Apr 28, 2008

Silver Screen Debut...

So I had a pretty okay weekend. The usual Saturday-with-friends and Sunday-with-family routine. But this Saturday, in order to take out our pent-up frustrations (against ourselves) on ourselves, we decided to try self-torture techniques. This was suggested by, none other than, my adorable sister. And we actually agreed. We watched a movie called Tashan. Starring: Akki-bhaiya, Style bhai Anil, Slinky Chinky Saif and Size 0 Kareen-o.

Oh, I must tell you, this post is less of a critical review and more of an "Issued in the best interest of the public" warning.

Ok, so to start, I'm going to attempt 'classifying' the movie genre-wise. Is it a comedy...? Not even close, unless you find the usual Bhai-ised English funny. Is it an action movie? Not if you call the usual barn-blowing-up in the climax and hero-escaping-unscathed-with-heroine as 'solid-action' Is it a lou-story? Uhm, maybe, everybody seems to be in love with everybody. Saif loves Kareena loves Akshay loves Kareena who is also loved by Anil. Is it a tragedy movie? Oh yes, yes, YES! For the audience.And Yash Raj films. Is it an educational movie? Maybe, they teach you how not to speak Englees.

Ok, attempt failed. Next let me try and find a basic point to the entire story (from whatever little I did understand from whenever I was awake)

Attempt#1: Do not steal from the Bhai-log. Or you'd have to face his red-haired wrath
Attempt#2: Do not trust a (flat-chested) woman just because she wears revealing clothes
Attempt#3: Englees hamara Universal language nahi is.
Attempt#4: Never trust the one you love. Worse, never trust the one who loves you. She just may end up being the bad guy's childhood love.
Attempt#5: .........................

Ok, failure again. Forget it, guess I'd get into narrative-mode. Starting now.

Scene 1: Random car down a deserted desert. Hollywood-ish look. From the car emanates, alternatingly, some English song and Kabhi-kabhi-mere-dil-mein. The car swerves this way and that and finally catapults off the mountain and *splash* into water. Next shot: Saif. He bubbles something under-water about how he should've listened to his mother about something and blah blah and suddenly a gun is pointed at his head.

Flash-back time. Saif is, keeping with the current times, a BPO-guyand a part-time English tutor. Enter heroine: Wet-in-the rain plus padded-bra minus the pads Kareena. Love at first sight. She approaches him and says she needs his tutoring help but it would have to be home-tutoring. Would he refuse the offer?? Never! Duet song by the waterfall beckons, afterall! Unfortunately, he discovers it isn't she who requires the tutoring but her Boss, aka, Anil dada. He has 2 pachyderm-look-alike assistants, you know, the dumb, trained to kill types, who add that extra humour (?) element.

All is well until suddenly one day, Anil lashes out at Kareena for some unknown, mysterious reason and she runs away crying. Saif, all angry and protective, asks her to leave her job and "mujshe shaadi karlo" dialogues follow. But she refuses, because she is bound to work under him as it was her "pitaji's karz". Master plot: They decide to steal money (Kareena receives the 'money bags' containing crores from Anil's 'Clients') from Anil, run away and live happily ever after. So now, Saif realizes he needs to apply for 'leave' from office because he's 'running away' (!) and so he goes leaving her alone at his place. As expected, he comes back to an empty room.

Scene change: Salwar-clad desi girl becomes Bikini-sporting babe and she warns noone in particular "Don't look at me like that baby". There's really not much of her to look-at unless bared ribs are an attraction. Anyway, this is the right time for the entry of Main Hero: 'Akki' Bhai. He's the bred-on-violence-Dada-doting Associate Baddie. His mission: To search hither and tither for the 2 perpetrators and kill them. Wish that was the way the movie ended, but nope.

