Feb 25, 2008

My Humour has gone to the....Blogs!

Scene 1: Sitting alone at work
Me (thinking): "Hahahahahaha! Oh MY GOD! This's..hahaha...awesomely...hehehe...funny" *Tear wiping* *Reaching out to mobile. Ping*10 (X,Y,Z's no.)*
"Where are you? Are you online? Yea..? Ok, PLEASE check out this guy's blogs. They are just HILARIOUS! (continue giving her tidbits of info from them as well as the titles she just has to read)

Scene 2: Local chat shop in Purasawalkam
Dolz: "Oh man, marus (aka marwaris) are @$%$*@&&" (that, inspite of being married to one)
Ruby: "Hahahahahahaha"
Me: "Haha. Btw, that reminds me, today I read this blog and this guy said this and then he went on to say that and blah blah blah......Man, chance e illa! Hahahahaha!"
Dolz & Ruby: *Groan* (and they continue digging into their muruku sandwich)

Scene 3: Ruby's ZenDen #3033
Ruby & me (singing...uhh actually...SCREAMING) : "When you want it the most, there's no easy way out...Na na na na...That's the way it is!" [By Celine Dion. We couldn't resist singing along and recreating her contorted facial expressions, hand crunches et all, as it played on Radio City. Long time memories, you see :)]
Me (Struck by sudden thunder-bolt) : "Heyyyy, you know what....."
Ruby (Cutting me mid-way): "What? Your gonna quote another of your new found blog-love's extra-witty, extra-funny jokes...?"
Me (not taking in the sarcasm): "Yea!This one's realllll good.................."
Ruby (grimacing, groaning, cursing AND turning up the volume): " Go on...!"

Scene 4: My green sofa
Me: "Hahahaha"
Me: "Hehehehe"
Me: "Hihihoho" [only thing missing was the head-scratching :D]
My Mom (looking at me worriedly & calling Dad): "Inga vaango. Preeti enamo thaniya sirikra. Enaku bayama iruku!" [Please come here. Preeti's laughing alone. I'm scared!"]

Ok. This is really serious now. This is real bothersome material. Ever since I discovered I could blog from office, I've been sooooo happy that all I do is browse/read/re-read/think of writing blogs. It's my sole activity (other than the trail mails within our 'gang') and I hit IE and type out blogspot faster than I sit down at my desk! It probably is ok that I am blog-obsessed, but my humour (or atleast what I consider humour) is seriously taking a turn for the worse. Can't help it. I've just gotttt to insert interjections from the most recent post I've read. I've just got to take references from them and enlighten the non-blog readers in my group. (who don't read them cuz they really don't care to or would much rather do other things and hence do not really want the enlightenment!) I didn't quite realize (yea, the realization continues) the extent of this obsession until I started working on my next post and I couldn't go beyond what I read. I was (and am) so stifled by the super-talented other writers that my creative juices are just not, forget flowing, being generated! And the result is this :)

Hopefully I'm gonna get outta this soon. Till then, I'm giving you all the link to the funniest blogger I've come across: http://www.krishashok.wordpress.com/ (Responsible for my recent bout of crazy laughiness) A must-MUST read!


rantravereflect said...

ha ha,, ya n ya uncanny nexus with the dogs!!!
now dun get me wrong- i didn't mean ya smell teh way they do, only ya sense of smell is akin to theirz..


Cumon babeee...
ya humor bone is alive n kickin all thru!
now did i say BONE!!!!!
(dawgggggggggeeezzzzz! wat a BONE identity!!!)

Humor is such a bitch- it ditches ya wen ya need it most!

Now did i say BITCH??
(Dawgs, cum wag ya tails n drool right behind us)

we the biatches n narendra modi (as on krishna ashok's blog) leash out one hell of a humorous tirade!!

now did i say LEASH???

we will alwayz keep luaghing..

kalyana samamyal sadam
kai karikalil pramadham
ha ha ha ha ha ha
bow bow bow bow bow bow/....

--xh-- said...

