the tag .. good !

ll read rest of the post soon ..

Drenched said...

How cute!! I loved the sister stories! :) I want a sister too! Waaaaaaa!! Okay, no drama at 2 am. :P

And so, counting Harpal and Jaspal, your XB count is seven now. Lucky seven. Hehehe. :D

Can I be invited to all 4-5 bday celebrations of yours? I promise I will brings gifts. Pwease? Pwetty pwease? With Poppins on top? :D

@OK and Grawolf: Shut up, fools. Every kid has an imaginary friend. I had one too. (No, I am not revealing the name.) You guys must be really dumb since the beginning itself. No imaginary friends! Tch, tch! Sad life.
*grins at Preeti*

Anonymous said...

@drenched: Nutcase! You screwed up big time. The last time I mentioned something about that thing, my head was bitten off!

Inspite of the fact that your head is not as good looking or intelligent as mine, its still a head that I will miss:(.

I suggest you destroy all traces of your existence and run away to


Vrij said...

Ah.. lovely list here.. seems to be totally from the heart.

Arun Sundar said...

You indeed have a great memory I say(and that started way bk from 3th std, eh?!). I sort of liked this guy 'Adil' - pretty smart of him to copy in a competition that way! Poppins memories were cute too. Reminded me of my 'Bourbon' thaatha. Overall, very well written. kudos.

wickedtaurus said...

such cute flashbacks. :)
those daddy notes were adorable.

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

20 or so memories..Good..I remember just the tayir saadham and potato chips from my childhood.Well tat is all there is to mine i guess...even now :) ...

That Bday "bit" was nice..sweet.

PREETI said...

@Maniac: I forgot to mention that once i actually 'started' goin to school, i stopped likin it! :D hehe...My birthday :) Who knows its importance more than u guyz!

" i will not be able to make it to your bday this time on time.. its on a friday!"

Mavane nee varla, unaku iruku!

And u dint know i write in Gokulam??OOps, i mean i HAD written???Oh.. :-/

Evan matina enaku enna ;) Adu avan thalala ezhuthu...

Drenched said...

@OK: You haven't got it yet? I only made fun of you cos it's good to do so to idiots like you. *smirks*
And my head is very intelligent and pretty too, ok? Plus, it's way more rare and precious than yours! It contains a sardar brain that's actually used. Hmph.

As for running to someplace, if it's the someplace someplace, I swear I'll drag you along and leave you in a such an area where you'll be so terrorised that you'll put your head in pillow and weep.

PREETI said...

@xh: Awesome to go down to memory lane, but strictly <10-12 yrs...After that it gets all crappy :D Thunder cats rocks ritE?

@Gradwolf: Plz refer to Drenched's comment below.

@OK-ini: Hahaha! I heard ur screech here ;) Yea, me and my sis had and have a lotta crazy moments together :) And kindly refer reply to Gradwolf for an answer to your question.

@Busygurl: *Blushing , blushing,blushing* Thanx!! :) And plz do the tag ok???I'd like to know what u did when u wr littler :D

@meenu: Welcome here lady!My memory stores the weirdest of stuff sometimes :)

@Drenched: First, I am eternally grateful for ur support. But, I doubt 2 retarded individuals (aka Gradnut and OK-ini) would get the implication of ur messages, wat with the slightly weak upper chamber and all..But anywayz, yea including Harpal and Jaspal, there r 7..I cnt belive i missed them out ;) Btw, ignore OK's warning...And u r definitely invited to ALL of my birthdays...Gift or no gift, ur presence is much solicited ;)

@OK again: Shutup! :P Oh, oh WAIT! Now I know y ur being THIS silly, u don't have ur head on ur shoulders!!!

To the World: I'm to thank for the above miracle :P

PREETI said...

@Vrij: Yup, totallllyyy from the heart :)

@Anna: Thanx :) U like Adil??? He was actually a very cute kid,chubby red cheeks and all...But he used to dig his nose a lot... :D

@Wickedtaurus: Thanx :) Btw, universal question, do u blog???