Akki 'interrogates' Saif but to no avail. That's when Saif realizes,"She would have gone to Hardiwar to lay to rest her father's asthi". And the journey begins. It's too boring to even get into details. Lemme gist it out. So they find her and threaten her to give the money and all that. But she's one helluva clever woman ok? She's hidden the money in different locations all over India!!And so the journey continues. In the midst of all this, she makes an indecent proposal to Saif that they could still take the money and run away now. So, to take care of Akki, Kareena 'flirts' with him to make him fall for her evil vices (depicted by cutting off her jeans into the tiniest of tiny shorts, baring her legs etc etc).

Highlight scene of the movie: Akki and Kareena having a tete-a-tete over Daaru and snacks on a boat by the river. A teary Akki reveals his innermost secret- how he, Ullu Ram, lost the only girl he ever loved- Guddi. Second flashback: He was a bijli thief and she, the cute lil girl-somewhere-near-next-door. Minor squabbles leads to big-time love and he asks her out on a date by the banks of the river. He goes there and some people attack him for stealing electricity. He puts a knife into one guy's leg, thanks to which, he gets sent to prison. Gets out 2 years later to find Guddi missing. End of love story. He completes his story and looks up to find Kareena, eyes glistening et al. She jumps up and says,"Ulluram, Guddi is I"! in not-so-poetic words. Yes, REALLYYY!!!!!

The rest of it is obvious. They join hands and decide to end Anil Dada's life in Tashan (style). And how! Our very own Bebo does a Kill Bill Uma Thurman-ish sky diving attack on Anil and pierces her long sword into his chest screaming "Aarrrrggghhhhh". The scene is unbearably gruesome, uh not the killing, but Kareena's contorted face!

Bad guy dead. Good guys live on. End of movie. End of post.

Here, this Crocin's for you.

Note: If any of you has seen the movie and liked it, please leave your contact number as a comment. A fellow hiphop-ian suggested rifle-shooting as a hobby and I'm planning to enrol. I'm not too sure yet, but I guess we would be required to bring in our own targets and I'm certain you could be of some assistance. So please, don't forget.


--xh-- said...

'random car down a deserted desert'

and then it catapults to water? LOL.... he he he

my collegue went to teh movie last day, and guess what - just behind him MS Dhoni was sitting, watching the movie...

from ur review, it seems this is worse than race...

good that now i dont hv to waste my money :)

OK said...

Hey! I am not sure about the movie but Kareena sure looks good in the trailers.

The Techno Maniac said...

i tht kareena looked good.. phew.. i was lucky enough to choose race over tashan.. not that it was too good, but most defly better than tashan(from wat i hear from you)..

Thanhks for the review.. i shall wait for the dvd version from office.. i got vantahge point today though!!!

Be good.. and started movie reviewws as well eh?

good going..


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

ohmigod, sounds like a drag! saif looks so freakin hot in the trailers.. but i guess if the flick's this bad, tis not worth watchin even for him!

V said...

lol.. bleddy desi movies.. :P

adi said...

aiyo, tashan ah? no interest only. The hindi movies they dish out these days are such a drag. I am waiting for my exams, semester to get over. Gotta catch up on a lot of stuff. For starters, with Santosh Subramaniam and Kadavul. How are they??

Arun Sundar said...

Thanks for the crocin. Indhi movies should be banned.

Sutta said...

I'll give you the "real" review.

Tashan - 'The' Hindi Phillum.

The movie starts with 'the' in the title credits. Offlate this is a new way people have learned to bash English language, by adding 'the' to everything they speak.
Anyways, I was not at all expecting the movie to be any great, and after some reviews I was rather expecting it to be terrible and thus after watching it thankfully I wasn't anything such as disappointed.
I really don't know if I liked the movie or disliked it.

Anyways, lets talk about flaws which everyone is pointing.

Flaws? There are so many that I lost the count in the movie itself. But by the end of it, I don't feel like counting 'Akshay Kumar beating 100s together or escaping from tons of bullets fired' or any such scenes as "flaws". Because we need to understand, these are not flaws, its just the way the director wanted the entire film to be. A bomb blast in the garage but still the actors coming out safe? Saif getting burnt but yet riding the jet ski? No marks of a fired bullet on Akshay's hands? Ah! They are not really any flaws, its just the way this film or say 'phillum' has been presented. Think about it, YRF's are not some cheap or poor production house who cannot afford high tech action scenes. The same director who wrote Dhoom series and it had all such highly mastered action scenes, but why in his own movie will he chose a 'Rajnikant/Mithun type' action? Well, the fact remains the same. Because he WANTED it to be. Thats how he wanted the film to look. A desi action dose.

