Nov 19, 2007

I Quit...Uhhh...I think...!

Yea, yea I have dunnit! :) ....Or so I'd like to believe... :)

After a million hair-yanking sessions (thanks to which my straightened/ coloured/ streaked hair seems to be facing an onslaught of increased hair fall, more than the normal 100 hair per day, and not because of the straightening/ colouring/ streaking!) with dad, mum, sis, bro-in-law, friendz etc etc, I finally, finally took the step- To go and 'inform' my 'boss' that he no longer has the pleasure of having me work for him! No more "Preeti, staple this" or "Scan this and print it". No more "Are you done with the work...yet?" (when actually it was him who told me he'd do the work and pass it to me for, well, filing!)

As a self respecting, educated (!) person , I was pretty miffed with :
1. Being paid peanuts (though for someone like me even a million peanuts wouldn't suffice- to eat or otherwise)......

2. Having to travel half the way across the world (ok exaggeration IS my middle name, but c'mon, Mylapore to Sriperumbudur isn't really any better is it?) at 5 am to get to the 'factory' right in the middle of nowhere, where water and electricity is a luxury AND...

3. Talking in Japanese at every turn, which has made me a pretty confused individual with a serious crisis because every time I try to talk, my mind scans through the languages I know- Tamil, English, Hindi and Japanese (Thank God I don't know how to speak my father-tongue Malayalam well enough!) before I can get to the right word! And I am not exaggerating this time!!!! I got a call from my mom this one time I was on a trip with one tiny Jap and kept saying 'Hai' for 'Yes' and 'Aa so!' for 'Apadiya'! Considering I alwayz blabber, she didn't seem to notice but it left me feeling like a fool.

And so, I decided to take the plunge. Maybe my 1st job, maybe just 5 months but I don't wanna wait it out just to get the experience thing up on my resume. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't take much to realise what's not profitable. (I had people at work and friendz tell me that in words I definitely wouldn't wanna repeat here. But trust me, it worked!).

Now, the reason I say 'I think' is because, ever since I told him I quit, I've been loaded with work and absolutely no mention on our talks! If you're wondering what I'm doing at work still, well, there were these minor settlement issues and the 2-week notice thingie which I needed him to get back to me on so that I could put in the right dates in my letter, and I'm still, being the fool I am, waiting for him to 'get back to me'!

Anywayz, doesn't matter now. To me, I've quit and as of now, I'm happy to be screaming it aloud from the roof tops! IIIIII QUITTTTT! :)

P.S: 1. If you're gonna ask 'What's next?', then hold on, I really haven't decided yet. I guess I'll take a break from all the working for a while...hehe...1st job, 5 months and here I am basking in the glory of leaving it :)

2. I'm giving in my letter the sec I publish this ;)


The Techno Maniac said...

Wow... Hats Off... Quitting.. i m sure you wud be jumping with joy...
I thought you were a translator and working PO's.. nee office girl aa?

1. Peanuts.. at the first job, almost everybody is paid pittance..

2. Valid reason.. travel.. bone breaking journey.. plus accidents.. not worth the trouble..

3. You re confused from the begining and a mallu.. now that you've accepted it..

You re free.. that matters to you the most.. i m sure you have the role of the ceo in the place where u were working before.. take that up.. dont be idle.. cause... u tend to drive ppl nuts.. (now dnt mistake that.. and dnt read between lines.. )

I know you re getting ready for marriage.. so n joy this time and get used to taking some rest.. and may be a little house keeping??