@Superficial: Thyr sadam and chips huh? If we get down to food memories, id have a million! :D

@Drenched again: U go gurl!

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey tat was a sweet one,....

good memory i guess...

i really admire ur mom as my mom never reminds me of my gfs....i have to keep accont of all those..lolss

The Techno Maniac said...

Athana pathen.. preeti kum padikara edathukum samandhamey illeya nu yosichen.. btw.. how did you get very high marks when you dont attend school or study? bit adichi pass paniniya? ponungla ellam check pana matanga exam la.. apadi thana thapichey nee? ipo matiney di ni..

abt ur bday.. comedy pannatha preeti.. u d be so busy.. that you wont note my absence.. and i can resolve that issue with you on the next day.. :) i have better ideas this time :) we will have one more party.. so u get two birthday cakes.. you wont complain now. i suppose?? :)

Yeah.. i did not know you wrote to gokulam.. thats not new aint it.. as i always tell you.. there are so many things that keep happening that we may miss some thing here and there.. after all.. our preeti is a celeb!!


PS- I am no more a maniac.. mellowed dowm to a centaur.. if you had not noticed.. my new blog title (tho the web address remains the same.. )


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

:O whoa, now that's gonna be hard.. lets see though. :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Dar-bur chittapa, chancey illa!! lol!! :D

Confounded-Lady said...

How ever I try to comment first there are always 20 before me
* straight face*

I just realised that our posts will be very similar on the note that we shared some common history. In the Umm-al-hassam building.

I sooo rememebr that pink barbie doll house you had in your room..the one with 2 storeys and the string elevator. This I would have described even if YOU didnt :D I was so goddamn jealous therima?

I rem the Gokular rap to..
Gokulam something someting for all ages, something something with 96 pages :D
I had the edition at home for a long time. :)

I loved this post! >:D<
I m sooooo gonna do mine now :D

(I think :|)

Peace :)

Sutta said...

Sharp Memory. :-/

wickedtaurus said...

not so universal answer: i don't run a blog. :) maybe when i finish my sophomore year in school. you keep 'em coming! :)

SK said...

OMG! OK started it and everyone seems to be on a super roll!! :--))
You had a Barbie house?!! I didnt own any dolls, and I didnt mind either.

rsubras said...

Cute..Preeto :) The way you have written...athu than actually the buzz thing in ur blog.... the peppy manner...u induce the same mood with which u write into the readers :)

>>I had an imaginary friend called 'Atta'. Ok, this is realllyyyy embarassing :-/ Apparently, I used to keep talking about Atta alllll the time. Like Atta and me played this, Atta said this and so on.

Tell us more about it pa... have heard couple of ppl also telling this... having imaginary friends.... are those in the lines of Calvin and Hobbes??? :)

narendra shenoy said...

Very nice. may I pop out another tiresome ditty? This one is deeper than the usual twaddle, though.

They come back to me in waves.
Sometimes when I bathes.
Sometimes when I shaves.
Often they're emotional
But end up sounding flat and contrived
To draw a parallel to things educational
Like a formula that's been fraudulently derived
I wish I could infuse them with the spirit
And the joie de vivre that Preeti does
But being a compulsive wisecracker is a demerit
So I'll can them for now, and buzz

narendra shenoy said...

On an unrelated note:
Whether a person possesses joie de vivre
Depends upon the state of his liver.

Keshi said...

aww a very sweet nostalgic post. Brought bak memories of my day and my school days too..they'll never die Preeti.



PREETI said...