Same goes in the songs. People say the lyrics were terrible? I disagree! You need to get this, lyrics are always written on the basis of the entire script and concept of the song. And thus lyircs like "Gora chehra jaise moon, kaali zulfen jaise cloud" are not terrible lyrics. BUT the 'real' typical desi version of entertainment. It does full justice to the song.

Thats how the director wanted it to be. So thats not any fault et al.
Now it seems I'm in love with the movie, BUT now let me talk about the "real" flaws.

First and foremost.
Screenplay- BAD, BAD BAD, truly bad. Period!
Script- I'd not exactly say it was bad, but it had tooo many flaws, again not in terms of those illogical scenes, but still the whole idea of involving a police inspector and that entire action sequence in Jaipur was bullshit. So not needed, coz right after that movie picks up on a altogether different track. It seemed baseless. And why on earth did they needed to shoot in Ladhakh? Where does Ladhakh fall in the way to Haridwar? I mean, just to add to the style quotient with some exotic locations. They go out of their way to become sooo illogical? Thats really disappointing.
Background music- It was average, but I would have loved if they'd used the basic theme of Tashan more which was in the trailers.
Choreography- Vaibhavi Merchant deserves BIG TIME thrashing. She completely ruined 'Dil Haara' such a beautiful track. The cinematography was fine, but choreography BAD. Even my fav track "Dil Dance Maare" was sooooooo not worth. I was expecting a much desi-er version of it. Again camera work being good, but dance steps making the song loose its charm. No justice to it et al. "Chaliya" was still good. "Falak Tak" seemed another "Bol Na Halke Halke", nonetheless song is beautiful.

Saif Ali Khan - Another stylized flick where he has been wasted. The only scene I loved was the last one where he speaks Bhaiyaji type English. Rest he's there just to be there. But I'm sure our Nawab Saab won't regret this film ever, after all he fell in love with ''Bhabhi Ji'' on Tashan's sets.

Anil Kapoor- The character was good. I don't find it wrong, but definitely after a point of time. Toooooooo cliched. The dialogues were not funny enough after a time. Rather difficult to understand. But still I loved his imitation of "Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum".

Kareena Kapoor- Average, thats it. Nothing great, no newness. Nothing extra ordinary. And she's turned out to be sooooooooo skinny. I lub Kareena but still I don't like too skinny girls. She was looking like a white lizard. Even in the bikini scene, her front look was errr... bleh, but yeah from behind she looked waaaaaooooww!!

Akshay Kumar - Oh Yeah! The not-so-friendly neighborhood spiderman Bachchan Pandey was the best of the lot. As it is, there is no one to beat him in comic timing, so hands down he was as usual great in pulling off the character. It wasn't anything excellent or something, and I still stick to my point, he couldn't catch the Bihari tone et al. But still, he gave a good performance, and since he's known as the best entertainer, he maintained our trust all throughout the movie. Best scene would be when Kareena tells him she is gudiya and that she loves him, Akshay was tooo good with his expressions when he doesn't knows how to react and what to say in that scene and cries. Wow!!

Final Verdict:- Tashan is NOT a normal movie, its one true hardcore example of 'Hindi Phillum'. Thats what our industry has been known for, stupid action scenes mindless songs n blah. And Tashan wins this title after long!

The Hindi Phillum Tashan is the definitely worth the watch. Yeh phillum once time zaroor dekhing. :P

Sutta said...

Sorry for that long comment but can't help it in case of movies. :)

Sutta said...

P.S. - I still don't like the movie. Its just one of the critical reviews I write for some website. :P

wickedtaurus said...

ahahaha...this review is so much fun!