Winds of Change said...


well well! im glad ur out finally!....n bout the peanutz part...i kno dats meant for me....dno wen im gna do wat u jus did!!....gna b pretty soon i guess! bout the factory part...dats hw it would be in eng rite?? ;).....newayz.... i guess ur finally gna 'break free'????? :)

u kno who

MAYTH!! said...

oooh nice. Sometimes it pays to quit a job when you're not happy with it. I'd know. ;) (thinks that she should also post on that)

And...somebody's getting married? ;;)


beat it..
quit it..

ya deserve way betta... trust me on tat[:)]

as far as peanuts and payslips are concerned; I can jus say they hate eash other..

travellin tat far, heeeee.. in sales, I travel like shit, but yeh, the upside is tat I go to different placez thru diff routes evry time, n FM today rokz!!! n yeh, all this travellin action happens way after 5!

jap used to be ching chang chu earlier.. after 6 months of draggin ma feet thru it, trust me, it styll is ching chang chu..
now was tat chinese???(confused!!)

n well, atleast sum1 is shoutyn frm the rooftops! Of late, peoepl apparently dun like doing tat..(remember saif said abt his kareena liasion-its not like we're shoutin frm teh rooftops, but we're together)

wen ya say factory, hmm, i really can't pict ya in tat ridiculous pink outfit (tat was oh so chosen by ya), n even if i can, ya'd be more liek sm school kid in the wrong school[:)]wait a in- dun temme ya're expected to braid ya hair in two.. ma gawd- this is gettyn 2 be hilarious[:)]

n as for really quittyn, i hope its better done than said[;)]

ani said...

ha ha seriously u finally accepted that u r a mallu.. well half mallu rather.. and common its okk everybody doesnt make millions in their first job.. err some ppl have got luckyy.. so lets leave that..

am sure u know what is lined up for u now.. hehe so u just keep ur fingers crossed and see how things go on..

which am pretty sure will turn out quite intresting..

in the mean time.. plz make sure ur boss has realised u quit.. than u burying urself with more workk and continuing to work for welll for somemore time.. hehe

and still i never got to see u in ur uniform.. be a sport and send me a pic of u with the uniformm.. ;)

Anonymous said...


It is ACTUALLY not so bad to think of such things in such a light-hearted way (at least the way, you guyz present it to the outside world, envy the likes of you and Satti for that!)

Anyway, all the best for the future endeavours - whenever you are planning to take the next plunge!

Amidst all that a small snake twists itself in my tummy too... a small matter of almost half a decade of studies left before I begin to look for "dubboo"... lol!


P.R.E.E.T.I said...

techno dude- office girl e dan...a slightly qualified one tho ;)housekeepin..?wa...?wazza..!?

'yo' windz of change- i really hpe u gt the underlyin hint...i really really hope ;) hehe...

mayth! gurl! marriage...juz HOW on earth did u knw..? the nxt post for more info on tis :D

janieeee..!!!di!!u juz presented me wit gruesome imagez of myself..wit the braidz n the juz oh-so-glad i dint gt to wear it...YET...n thnkfully nw..?never agin! :D prefer to tke it light-hearted than tke it to heart cuz savez me the extra emotional burden u c :D n all the bet for ur 'daboo' venturez! ;)

luv all...

Jagannath said...

Very the saying goes...stay on with work as long as it appreciates u and u appreciate it!.. (just made it :D, though live by it!)

1) Usually, people say...i like the atmosphere! or my boss is understanding....thats all bull!...i believe in more pay! :) i can make "peanuts" at a gambling joint (yet to do so! :( ) or at a call center!...why work so much for peanuts!! motto in life is...earn more...and in the process u like ur job..well and good...whats the use of liking ur job if u cant pay ur rent!

2) Travel! me...thats like a pain in india, used to travel one and half hours one way to college!...and too in mumbai local sum it use ironing ones clothes! :) i know what a pain it is!

3) OK..this Japanese thing sounds funny...maybe i shud call u to catch up with some live action on that.... :)

To sum it up...its become a trend nowadays to work for short periods of times in a company and not stick to it for years and years like how our elders have been doing...

Are u living in the professional world of 2007? Hell- "Hai"


P.R.E.E.T.I said...

To all: jag has returned! hehe...

jag, jag, jag...alwayz nice to gt ur veiws...n i totally agree, the peanuts r defnitely a main stay when it comez to workin...

as of nw tho, me no cribbin...njoyin my momentz at hme...even tho im bein pressurized into viewin matrimonial websites, atleast i gt to wake up late ;) hehe...