May 5, 2008


Update: Taken off the snaps, just incase :)

Moving away from the gloom of the previous post, lemme share one of my happiest, proud-est moments with all of you :)

I passed the Hip Hop Intro-2 examination conducted by the United Kingdom Alliance and received the highest grade for our level- Highly Commended!!!I'm officially, professionally, properly, truly a "Highly Commended" Hip hop dancer!!!! YEA!! WOOHOO!! :) Ok, so is the rest of the group from dance class, but that includes MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I've alwayz loved dancing. When I was a kid, I mostly stuck to swaying my body because I was really conscious of not getting the right moves. And most of my friends were classically trained dancers. Even in college, initially I used to help others choreograph but never had it in me to actually dance on stage. Till, on my 2nd yr "College-day", one of the girls suddenly fell sick on the day of the event and she couldn't get on. Since I had helped them and knew all the steps, I was asked to take her place. My knees were doing their own little jig outta total petrification there (noun form of petrified, don't care if it isn't a word). I've done a lotta stage dramas and shows and stuff as a kid, but this was infront of the entireee college. And you know how guys in college are, especially the kinds in Sathyabama who behave like they have never seen a girl in their life, let alone a girl dancing! But I did it and it was sooo much of fun that the dancer in me was awaken :D

After that there was no looking back. There was the usual dancing at parties and at 'discs' and blah and I realized I realllyyyyy enjoyed dancing. Talks of joining dance classes have been in the air from when I joined MBA, which is like almost 3 years back, but we (Ruby, Janie and I) finally got around to doing it just now at "The Academy of Modern Danse".

Why Hip-hop? Actually, it was the only one with convenient weekend timings. And also, we assumed it was slightly a laid-back form of dance and would be a good choice to start off with. Oh man, were we wrong or were we wrong! Out of a 1 hr class, we basically do 30 min of gruelling, back-killing, muscle-tearing stretches! Even aerobics felt like heaven in comparison. This, combined with the revelation that we have an 'exam' with 'syllabus' for it, made me decide to leave it half-way, keeping up with my excellent track record of hobby-jumping (tennis, gym, music class etc etc). After a lot of convincing by Jane and Ruby, I stayed. And it was worth every-fucking-injury!

Oh and I must add we have like THE BESTEST of instructors. The dude -Balaji, is one of THE best dancers I've ever seen. He is like the embodiment of energy, attitude and style. In the remaining half an hour of effective class, we girls ogle at him for 29.5 min.

The Exam and the run towards it:
Now, the Exam in itself was to be a mere 3 min affair on the 1st of May. We were divided into 3 groups of 4. Ours was the only group that had 3 - me, Jane and Ruby were fucking happy to be together. We were taught 4 steps that had 8 counts, ie, 4 sets of 8 steps. The song was 'Bebot' by Black Eyed Peas. We had to dance it out infront of our 'firang' judges, who flew down from the UK for this.

We actually bunked office the previous day and spent 4 hours rummaging through Spencer's for the right 'hiphop' clothes. We decided on black and pink as the colour-theme and settled on something simple and comfortable, yet cool.

I was really, really, really nervous. We had tons of practice and I was sure of my steps but I guess just the word 'exam' is enough to give me cold feet. We managed to pull it off pretty neat, though and the result is our grade and certificate.

It's supposed to come in the papers and stuff, if and when it does, I shall put it up here for all of you.


--xh-- said...

congratz da :-D thazt a great news... so u r oficaly a hip-hopper now :-D woo hoo... 3 cheers to ya...

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Whoaa.. wow! Awesome! Congrats! :) When I first read the blog title, i thought this post had something to do with the song 'aye aye hiphopper'.. :D
btw, you look extremely pretty in those pics! :)

Coconut Chutney said...

AMD? Awesome, that's koki's place right? Tell me if you know Neha Kavan & Tarun Koliyot. Neha does Salsa & Ballet whereas Tarun does Jive and salsa i think. Not sure. But both of them are my sooper friends. I've come for one of those shows they did at the Music Academy.

Also, Abhishek Sudhakar, Dhivikram and Rohit Koliyot were like my seniors in school.

I know, I'm so popular right? ;)

Congratulations, btw! :D

V said...

hahahaha, that's great.. congrats!

you're keeping it real

Arun Sundar said...

Many Congrats! U must be happy like hell. Dacing itself is fun. and winning in dancing(or passing such exams) is sooper fun! Am happy for u too :)

Vrij said...

Awesome.. Congrats!
So, when r u teaching me?

Drenched said...

