Nov 8, 2007

M.E = Mount Everest!

I've alwayz wanted to go somewhere high up, especially high up on the Everest. But I never thought it would ever happen! Until last week.....

3 days last week. Nov 1,2,3 2007 - 3 amazing days when I experienced the heights of heights. And loved it totally! :) The Mount Everest part was Ryan's. When I told him I was high, he joked I was Mount Everest. And I thought it was hilarious and soooo true! But yea, I was up there. Free floating and wow-ed. Looking down at all those tiny miracles around me happen- Prathi losing her 'single' status, Ruby partying along with us, Janie and Satti joining us late-nite, AJ down from Pune! Whatever happened after that doesn't matter. The fights, the abrupt ending, the DJ's crappy excuse, I'm just glad I got to look at the world from up there, through rose-tinted glasses- atleast while it lasted :)

The worst part of a high, is the accompanying low. And moreso, the emotional one!I actually said a lotta senti stuff I never imagined I would. Oh crap!

P.S: Pardon the evasiveness but I guess it isn't really rocket science to guess what I'm talking about. And Satti- nope I'm not a compulsive craver of the high-ness. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to break free and let your hair down. And trust me, I get the wild streak from my dad. More details later ;)


rantravereflect said...

Fuk... jUS LIVE LIFE AND GET HIGH.. I'm a firm believer of tat..Paint the towm red and get on tat roller coaster high- everyone deserves tat lil' break frm mundane life.

I, for one, keep doing tat on a regular basis- gives a very good perspective of life. The highs and lows of life are to be experienced, and wen life dishes out all the lows, ya dish yarself with the highz[:D]

At the end of the day, we all know where to draw the line and where to strike the balnce. i believe even hardcore drug addicts can get a clean break n make a grt life for themselves. oN THE contrary, y can't we- hardcore mundane livers spruce it up with occasional dizzy heights:)

I have a strange bonding with dancing after booze n gettyn it on wyd women after tat, on the dance floor i mean[;)] strange disorder, but i dun think of it tat way..

Reks smokes tat one ciggy in many months while in a disc- tatz her way of lettyn her hair down..

Prathi wears sexy clothes while she gets out on a date or a gurls day out- tatz her way of kickin arse n findin tat mental leeway!

Ruby finally did IT, and tat was her way of breakin free..

Evryone needs tat break- trust me; so, jus get on wyd it, n live life.. Ya live 4 yaself at teh end of teh day, neways! So jus live it with all the dazzling heights and climb ya Everest:)

Lambuchops said...

Well.. U can get a lot higher than everest ya know! I've been to the moon n back! :)

A.Johnson said...

those 3days, I'd hyped about half as much as Sawariya :) that's bad enough...

but all in all... i really liked it. I've always wanted to talk all night with you guys... we got to catch up with your life so far :) i'd say that was good enuf.

you see... our best days are in that past... we knew it would all end the last few times that we met b4 aj left.

All I'm grateful for is that we had those fun times to begin with. Cuz they mean a lot to me.

One last thing... I'd really like to know what were those things that you said that you never thought you would :p

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

janie...ur rite...we knw whr to draw a line, n we r thr wit each other even if the line getz digressd each one of us is in safe custody wit the other! :) im ready for more of everest or watever, anyday anyplace anytime baby!

@lambuchops...the moon?yea?now tat is somethin iv gotta try!

andu...letz nt gt into sawariya...juz happened to watch the movie n am barely alive...ruby,satti n jane wud b testimony for tat!as u said, the 3 dayz wr worth every bit cuz u guyz wr thr...seeinn aj thr...n the entireeee!:)

luv luv!

The Techno Maniac said...

Nice read, my friend.. but I am sure, you dont want me to comment, as you may read wat you dont want to

Techno Maniac

Prathi:-) said...

high high high????... man.. dts d understatement of the millinium... ;)
plzzz.. p3.. we all knw hw exactly high u went dt.. sorry.. dos days ;)
i can nvr forget the moment i entered n found u knw wht... in ur room :)i was soooo shocked... but glad for u :) u gotta do smthng u always wanted to do :)
miracles???? oh yes... hw can i say a big enf thanks???? i love u soooo much babe :) thank u sooo much :) dt day was half dt spl coz of u n ur help :) love u always :) baby doll :)

Winds of Change said...

i gues id agree wit jane...eone has their own highs n lows in life....n yup im glad wit watevr v all did dat day...wuz fun.....all of these gud times jus add on to ur memories and they come in handy wen ur low.....ur jus glad thinkin of watver fun u had previously...howevr silly/difrnt/watever it may be....

so....keep rockin!

lotsa luv
u kno who

Anonymous said...


Just a small question: I have often wondered wonderful, independent men and women of our times always talk of sentimental things - and ensue it with things like "Oh! Crap!" "Does it matter!" "To hell with it!" "Cut the shit!" etc... lol. I understand that too much sentimentality - translated as sentimentali-sm - is indeed a schism as most "isms" are... lol, I am proud of the rhyme in the sentence. But then, I guess being emotionally frank, and standing up to be counted, especially in a group, whether big or small, is not such a bad thing. You need not be critical of it Preeti, even if you aren't proud - that's my opinions.

And for all I know... my opinions may as well concur with that of men and women who belonged to the same time last century... lol.

Never mind the tangential drifts. At times when you talk of emotional realities, the writing itself turns "stream-of-consciousness."