"Do not trust a (flat-chested) woman just because she wears revealing clothes"...wicked,wicked preet! :) but yet to beat Kangana Ranaut's display of manchest-er territory. ;)

rofl@ "The scene is unbearably gruesome, uh not the killing, but Kareena's contorted face!"

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

I havent seen the movie(am not planning to watch it in the enar future either)..

And hey,the genre of movie is a simple one...It is the Abass -Mustan -copy from englees Padam-wid the same heroine costume -and kill audience-type of movie.

ruSh.Me said...

Best, or the Worst was....anytime the Director Could NOT Sought to Give Any reasoning or Logic to Any Dialogue, Stunt or Action.....The Song, "Tashan Mein, Tashan Mein" would just start playing in the background....


Nirmal's Blog said...

me and my friends cancelled tthe plan 4 this movie coz we love our weekends...lolsss

Keshi said...

lolz Nirmal!

Preeti I dun like Kareena Kapoor *throws in a cat-fightish look*...so yeah, I dun think I'll watch it in this life!


PREETI said...

@xh: Yea, it is really better than race, which in itself was pathetic...I just wish i was the one with MS Dhoni sittin next to me, I would've fared a lottt better :-/

@OK: I liked her too, but i still think shez over done it...she looks just about to break...pakave pavam aa iruku...

@maniac: (yes im not gonna change it) Race is shades better than tashan, so u cn be happy at not wastin ur hard-earned money!

@busywoman: Yup,totally NOT worth it...not even when ur alone and bored outta ur wits...

@V: More like bleddy Bollywood movies!

@Wolf: Yea, hindi movies r seriously bad these days...senseless stuff...And Kadavul i havent seen, heard it's very preachy...But Santosh subramaniam is really good...A total feel good movie minus the melodrama..I'd say it's a must-watch...

@Arun: How i wish they would do tat...

@Sutta: Honoured to have ur revered review *bows down* :)

I know what u mean when u say it's a phillum and not a film and that the evident flaws r meant to be evident and hence making them ineligible to be called flaws..BUT, they should also realize tat mindless, unfunny jokes and dumbness-personified scenes are not wat ppl r expecting...For all the hype..The promos make it look like some hard-core action flick with some slick stuff, but it turned out to be a mockery of all genres...The audience is sensible, and they don't want shit names shit, right? :)

@Wicked: Am glad u found the review fun...The movie is in another league altogether..!

@Superficial: Idhellam English movie lendu copy panangala??! :O

@rush.me: Total brainless, eye candy or not! :)

@Nirmal: Lucky u dude, lucky u...

@Keshi: That's one happy life u have now! ;)

kumar said...

Hey Preets,u had the guts to go watch the movie after seeing kareena in dat shorts,man ur 1 gutsy woman...anyhow u desrve the punsihment:-)

Winds of Change said...

ohh mannnn...was it dat pathetic?!


i must say...it was a great escape 4 me!

u kno who

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. Anyways I'm not a movie buff so I escaped frm such a torture.

Vrij said...

Hey.. thats a decent job at trying to review a movie.. unfortunately for me, the reviews have been so starkingly different, that i'm undecided if I need to see the movie or not.. maybe I'd get a DVD!

Confounded-Lady said...

*Damn another 20 behind..thomps foot on ground*

Actually, I liked Kareena..those Chameli days...now she's too emaciated. I think he attitude looks far less attractive now what with her looks getting all the attention.

Good read. I'll now know what NOT to do :D

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

back to the old template? why why why?

PREETI said...

@Kumar: Yes, that's i keep saying, I'm a survivor ;)

@Ruby: Naaye! Iru di, we rnt gonna let u go tat easy..Am definitely gonna make u watch it! :P

@cm-chap: Wish I had that luck! :P

@Vrij: Not a review, just my take on it...And contrasting reviews??? You telling me someone actually told u the movie is good???! Please, PLEASE tell them to read the note at the bottom of my post...I need help!

@Mayth: I'm gonna start sms-ing u from now on when my posts release...wat say??? :P

@Busywoman: Well, black is afterall my favourite colour! :-/

kumar said...