Whoa! Congrats!! :D

Damn, I've like THREE left feet when it comes to dance and yes, as I am an opinionated idiot, I refuse to join hip-hop. *Sigh* perhaps I'll try for some other kind of dance to loosen my stiff muscles. Pffft.

BTW, very cute pics. :)

The Maverick Blog said...

Yo yo yo :)... Many Congrats and Kudos... I've listened to hiphop music but never seen a hiphop dance show.. Let us know thru ur blog if ur performing sometime in Chennai...

rsubras said...

Good luck Preeto :)

The best part of this post was when u narrated how the dancer in you awakened :) Sooper

>>He is like the embodiment of energy, attitude and style

:) In short he reflects ur blog......

narendra shenoy said...

Great! Congrats!

SK said...

Hey Many congrats!!!!

wickedtaurus said...

congrats...on the happy hoppy news. :)
shake what yo mamma gave ya! ;) :D

i like this one---

OK said...



adi said...

idhukulan kuda exam unda???


Keshi said...

WOW we hv a new HipHop queen then! CONGRATTZ hun!

I love Dancing..even when Im dying, I'll dance. LOL I know that for sure.

I took up HipHop long time a local gym.

Lovely pics! U LOOK SO PRETTY!


CM-Chap said...

WOWWWWW..... Its my passion too. I wanna learn them for long time now, unfortunately I keep movg frm countries and nvr able to make it. Lemme the place u learnt, I will try to make it this time once I return to Chennai.

OK said...

I will accept you are good if you can dance like the guy in this video.

Tys on Ice said...

way too, iam totally impressed with anyone who can dance ...personally i have 2 left foot the way namesake, yo mama way to go!

( tht was my cool black dude impersonation...and please get up frm the floor...u look ridiculous laughing and rolling there )

kumar said...

wowoww!!!!Congrats P3,the treat list keeps growing hmmm:-)

PREETI said...

@xh: Thanx anoo thanx anoo thanx anoo! :D

@Busygurl: *profuse intense blushing* thanx thanx! And u know what? The first line in the un-edited post was,"The title has nothing to do with that silly song that's been around these days" hehe!

@Thenga: Yes, yes, Koki e dan! :) And I'm new there, just about 2 months so i dont know too many people..U see, i ain't popular :P hehe..but i think iv heard of Neha..and Abhishek, whio wouldn't
know him1 he's cute! Uh,pssstttt: Please keep this a secret ;) btw, Thanx! :D

@V: Thanx! I try :)

@Arun: Thanx-nga Anna! Ur wishes are heart-gladdening!

@Vrij: Thanx! And classes anytime...I charge by the hour btw :D

@Drenched: *blushes* Thanx! And this 3 left feet stuff is nthing, trust me..Go for classes, hiphop or whatever and ul defnitely love it!

@Maverick: Thanx! Will deefinitely let u all know, sometme in July i think :)

@Subras: Haha, yea, I actually meant it to be like that,"Enukula irukara Dancer a thatti ezhupitanga" hahaha! And as i alwayz say, ur tooooooo nice to me :) Thanxxxx!!!!!

@Shenoy: Thanx Uncle S! all ur blessings wonly! :)

@Sk: Thankoo Thankee!

@WickeD: Yo! U keep shakin that booty too! Hehe..and I LOVE that too!!!

@OK: Thnx :) Will see the video from home and then let u know :P

@Adi: Exactly what we thought,"Idukellam exam aa?!" But ippo, no regrets! and thanx!

@Keshi: Haha! Hiphop queen! And u a fellow hiphopian too??? *huggzzzzzz* And thanx thanx pretty woman! :)

@Cm-chap: U HAVE to learn from here when ur down in Chennai!

@Tys: Hahahhahahahahahaha! Ok,ok fine, I'm getting up! Hahahahahaha! Oops, I fell off the chair again! :D How about naming the 3 kg midget Preeti- she'd be a hiphopper too then...Watsay? ;) and THANX!!!

@Kumar: Treat dane??? Kandipaaaa!! :D Thanxxx!! :)

wickedtaurus said...

lemme know gal,when you visit amreeka...will take you to the best hip-hop hotspots! i need to use a fake id but hey, tis more fun that way. ;) :D

The Techno Maniac said...

Congratz di.. I knew you girls would do it.. I did after all got to see you ppl hip hopping when I was in Chennai.. I am so proud of you.. all the best.. now get to the advanced version of hip hop.. and I suppose you ppl are getting into shape with this dance!

I always knew you d love to dance. even if you re high ;) and you dance pretty well too. I have seen you ppl performing for Dolly's pre wedding party.. and I like the way you dress up for dances..