:) well, not much differnt story here too. too much living in the blogworld, I say :)

Prathi:-) said...

shud i comment on p3z blog or janie's comment????? gosh.. im confused...
abt p3 blog... di... ru giving him free publicity????? hehehe :D but ya.. his style of writting is sure reaaalllllyyy good:) but to the extent of writing a blog abt his blog????? hmmmm nice... have u ever commented on his blogs?????
abt jane????? we got ur point LOOOUUUDDD AND CLEAR... wow... dt was a one hell of a well written... funny comment;) crackpot:)
nwz... love u both:)

The Techno Maniac said...

We all cud use a blog-laugh.. but not all the time!! Cool down!

that blog is seriously funny though..

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

haha lol, trust me i relate to this very very much. i was in this sorta blog obsession phase for sumtime too lol. my friends were bored, bored sick! hehe.
:D :P

PREET.I said...

@rantravereflect aka janie bravo: i hv GOT to agree on the 'uncanny nexus' part :) as i alwayz say, i definitely ws a dog in my previous birth! :D

btw, plz dont speak in tamil ;) hehe..

@xh: amen! :)

@prathi: no publicity stunt here babe...juz sharin the joy ;) hehe...

@technodude: consider urself lucky ur nt in chennai to gt the full effect of my obsession..

@busywriter: feelz gud to knw im nt alne ;) :D

root3/ markiv said...

aah... happens... i was in one such predicament until one of my frnds got stuck with blogs too... for a brief period we d isolate the rest of the world as we discussed 2.0 technology, the new stuff with SaaS and, of course, blog humor.

that was until i moved to wikipedia. now i spend most of my time giving ppl info about a kwakwakwa'wakw tribe in canada and about the how todays swear word was once a great kingdom in assam!

Anonymous said...

Honoured. But I have two questions:

1. What is a Murukku Sandwich? Is it what I think it is? Pieces of Murukku ensconced between 2 pieces of bread and served with Vatthal Kozhambu for dipping?

2. You hit IE to visit blogspot? Why? Fire the Fox and vijit Word the Press I say. Open Source is the future ;)

SK said...

Hehhe I can relate to this. :--)
Its amazing how virtual friends can become friends for real.

PS: Bloghopped from somwhere. :--)

PREETI said...

@markiv: wikipedia huh? hmmm..lemme c nw :) i cn almost hear my frnz go ohhh noooo! ;)

@ashok: Oooohhh!Im honoured!!! kadavul e darishanam kudutha madri iruku! :) anyway, my 2 answers:

1. Fortunately/unfortunately tat isnt wat muruku sandwich is..the murukus themselves serve the purpose of sandwichin rather than the bread. So, it consists of 2 kutti murukus with chilli chutney,a slice each of tomato,potato and onion in between. Super yummy, fillin and juz 20 bux! Available at all chat shops in Puruswalkam but the best would be Link's opp. Dasaprakash.

P.S: Would be a dual purpose visit. You could also get quite a lotta laughz on their spellingz on the board, eg: Courn canapes cheas (which we ordered outta curiosity. Turns out its corn canapes (!) with cheese!)

2. Ah! Fire fox, iv been hearin a lot abt it recently (yes, im very bad with tis stuff).. Naa konjam senti u c...I adapt to change very bad! But yes, word press is beckonin!

n again, THANX for droppin by! even if it ws juz to c wat i hd written abt u ;) hehe...

@SK: so true..iv found a lotta old frnz n new frnz here..thanx for hoppin in :)

Winds of Change said...

well well well......i cant belve ur bloggin bt it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah dat muruku sandwich day was reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaly funny!....to top it, over the fone dat day n nw the blog....its ok....such thingz keep happenin....v all suddenly get addictd 2 sumthin....sumtimez itz fud...moviez...in ur case itz a blog....and yes...it was reallly funny....dnt wry..itz jus a phase(i hope;) ) lol!!!

hope u dnt start a blogopedia?? lol!

u kno who

Hakuna Matata said...

chey ennama blog-arenga...soopar...I lost a friend to blog-dom when I answered to a simple 'How was ur day' with a detailed monologue of how I ended up posting a post on my blog.

PREETI said...

@ruby: no thnx for commentin... ;)

@hakunamatata: thnx...n hakuna matata it is! :)

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