Hey P3,not fair dat the confounded lady gets such advantages,she has to fight fair n square and be the
1st to comment,i Guess shell agree too,to be frank i came accross ur blog thru hers only but havent commented yet

rantravereflect said...

awesum review for a fukd-up moovee :)

sIMPLY put,

dee, i believe we've the greatest resilience in the world, to have LIVED after a moovee like tat.. fuk it, it was soooo bad!!!! :(

'issue in the best interest of the public' haaaaa- tat was kickarse..

educational moovee- whee they teach ya how not to speak english,.
ref: watch 1,2,3: i found their take on englipees funnys.. the s was added there as well, but it was funny wen used in small doses..

red streaked hair- parted into ind. fringes- deeeeee, however sick tat moove was, it was funny in a funny way to watch tat!!!!

as ya said, 'don't look at me baby'
well, then y the fuk is she showing??tat too so provocatively!!!

plz dun even compare kareena wyd uma thurman- i loved kill bill.. n tat woman IS hot, without 'trying to' look hot..

push-up bras!!!- kareena'z lost the b@@*$.. sad story..
tatz y ya gotta be south indian- look at nayantara- she shed a lotta pounds, but left her full chest untouched!
for further confirmation, watch her intro song in 'yaradi nee mohini’- y acan only see the bust..

tiniest of tiny shorts- ye bebo, they were teeeny- and remember, tehy helped us spot the stretch-marks!!
man- did they forget a product called concealer????

Ulluram, Guddi is I!!
Yeah right, Akki looks like a big time ullu,,
Kareena doesn;t look like a guddi in tat scene- she looks like a girl forgot to wear her underpants!!! - (kareena's only a black in tat!!)

one thing ya forgot- one scene i truly appreciated in the movie-
kareena in a green pattu sari-
south indian women are zeee beshtest..

Drenched said...

OMG! I can't believe I am so late for this post!

And now, hahahhahahahaha! I'm glad I read this review. I'll go for some other movie tomorrow now and not this, as I had planned.

"Do not trust a (flat-chested) woman just because she wears revealing clothes"
ROFL! That was super! Kareena Kapoor is absolutely anorexic and looks like a dying duck in the rain these days. And all her nonsense about "It's Yoga" freakin' gets on nerves! Yeah, right, Yoga can't reduce 11 kgs in bloody three months! Anorexic idiot.

As for Hindi movies and Indian movies in general, I think people who just whine about how all of them should be banned should either not watch them at all or if they do, then, keep mum. These are the people who rush to the first day show and then come and bitch about it. If they're so pathetic, why watch them? I'm not a big fan of Hindi movies either but I think NRIs/Indians in general who crinkle their noses at the slightest mention of Desi movies are just one of those hypocrites who like to diss India at the drop of a hat. How much can they run away from it? At the end of the day, they're still browns and they'll still be associated with the land of Bollywood movies, be it a film like Tashan or Saawariya or one like Taare Zameen Par or Salaam Bombay. Those who are just used to mouthing nonsense against them will do it without seeing that even Hollywood produces duds and even Bollywood and other Indian film industries produce gems.
As for the English, half of those who criticise it can't string a comprehensible and grammatically correct sentence together saying stuff like "It's more brighter" or using words like "timepass". If they can use such 'Indianised' English, I think it's okay if our movies show the same, even if the storyline sucks in itself.
Sorry for ranting. I'm just in the mood for it. :p

mayth!! said...

Yeah I could really use that from now on :|

Adutha post naa thaan firshtu comment :| or else..my name is ding-dong-gooly-gooly-watcha

@Kumar: Alls fair in love and blog.

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

whoa..hmm, everything okay?

narendra shenoy said...

HaHaHa Preeti, you excel yourself!

"There's really not much of her to look-at unless bared ribs are an attraction"
"Do not trust a (flat-chested) woman just because she wears revealing clothes"

Pearls of wisdom at every turn! My heart goes out to you, of course, for having gone through the torture. You were evidently unable to sleep, because you remember the story.

narendra shenoy said...

