Apr 21, 2008

Bouquets, Brick-bats, Claps, Stones, Praise...

*Drum-rolls, pa-pa-ra-pa-pa-pa, confetti, balloons, crackers, the works*

*Me clearing throat*

I hereby take this solemn opportunity to thank each one of you wonderful readers for taking the time out to come, read and leave your esteemed opinion on my silliness-personified-posts. It really means oh-so-very-much to me that here are people, known and unknown, offering me reassurance when I need it, and even better, just listening to me when I rant on and on. *sniff*

I started writing here merely (like everyone else) to make this my-rant-hole. But I didn't realize that there would be takers (not too many, but yet). I wouldn't be here continuing if it wasn't for each one of you. Just gonna mention a few:

1. My Beshtu friendsu: For all the love you guys have alwayz given me. And for reading my blogs whenever I tell you to. *sniff*

2. Dolly- You read ONLY when I beg you too, but yet, you ARE my sister and I do love you. *sniff*

3. Pp - You are the only one who checks my page veryyyy often even when I don't tell you to. Whether you like what I write or not, you still ask me why I haven't written if I haven't written in a while. Loveeeee you! *sniff*

4. Close buddy bloggers- Mayth (you belong in Category 1 too), Xh, Drenched, OK, Gradwolf, Uncle S, Busygurl, Keshi, Anna, Mustang: I may have not expressed it, we may constanly bicker over blogs and I may take sides with whoever is available just for the sake of a fight, but I still do love you. *sniff* (Incase you guys are having a stroke or heart-attack, do take care)

5. Not-so-close but yet buddy bloggers- You guys are super sweet to read my stuff. Love you all too. *sniff*

Now that I have reiterated that 'melodrama' is my second middle name (after
Happy), lemme give you the reason behind this *sniff* speech- This is my 50th post!!!!!

*Crazy tribal dance* Uhm, I know it doesn't go with the entire ball-gowned-Oscarish speech and all, but hell, I'm as happy as a...I don't know I'm just happy! I know it isn't anything at all. Not a figure to reckon with (I just noticed a few days back that OK had 192 blogs for 2007 alone) but this is my tiny lil figure of I-me-myself thoughts and I'm HAPPY! (I've said it too many times huh?)

Another thing all of you must have noticed is the NEW-look of my page. (If you haven't, please quit blogging) It has been 'released' today to commemmorate this auspicious occassion (Ahem!) and was given to me as a SURPRISE by XH, aka, Anoop!!! Ok, the sniffs are coming back again. He actually took a LOT of time and effort to make this for me, just because I had asked him a long while ago to help me out with my template. When I recently mentioned my upcoming 50th post, I guess my excitement was evident, and he put 2 and 2 together and decided to make it! I'm all like super-touched right now! Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a million, billion, trillion, gazillion Anooooo!!!

The End
P.S: I had to edit the names on the Best Friends cuz you guyz know who you are, and all of you are worth a million bucks. Just incaseeee I leave anyone out!


The Techno Maniac said...

Congrats on your 50th Post! I am the first to comment on your 50th post!


The Techno Maniac said...

Ok.. here we go.. I just wanted to be the first to comment on ur 50th post.. and I succeeded.. Yaaay Me!

Your blog page looks very creative and beautiful! I like the color combination the best! Good work Anoop..

Silliness - there were many, but I also had a good laugh over few blogs, a lot of thought process going on in the rest.. and yeah.. you do shower your love on us also!

Well.. all the best.. I look forward to your centenary celebrations..


--xh-- said...

hey preetz, happy to make this template for you... :-D you rock, girl...
50 and counting...
herez a tequila toast for the next 50... :)
@technomaniac - thnx for teh nice words abt the template, yaar.

rantravereflect said...

Absolutely sexy template babe..
now i need to find Anoop no.2:)

someone in my office jus saw ya pic here n was like wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. tat waoman is hot:):):)

coffee talk 'break', jus abt time to comment on this one, i will have a look at the funny post below tomo... i'm sure i'm gonna crack up in splits..

ya must be at the weddin- such a sad sob story tat i can't be there :(
the next time, for a reception, i guess i gotta take the day off..

lurvvvvvvvvvvv ya awayzzzz:)

V said...

they have to be blind not to notice this new template. as soon as i logged on, i was temporarily blinded.. :P.. anyway, jokes aside, congrats!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I luurrvee the template! XH-3 cheers!! awesome work man! :D (don't blame me if i pester you for one.. :P and trust me, am DAMN excited bout my 50th post comin up too...lol :P :P)
and preeti, awwwww, i was included in that list! thank you..hehe, am glad you feel that! :)
and dont you call your posts "silliness-personified", woman. :x :}
looootss of love and kisses,
lol. ;)

rsubras said...

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh....atlast... Preeeto has cared for our eyes and came out of the blackey mode :)

May your life and posts be more colorful than ur blog :)

Drenched said...