@Nirmal: Oh, my mom wouldn't keep account and all, this was when i was wayyy younger tatz y shez ok ;)

@Maniac: Whatever u change ur name too, the maniac in u (and that we know) cannot change so...shhh! :P

@Busygurl: Give it a shot :)

@CC: Hehe :) He's 97 and still living upto his name! ;)

@Mayth: And i really wished u wr the first to comment here cuz u wud be the one (after dolz) who would relate most to it! Anywayz, it's ok :) And I SWEAR, i've been tryin and tryin to think of the lines i had written for that rap...and i couldnt! But u remembered!!!!! :) :) :) :) THANXXXX!!!! LOVEEE UU!!!

@sutta: Not realllyyyy :)

@wicked: I will..but u don't??? Get outta tat school asap!!!

@sk: Yea, I loved my barbie house! And I've no qualms accepting it :)

@rsubras: Thanxxx :) :) :) :) :) ur wayyy toooo kind! :) And hey, more about Atta, coming up soon ;)

@Shenoy-ji: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! U totalllyyy ROCK, dude! :D and yea, thanx! :)

@Keshi: They certainly will never die..Amen to that! Hugs :)


Winds of Change said...

yeah...as sati tld...i hated skool tooooooooooo!!!!!!!
cant bear those memoriez.....
luvd college!

nice one...

u kno who

The Maverick Blog said...

//I had a black-board and I would 'teach' all my 'students' as I studied. //

So nostalgic!!! :)

rantravereflect said...

tat was darnnnn cute bebo :)

wearin dolls uniform and waitin 4 er 2 cum- wowwwww, tatz so darn cute.. ya'd 've probably been like the vodafone pug followin doll..

dollz cried cos se cudn'nt find ya- buji booooo :(:(:(

man i can almost see all at innocence woozin out :)

double trouble ya gurls wud've been- two cakes on ya b'day- ya're w.a.c.k.o-

i used 2 lurvvvvvvvvvv wearin the color dress- in te gulf it was a huge thing ryte- geee chocolates n te dress- n te bday song... :)

we used to play uno like mad, n also those 1000 piece puzzles, n i used to play cricket!!!!

deeeeeeee, ya make me miss school, n oman n ma school, n ma crushes there, n teh sohar cips, n te pt uniform, n the cocoa n the school assemblies..
alllll of it :)

thunder cats thunder cats- heeeeeeeeeeeeee- i can imagine ya runnin out tat way- tat too in a long yellow tee and purple tights ;););)

geeee.. zoze were the besht days of our life..
love ya peeto bebo :)

rantravereflect said...

n i must love ya very much, cos i'm commentyn wen we sooperkings're playin the royal challen'arses' frm blore!!!!

mwuahhhhhhhhh.. :*

if we win, yehhhhhh my commentin on ya post is a lucky mascot- we've lost four wickets, i think in te span tat i've commented!!!!

if we lose, hell sorry, i've no clever lines- i'm gonna watch the match!!!

PREETI said...

@Ruby: :P No replies for late comments :P Btw, yes i care and yes, i love u :P

@Maverick: Et tu...?!??

@Janie: Hahaha! I rreally was like the vodafone pug arond dolly...hey, im no different now too :D ;) and yea! Chennai won! Superrrr huh?!>!?? LOVE u! :D

Confounded-Lady said...

Yeah how ever I try to read your post first...I find 20 ahead of me.
Crap..this is like assignment submission in Emec class :P

PREETI said...

@Mayth: HAHAHAHAH! Submission :P Btw, sms option ok..?!? :D

The Maverick Blog said...

@ Preeti

Nah.. My sister used to do and she used to pester me to buy her chalk pieces and crayons for the same :)

Anonymous said...

I have heard all these 20 points so many times from you....Im sure these stories are going to stay with me somewhere always....

points #3 and #14 are my fav n heard so many times, in exactly the same way..almost same words after soo many years :)

unfortunately i wont be able to come to this site again, but my best wishes are always with four of you...

you are a lovely person...


PREETI said...

@Anon: I know who u r..but why wont u come here again...?It's just my blog page nah? I know u must have heard this stuff from me like a million times...I guess I've bored u with it even when u dint wanna listen to it :)