Nov 9, 2007

Cranky Corner...

Working the day after Diwali absolutely kills. Just a day off for the most revered festival in Indian history! The Japs really derive sadistic pleasure in being and making others workaholics. Makes me wanna quit all over again. But then, I get to blog allll I want from here. Which is pretty obvious considering the sudden increase in frequency of my blogs. Two in a day today!

Anywayz, I really,really wish there could be some place where I could vent out my frustrations. A place where people could go and scream out LOUDDDDD, some sound-proof room with shatter-proof glass! Either people just have very high tolerance or something of the sort hasn't been introduced yet. (Hmmm, not a bad idea for a business venture really. And well, I am awfully bored with working.I could call it - 'I Scream' or something. Ok,ok it does sound pathetic and lame to me too!Hmmm, something to think about)

Another Diwali just went by. The new clothes and the fact that it's a holiday sparked my interest in it. Other than for that, it was just like any other normal day. Or like any other festival- vada, payasam, bindi & bangles and family lunches that alwayz turn bad. I guess this is why a family shouldn't consist of 10 kids, uh, right now adults, but with retarded mental make up!I cannot imagine that thse guys are actually blood related! Me and Dolz are God sent angels then...!

Ofcourse, the up-sides of the day were wearing my new designer jeans (Ahem!Flaunting time :D) and my not-so-designer top (actually not at all a designer top, just said it for the rhythm...hehe) in which I ended up looking like a stuffed chicken but yet it's alright cuz it's new, playing with my baby cuzin, all of one and a half years, who makes me happy,happy when he cutely calls me peeeeeti, watching the beautiful sky crack up into beautiful hues of electric blues, reds and greens AND getting to spend time with the ones I love tons! (a few of them I couldn't meet though). Almost, almost!

Oops! Work beckons. I've gotta rush now. Until next time, Chotto matte kudasai! :)


rantravereflect said...

Yeh, it suks to wind up in office after a beautiful Diwali[:)] yo babeeeeee.. well written, this one esp the one abt the retarded mental make up[;)]

The desingner jeans were fukn good, trust me[:)] get another pair strapped on 2 ya booty[:)] n well, ya were lookin like absolutely scrumptious chicken, if th word chicken did appear in ya head at all[:D] ya not byn ma lesbo partner - heemaybe its tyme 2 think abt it[:D]

ASs for shatter proof glass, n a soundprrof room[:)], maybe its time we took this up 2 saint gobain and bose[:D]

A.Johnson said...


Spare us folks who dont have HighDef monitors like you may have but please!!! Choose your colour combos more carefully!

I'm askin you this with all due respect!

This is not to make you feel bad but to help me read this post you've put up...

I don't want to have to stick my face 2-inches from the monitor jus to be able to read the print (Hmmmm.... that's not right is it? print?)

Anyways... do hear me out!

loadz of love

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

janie wanie...u luz luvvv me! :) n lesbo....ok gurl, we need to talk! n nw! :D hehe...

andu san...commentz noted...colourz chnged...hopefully itz a lil more easy-er on the eyes nw...i dnt wanna shoo u away! :)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

But nothing like blogging where you ought not ;)

Happy Deeps Preeth!

The Techno Maniac said...


I can really understand, how it is to wprk right after diwali. Its bad, nevertheless, after all, life has its ups and downs.. well, since nov 123, you ve had ur high time, its low time for Nov 8910.. ups and downs.. u cant help it.. can u?

About ur dressin part.. i am t.i.r.e.d of tellin you.. especially ppl who know you well, might agree wit wat i say..

SOme where to scream huh?? how about ur 6600? no one hears a word of wat u say while talkin.. its just a wild guess..

Prathi:-) said...

hey babes.. im sure my comment itself is a suprise.. yes i have finally read ur blog.... :D
nwz... ur blog... abt wrkg on the day aftr diwali???

trust me.. jap guys are atlst justified as they probably dnt knw the importance of our festival.. sm mental institutions like mine gave
7th as holiday.. whn the actual day was 8th... so.. wht i did was... to take off on 7th n 8th..
officially.. n u knw wht i did on friday n saturday rgt???? ;)
nwz... dts pretty much hw much heed one must give for dumb rules like this one... ;)
and abt ur designer jeans... babe.. trust me... u looked cute.... so jus shut up abt ur stuffed chkn bit ok:)
love u di :)

Winds of Change said...

sorry for the late comments...
better late than never! i started reading ur blog...i wuz seriously lukin at it as a business venture!....newayz...diwali...wuz jus anothr jus shocked lukin at myself as thr used to b a point wen i used to burst soooo many crackerz!....n this time....not even a SINGLE ONE!.....dats jus wierd......but then agen....i gues it all depends the way in which v luk at thingz.... n bout ur jeanz....they rock...n im sure datz hw it wuz wit ur chill babe...

u kno who

Lambuchops said...

I agree!! Putting people to sleep is doing service to society.. my blog really couldn't hurt! :)..

Aww... thats terrible.. u having to work right after diwali.... Why dont ya try working ON Diwali!! Really is depressing.. pouring over reports with the constant ring in my ear caused by the omnipresent fireworks going off... :)


P.R.E.E.T.I said... they say, thrz alwayz some 'alpa sandosham' in doin somethin tat 'ought nt'...hehe...

t.maniac (wit stress on the maniac)... i do scream into my 6600...but tat doesnt do much...hw abt ur ear??? :P i knw u keep tellin me gud stuff abt myself...u knw juz nutz :D

prathi!OMG! ur here!!! ;) hehe..well, i shudv spoken to u before i decided to gt to work tat day...damn i dint! :)n thnx for the compliment :D

ruby..dnt worry...ur alwayz late, itz xpected n quit the 'sorry'! hehe...btw i knw my jeanz r nice ;)

lamuchopz...workin ON diwali??u shud file some sort of work-place torture case man! tatz terrible!!!or better still, juz quit like i did ;)

Anonymous said...


If working the day after Diwali kills, working on the day - especially when you know that that is the day when the day is celebrated back home, while for some reason I choose not to understand it is celebrated the next day here... lol - I guess kills too. But then I went out to appa's friends place for a sort of sumptuous lunch; had my car meet with a small accident by a man who - unconscious of the vehicle on gear - rammed it headlong against out little innocuous blue Alto. Thank goodness, for such a hyped head-to-head coalition, the damage was not much. Then, went to my university; had two hours of solid sleep - a paper with some trillion pieces of information in 30 pages - was being presented by a gregarious senior, but I apologised to him in advance... lol.

That, for you, was my Diwali. Yours sounds lot better doesn't it? Well, just came with the flow... comparing has never been my intention for I despise comparisons!

And about blood-related people... well... a thousand blogs may not be enough... lol. Though I have some gems in my family, most of them drive me up the wall - and I am not usually a monkey, lol, so you shouldn't ask more from me... rotfl.

Take care!