HaHaHa Preeti, you excel yourself!

"There's really not much of her to look-at unless bared ribs are an attraction"
"Do not trust a (flat-chested) woman just because she wears revealing clothes"

Pearls of wisdom at every turn! My heart goes out to you, of course, for having gone through the torture. You were evidently unable to sleep through the movie, because you remember the story.

Sutta said...

I can understand, promoting the movie in an altogether way is something YRFs need to work on. Nevermind, y'all have to wait for some more yrs. thats it. I'm coming soon. :P

SK said...

This is why I never watch hindi movies, unless I have raving recos.

Suma said...

hey that was a good review...:)atleast made sure i would not even want to catch it on DVD...

what a waste of a good two hours...

rukna said...

i haven't seen the movie but i am sure ur review is more entertaining than the movie itself

OK said...

"Do not trust a (flat-chested) woman just because she wears revealing clothes"

Interesting observation. I have a more basic question. Why would any guy even talk to a flat-chested women?

Keshi said...

hello there beautiful gal, hows u?

Saw ur comments in Ashu's latest post :) I joined in the debate too hehe.


Anonymous said...

so in the end its still not clear who hooks up with whom?
i thot it was some gay love triangle shit in there! Coz as it as, i think kareena's face looks like my ass when i've got diarrhea...

besides, indian film makers make their films with a sole objective of competing with the special effects and stuff quality of the west. in the process SCREWING UP THE STORY, MESSING UP UR HEAD, CONFUSING THE SHIT OUTTA YOU, WSTING YOUR CASH AND MEGABYTES, and literally leaving you with a bad taste making you hate everyone who starred in the movie under consideration.
bollywood criticism...we need to do a write up on that...a VERY detailed, sarcastic, sick, sadistic that-movie-in-ur-library-is-a-pain-in-my-ass
kinda write up.



ps. i dont mind mindless action and im-made-of-steel bullet facing. but i just hate desperate attempts to entice the audience, coz they dont fuckin work! remember RGV's 'aag' anyone?

badshah khan said...

seems like the masala movie ...I hope Iam WELCOME HERE..

Mez said...

The note in th end was the best part about the post.

So i am not goin for tashan now.Yay

Mez said...

Btw added u to my blogroll

PREETI said...

@Kumar: Oops, I agree no partiality, but with Mayth, she and me, loonnnggg time connection pa... :-/

@Janie: OHHH YEAAA!! Tat green sari scene! HAHAHA! Di, we both wr like together in agony as well ;)

@Drenched: OH my GOD, is that what she claimed it was...???YOgaa..!?? Who's she kiddin! If it ws yoga, I'd be as light as a feather by now...Mean tricksters they all r, i tell u!

Well, the problem is not with NRIs or Indians dissing Indian movies, it's just that it's sooo pissing off when they hype the movie by making it seem like some slick flick when it actually makes a mockery of any good movie..Frankly, it irritates me when they do tat...It's not like i say all movies r tat way, please, cuz i'm a total, bigtime Rajnikanth fan, who's known for his unbelievable stunts but somethin in him makes it work...And somethin makes him total Worshipping material...There definitely r good movies here...like some total SUPER movies that noone can ever remake anywhere, but when meanginless movies like this come up which try to ape the west with such fervour, ur left wonderin just what on earth they wr thinkin when the attempt is obviously so lame!

Thr I've ranted back :P (as alwayz...??)

PREETI said...

@Mayth: Yes, next-la first is u only...(I hope and pray with all my heart tat tis happens, cuz ding-ding-whatever-whatever isn't all that pretty a name :-/)

@Busygurl: Not too bad...hmmm...

@Shenoy: Yes, not a wink of sleep ever since...The story's been runnin thru my head over and over and over again..*sigh* any remedies...?!

@Sutta: Dude, no few more years and all, if u r coming, then PLZ do humanity a favour and do it NOW! :)

@SK: Damn I din't have those powers of discretion earlier! :)

@Suma: Yup total...!!! And welcome here :)

@Rukna: hehe, thnx :) And welcome to u too! :)

@OK: Excellent question? Adey kelvi dan enakum..Why OK, WHY???

