Apr 18, 2008

Funny takes on the IPL

Heyloo! For the first time, I'm gonna be putting up some funny stuff I found. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. Please click on the image for better readability.


kumar said...

hey P3,gr8 stuff dudette..tattoo,thalaivar now cricket wat next ........i guess am 1st this time

Anonymous said...

haha. hilarious! did you check out the IPL ad? Worstu it was! Semma mokkai.

PREETI said...

@Kumar: Yup, ur first! :) What's next, wait and see! :D

@Gradwolf: Totally agree!Mokkai-yo mokkai! Trust me, the sport is going to the stars! And I don't mean it in the good way! ;)

The Techno Maniac said...

for a change.. this is the best blog of urs.. was laughing like a maniac..

good one!


--xh-- said...

:-D hilarious... saw this btw a web conf and was controlling hard to make myself not to laugh... :P

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

Hilarious..Actually it was on the lines of our "talaivar Krish Ashok" style of humour..IPL should have actually been called Indian Publicity league or some thing..so much Hype..Hoping atleast the cheer girls will make the time worthwhile and live upto the "expectations" :P

V said...

Memo Boost was kickass! and looks like Kumble is picking his nose.

rsubras said...

Actually really funny stuff.... Where did u get 'em??

Had a nice time with these :)

Arun Sundar said...

Indeed funny. I exclaim
"En thangachi padichava!"

Drenched said...

Hahahaha! I loved that David Beckham being favourite batsman bit. And that Yuvraj Singh one...linked to every female! Hahaha! :D

I preferred the ICL ads. They just promoted their own team in a hilarious manner (I loved the Delhi Jets and Chennai Superstars ones)...but these IPL ads are just showing it in the wrong manner - a Bong woman gets a some-other-team-supporter guy slapped in the elevator because he supports another team, a Surd kid doesn't give seat to an oldie because the oldie supports Rajasthan? This is so bleh.

(Did you notice my new word obsession, by the way? :P)

wickedtaurus said...

lol stuff! vvs laxman and smash the bappi tapes was so silly yet had me in giggles.learn teri-ma-ki in tamil in 3 days would do some good too. ;)

Prathi:-) said...

hehehe :D u sent this to us alrdy diiii!!!!!!!! u shud have made su read ur blog... im sure i'll give it better comments... but jus so u knw... i have fwded this to all the ppl in my office:) really hilarious ones di:)

Keshi said...

funny indeedz LOL!


Raghav said...


that ford car ad is awesome!

and that harbhajan singh stuff too.

where'd you get all that?

narendra shenoy said...

All of them are awesome! A first class evil mind at work! Laughed so hard I had to check if my ass was still there. It was, but only just!

PREETI said...

@Satti: Thanx...I think!Btw, were u laughin lik a technomaniac...??? buhahahahahaha!! :D

@xh: I had mailed it to u too! :D

@Superficial: Yea, really on the lines of KA...Did the cheerleaders manage to entice u??? :)

@V: Yea! Though I realllyyy think Kumble is super-cute(Now, dont get judgmental, i watch cricket for the GAME and not for the cute ones, but with kumble, blame it on the hormones!)

@rsubras: Got it as a forward thru mail from a friend da :)

@Drenched: It all is certainly so so 'bleh' girl :D n yea ICL is sooooo way beter than this!

@Wicked: I LOVED the VVS laxman bit too...was lolling totally!

@PRathi: I know di, decided to put it up after i sent it! Dayum! :D

@Keshi: :)

@Raghav: Hehe yea, the ford one...Wish i could say i made em, but got this as an email forward :)

@Shenoy: SO, the ass is safe huh?tatz good news, dude! ;)

OK said...

I did read this. I dint like them. I am a huge fan of UV. So I dint comment;)


cva said...

That was hillarious.
I am already thinking of email IDs to which I want to send these Ads. SPAM them :-)

Yuvi's performance relaibility was cool.

Best of all was the Under-3 tournament.

I am afraid, too much cricket is going to kill the interest. Expect satuartion very soon :-(

PREETI said...

@OK: OHO! :)

@Cva: Yea, i reallly loved tat under-3 one too! I'm the indirect cause of spammin...??! :-/ ;)

Vrij said...

Superb stuff!
Hats off to the folks who came up with these..

PREETI said...

@Vrij: Totallyyy rite??? I really wonder who made em!

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

Nope..The cheer gilrs didnt quite come on screen for long enough :(

The T20 world Cup was far better..It seems like the SetMax cameraman has particaulr liking to SRK and Karan Johar..Like after every ball,the camera would zoom in SRK cheering his team on..I felt like saying "Cricket is GentleMAN's Game".For God's sake,Atleast show the replay or the cheer girls instead of the dancing peacock SRK..Poor me :(

Nirmal's Blog said...

he he...tat was fun

The Maverick Blog said...

I simply loved the Laxman's bit.... It was hilarious!

CM-Chap said...

Ha ha... Fabulous...

Under3, Yuvraj are the best

PREETI said...

@Superficial: Oh temme abt it! More than the match i guess i got to see SRK more...and to top it all, icant stand tat guy for nuts...So much for cricket!!!

@Nirmal: :)

@Maverick & cm-chap: Yea, me too!

Winds of Change said...

hahahahahahahahahahha....dat wuz realllllllyyyy funny....esp the preity zinta one n the premture league!!!!!!

GUD ONE!!!!!!

lotsa luv
u kno who

ravikant said...

"Is it that hard to come up with original names for teams..." - Hahah! Very true. Sad. But true :)

Drenched said...

New tenplate! Me likey muchos!!! :D :D :D

BTW, I don't believe Snow White was so goody. :P

Prathi:-) said...

p333.... this comment is not abt ur blog.. its abt the UI;) the template is ssssuperrr sexy... i swearrrrrr.... its jus way tooo gudd:) if u cud have got aurora in that pic im sure it wud ahve been more ideal tho;) but the one u have now isss trulllyyy super.. esp.. dt here i am is jus tooooo cute di... nice color combo n all:) lovely:) this is a spl super job comment to the person who has done this for u:)

PREETI said...

@Ruby: Appa! ;)

@Ravikant: Yup, totally, sad but true...

@Drenched: Template u likey??? :) Fank you!!! :") Maybe tatz y shez on my blog..?

@Prathi: Thnx di...Anoo, tis's for u...!

PREETI said...

Oops! I missed out "Anna" Arun in the list: "Thangachi padichava"..??? Naa BE, MBA nu solarche unaku padichava nu teriyama, inda post pathu dan terinjida??? :D

rantravereflect said...

awesommmm stuff..

i pee? oh!
haaaa tatz wat cricketers say wen they give their balls and their pads a massage, it's a secret- they have pee absorbent pads- wen they wanna peefor emergency, they jus gotta press/scratch/massage, their pee comes out n gets stored in the pads- tatz how
I PEE? OH!! was born!!!
i split my speen reading this!

awesume tat ya got it put ryte here:)


loved 'what's in a name!!!
i'd call them kolkatta roshagulas (pronounced tat way)

i know the answer..

but sumone frm chennai
gotta make an entire comic book on shahrukh-kolkatta knightriders!!!!!

hilarious stuff babeeeee
keeep it up :)
loved 'em
loveee ya:)

PREETI said...

@Janie: Hilarious rite? No spoofs on SRK...For all u knw, he mustv paid them to shut up...And maybe i cud make em up, cnsiderin my ever-increasing hatred for him...Wat say...???Love u tooooo di!