We all lurrrrrrve you too! :D
Congrats on your 50th post. And your blog is enthusiasm, not silliness personified. Sillinesss would be commentators like me. ;)

"I'm as happy as a...I don't know I'm just happy!"
Erm, happy as a kid on his 50th chocolate? :P

Arun Sundar said...

Looking at the way you started the post, I thot you were gonna quit blogging. Me and my imagination....

wickedtaurus said...

Happy 50th. you go gal!

Temp looks lovely! i liked the earlier black bg too but thats just me and my obssesion with black :)

wickedtaurus said...

dayum, typo! meant obsession.

Anonymous said...

congrats congrats! I didn't have a heart attack btw. Does that make you sad? :p

I've never counted the number of posts. Did you check the numbers in my blog too? :P

Keshi said...

aww THANKS to YOU too hun!

***Crazy tribal dance*

LOL ur a funny dudette! A cute one too :)

Happy 50th post hun MWAH!

And keep em comin!


varsha said...

That's fifty, written(typed) 50 times!
Cheers and Congrats!
P.S Nice new template.

Nirmal's Blog said...

congrats yaar...

may u complete 100th post soon with all 50 post on ur happy days...

Anonymous said...

What the fuck! I swear I commented twice. Are you deleting my comments?


Anonymous said...

I see my comment now! I freaking commented twice.

kumar said...

hey preets,
congrats on the 50th post,the template is lovely......

u left out the non blogging commenters like me :-(

so whens the treat.....

PREETI said...

@Maniac: Thanxxx Satti Batti! I'm lookin forward to the Big 100 too ;)

@XH: *Raises tequila shot & says Cheers!*

@Janie: PLEASE make it a point to make it to the next wedding..I think i'm gonna have to kidnap u next!

@V: Thanx a ton!

@Busygurl: Ur 50th's comin up tooo??! *High five* Way to go! :) Loveeee ya! :)

@Rsubras: Thanx ;) but u shud thank Anoo for designin it this way!And, I will revert to black soon ;)

@Drenched: Well, we're all the enthusiastic, silly bunch! Tee hee! And if it was my 50th choclate, I'd probably be groaning and whining ;)

@Arun: No! Never! But if u did think tat, were u...sad/happy/super-jubilant...?? :D

@Wicked: Thanx thanx thanx!But YEA, I'm black-OBSESSED too (so much so tat 90% of my clothes r black too) BUT this template ws designed JUST for me by a dear friend and I loveee it! :)

@Wolf-loosu: Howz my new name for u??? ;) And u dint have the heart attack..?Ur pretty strong hearted huh? :D I'm gonna get down to counting on urs now ;)

@Keshi: Fank u, Fank u gurlie! :D

@Varsha: Awwww...!U took the time out to type 50, 50 times...?That's the sweetest! And thanx :D

@Nirmal: Thanx sweetie! :)

@OK: I swear I dint delete them!
:( Please repeat the content of the 2 :(

@Kumar: Awwww, Sorry!I didn't realize there were non-blogger commenters too...I always thought u probably blogged somewhere!!!Treat soon soon :)

Prathi:-) said...

Here comes the standing ovation for our sweet little blogger
Kudos kudos kudos!!!!
Babes… u rock…
and ur template rocks as well:) super work anoop :) really a gud one…plz check p3z ipl blog to see my first comment on ur template:)

Cmng to our heroine :)
Congrats for not giving up;) congrats for going on blogging… sometimes I know I even said u have bcm a blog-o-maniac;) but then.. Its okie:) u make blogs dt a soooo light at heart… with exception to ofcrz the animal harassment blog;) u rock babes:) really u do:)
Ur very "straight outta my heart" attitude is what is the Best part:)
Babes:) really happy for u:)
And congrats again:)
Love u di:)

Btw… that last PS bit was jus wayyyy tooo cheeky;) heheh :D

CM-Chap said...

Thats much more than brick bats.. BTW, ur tagged... chk my blog. If u hvnt done it already... do it now

Anonymous said...

In effect it was

1. Congrats!

2. Good job Anup



Gazal said...

happy 50 th post !!!!

and anoop has done a great job!!!

Drenched said...

Er, okay, then, as happy as a mad shopaholic on her 50th purchase in one day. :P

kumar said...

preets this seems like a better form of dance for this ocassion


Mez said...

Celebrations galore! Happy yippe 50th post.

PREETI said...

@Prathi: Aww, Aww and more AWWWWWWW!!! That's sooo super sweet...! I already told u this over mail, but I can't help but thank u for all ur pinky pinky sweetness! :D HUGGZZZ!! & PRayers ;)

@Cm: Blog done already, Do see it :) and Thanx for tagging...