>D< >D< >D<


kumar said...

paakalaam if u keep up ur word,anyhow wheres miss ding-dong-gooly-gooly-watcha havent heard from her yet its already 20 comments hahahaha:-)

Coconut Chutney said...

I swear!! He was my first crush! Remember the AB guy I wrote about? thats him. giggle.
He is soooo dreamy.

narendra shenoy said...

That earlier 'congrats' comes from the bottom of the heart of one who has gone through the process of learning salsa and knows how much more exacting hip hop is. I tried my hand at it, our salsa instructor being well versed in hip hop as well, and I had great difficulty with both parts of this dance (the hip, which does not swing, and the hop, which leaves me breathless).

All that is going to dance from now on, I have petulantly told missus, are my eyes.

Congrats once more and keep shakin' booty!

mayth!! said...

Ohhhhhhhh....gurlfiriend! :)

Looks like I do have some celebritiies in my social circle ;)

Congrats di! :)

PREETI said...

@WickeD: Ok, that's like total bait for me to get there...Will definitely let u know when I'm headin there, even if it means i need to be married to get there ;) Fake id...? U a lil one too...?!? :O

@Techno: U think I dance well??? WOW! I didnt know u thoought so! Thank u naaye! :D

@Kumar: I will, i will! And Miss.DDGG is down #25 or somethin! hahahha! U got here before her :D

@Thenga: Ohhh! That AB??? Himm??? Ah!And YEAAA..He is sooo dreamy..So that would make us Partners in Crush huh?? But i tink hez kinda datin someone from there...Dayumn! ;)

@Shenoy: U tried ur leg at hiphop??? Isn't it awesome??? I know super-killing and super-back breaking but it's fun to move the booty :D And sala, I wnna try that too, but it's too cliche, and I dont wanna be cliche ;) Haha..crazy ego kicks :D And thanxxx again!

@Mayth: Yes, 'close' social circle has some celebrities...Haha, maybe for ur kalyanam,we'd do a small routine...???

kumar said...

yeah generally she comes after 20 comments know so i asked......

PREETI said...

@Kumar: Hahahahhahahaaa! Yeaaa! :)_

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!Congrats sis :)

PREETI said...

@Vidhya: Thanx thanx thanx gurl! :)

Keshi said...

btw u have a BEAUTIFUL GENUINE SMILE Preeti!


PREETI said...

@Keshi: Awwww, thanx reallyy... :) :) :) But definitely not as beautiful as yourz, m'lady!

rantravereflect said...

:) we rokd/uhhh or as ya'd put it sweetheart,hip-hopped it, n we nailed this one..

college day - shyla backed out- heeeeeeeee, n ya jumped ryte it, asya're were neways doin the choreo along wyd us :)
kickarse tymes- wen we danced ryte there, for all the songs, durin college day..
geeee- i missssssssssssss tat life,

n yehh, the discin n the partyin, the shakin's been awesummmmm babeeeee :)
ya're a very expressive person, n very sexcee too- whether it's talkin/writin/dancing- so wen sum1 has tat, tehy obviously develop the flair..

balaji is too awesum 2 be true :)
owe it 2 him babe..
owe it to him biggggggggggggg tyme :)

loved the rewind part the best :) made me nostalgic, woman we share sooo much history to actually share nostalgia.. hope n pray we share our lives lifelong!!!!
loadsa lurvvv:)

Meenu said...

hey ... congrats lady !
that was great and u have proved that passion can take us anywhere we want !:)
sorry 4 late reply ..

Keshi said...

omg nah my smile isnt as pretty as ur's Preeti!


PREETI said...

@Janie: Yea, we dont rock, we hiphop! :D hahahahaha! Diiiii we have some totally awesomyl sexy memories together dont we???? All those moments of absolute nostaliga that could give us a high that even #!@#~! no. of tequilas wouldnt...rite???! MUAHHH!And thnx for all the compliments peppered in between there :D

@meenu: Better late than never! Thankkk uuuuuu gurlie! :)

@Keshi: Awww, ur a sweetheart :D muah!

Winds of Change said...

hey babez...

man i can never 4gt the way we hunted out for the clothez n stuff....had a fantastic time dat day.......v rock!!!!!!!
in between v wr wondrin if vd quit rite?! im jus soooo glad we didnt....

lotsa luv
u kno who

CM-Chap said...

Hey I knw it... Thats why I'm askg.. I'm back to Chennai this month end.. Lemme knw the address.

PREETI said...

@Ruby: YEA!!! We hiphop! :)

@Cm-chap: It's at the Russian Cultural centre, behind Chola sheraton!

Anonymous said...

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