@Keshi: Yes pretty gurl! That was SOME DEBATE wasn't it?? Crazy stuff...!

@Mustang: Like ur ass when uv got diarrhoea!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!Hilarious! :D I'm just wonderin what they wr thinkin when they made the movie..Maybe we should do a psychoanalysis into their minds or somethin!

@Badshah: Yup, welcome! And not masala, stale tomatoes is more like it!

@Mez: Thanx! Me addin u on too :)

kumar said...

yeah i agree...childhood frndships..endha alavukkum pogalaan avangalukaaga

Anonymous said...

hw stupid!

PREETI said...

@kumar: :D

@anonymous: Who u...?

actin cupid said...

Hello preeti....almost spent 3 hrs tryin to find somthin abt u ...incl ur orkut ID.....n failed....coz a close friend of mine a fan of ur blogs n a ardent reviewer.........is..........havin a serious crush on you..:)..Anyway I thought the best thing for me to do is to...let U know (it feels g8 to act as a cupid) ..but nope am not gonna reveal him to you..atleast not here..n not without knowing ur mind..:) coz if u feel lik bashin me up..atleast it 'll end wit me......do comment on tis comment.
PS-it feels so g8 to lighten up my mind..now I understand y cupid(the real one) keeps flyin around so easily
Yours actin cupid

PREETI said...

@Cupid: Hahaha! Okkkk...I must say I find this very...funnyyyyy :) My blog is basically an open-book and has more or less all info abt me :) Ok, so what am i suppposed to do now...?!

actin cupid said...

Hii preethi

wow tis is really g8...after my message I thought i'll get a real lambasting reply.....but u r real coool...my frnd is damn lucky(oops ...hpe it ends tat way)
And to ur quest 'wat ur r supposed to do?'....I myself ..am in dbt wat to do(aftr ur unexpectd reply)...wait lemme think..... .....
hey jus wannaask by tis time hav u made any guess as to who my frnd wud be......
u know somethin..all tis while am preparin tis mess...he is beggin wit me online on a chat window..askin me not to do anythin foolish....???
see even cupid's job is complex...hmmmm
as to ur quest...think it be better if u cn giv me ur orkut id or atlst a private chat window/time....coz as u say "My blog is basically an open-book"...might b jus too open..hmm
or if u hav bettr ideas do let it flow..coz nowadays even cupid gets to learn a lot fm the cur-gen lvrs...
Hav a lovely day...

Yours actin cupid

PREETI said...

@Cupid: Well, I found it funny cuz it was funny and i replied outta curiosity, but that doesn't mean im looking out for something :) I'm totally content with my life right now and im pretty sure a random blogger is not what im looking for in my life :)

actin cupid said...

Hi preethi

Thnks u found me funny(probly 1 of the few to doso). Neither dd I say ur lookin out for somthin...(actually i wud luv to put it to u tat its actually the opposite)....And am pretty sure too tat a random blogger is not what u are lookin for....real sure....but it might just b tat the one 'U' r lookin for ........might be 'the' random blogger..........u never know.........wink..:)
Urs actin cupid

PREETI said...

@Cupid: I seriously, seriously dno what to say...

cupid said...

Hi preeti

cool....u really don hav to say anythin.....As for this multi-minute mystery, time will open up everythin..it always does. And am damn sure tat for a girl of ur being, ur goodness....always god gives the 'best'.
Hope u r familiar with how a cupid looks...soft...cloudyy...whiteysmokey...'Vapourising sprit'. Easy to imagine him vapourizing..isnt it.........

Life's best for u

Pria said...

poshy this blog was so funny....way to go !!! keep blogging :) muah !!!

PREETI said...

@Cupid: Yup lets see :) Tc..

@DIDO: Is that U???!!!??? OH my GOOD LORDDDD! I can't belive ur HEREEEEE!!!! muahhhhh!!!

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