@OK: Ohhhh, idu dana.... :-/ ;)

@Gazal: Thank u! And another one for u Anoo :)

@Drenched: Ah, now THAT makes total sense..That's like total exhilaration and prettyyy close to the situation at hand ;)

@Kumar: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yea Dappankuthu is my FAVVVVV form of dance...Super energy! :)

@mez: THANXXX gurl!

mez said...

I myself hate facebook. God knows why ppl find it so great. and those applications make me go argh!

Anonymous said...

heres me "reciprocating"
thank you for making the blogosphere a slightly better read than it was b4 i came across this page. You write honestly and every post has a genuine element and also the "family" element to it. thats probably something that would come to you naturally and i could guess from it all that you are a wonderful person with wonderful people as a part of your life. The whole happy-happy and happiness- write ups kinda get to me and i always smile while reading them.
So cheers to you
keep writing

respectfully yours

ps. yes, i've read every post of your, from beginning to the end leaving a few.

PREETI said...

@mez: ME TOO! I suck at all those face book applications!

@Mustang: I am nominating this comment of urs for The Best Comment I've Ever Received award and trust me, u win hands down...That is the SWEETEST thing ANYONE has said about my blogs...I alwayz thought people say it cuz they juz dont wanna disappoint me but coming from u, someone whom I know only thru the blogging world, this means more than ul ever know. I'm not including any of my melodramatic sniffs here, cuz I'm dead serious this time. It really, really means a lot and I really, really am touched. Uv just made my entire blogging experience worth it and I'm glad i could aid making ur reading experience, if only slightly, better. Thanks dude!

P.S: I can't belive uv actually read 'em all. Thanks sooo much...Thanks.

Confounded-Lady said...

Hey Preets....! THought I stepped into the wrong blog when I didnt see the all pervading black..but when I spotted Snow White I knew I was home :)

Congrats on making it ta 50...I'm sure this blog will be awesom-er by the time you 100. (the blog I mean what will the age banter going on you-kknow-where :D)

And >:D< on the tributes thing. Beshtu freind for life...anuty or not :P

Love you (konjum late a wish panaraen some 30 comments later...kandikaada :D)

OK said...


SK said...

Nice template! and congrats on the milestone!!

I love reading ramblings, and random vent out. Being a fellow cancerian, can alwayss associate and empathize :--D

Keep em coming.

SK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
narendra shenoy said...

I don't why, my dear Preet
I feel compelled to speak in rhyme
Perhaps it's that you are so sweet
Or perhaps I've too much time

I take umbrage, of course, at being
Called uncle by an upstart brat
But your vivacity is so refreshing
That I think I'll just doff my hat
To you

God bless!

narendra shenoy said...

Ode to Preet V 2.0

I don't know why, my dear Preet
I feel compelled to speak in rhyme
Perhaps it's that you are so sweet
Or, perhaps, I've too much time

I take umbrage, of course, at being
Called uncle by an upstart brat
But your vivacity's refreshing
I think that I'll just doff my hat
To you

God bless!

Coconut Chutney said...

Half century club! woot! :D

PREETI said...

@Mayth: Late aa vandalum latest aa vandhute??? ;) >:D< Lovveee u! :)

@OK: Ok

@SK: Thanx..and Will do :)

@Uncle S, oops, Shenoy dude: Hehe, Another poem...AWWW! *Upstart brat starts sniffing all over again*

@Chutney: Ooooh yea! :)

The Maverick Blog said...

Ellam ok.. But the readability is very poor.. Even after wearing my new pair of kannadi :(

PREETI said...

@maverick: Ohh, apdiya? Is the full template loading for u?? What do u see?

Sutta said...

Nice new look, and you seem all jumpy and cuddlicious. :)

Damn good!! :D

Anonymous said...

had fun?


Keshi said...

I first saw it as a 'Fuck u'..lol Preeti!



PREETI said...

@Sutta: THANXXXXX!!! U likey the lookey??? :)

@OK: Detailed commentary in ur new-post's-comment-section

@Keshi: I read it again and ya, did seem tatway! dint realise!OOpsie!!! :)

Mansi Trivedi said...

count me in as your regular!
and congrats on your 50th! :)

Anonymous said...

celebrations for the 50!!! good blog u got here

PREETI said...

@mansi & ashu: Thankoooo! and Welcome here :)

The Maverick Blog said...

hey.. this is much better :)

Winds of Change said...


P.S: if u 4gt 2 mention namez ...they aint best frndz :p

PREETI said...

@maverick: I'm glad! phew!

@ruby: En di naaye, u shud know me and my 'memory' better! :P and


did u really mean tat...?!?!

Winds of Change said...

did u wna end it wit 50 commentz 4 ur 50th blog??? hahahhahahahaha...well...did i mean dat???...nw u shud kno me n my commentz btr! :p

PREETI said...

@Windz: Aama di, i make 50 ppl comment on mine for my 50th post :P loosu...