Oct 11, 2007

Music-My Marijuana

I crave music. At times I feel my head would explode if I don't get a nice shot of my favourite song. Just one dose and I'm peaceful. I'm quietened and my mind and body relax. I could just stay that way for hours, as though in a trance. Yup, music is addictive.And how!Right now, I would give anything to yank out my shuffle, plug it into my ears and listen to Dire Straits or Elvis or,ofcourse, my man Bryan Adams (I'm basically an any-music person and I can listen to anything, but for heavy metal and the Norah Jones kinds). That heady rush of lyrics and beat, that giddy pleasurable sensation..oohhh...neither caffeine, nor alcohol, nor sex nor drugs can beat that!

I don't really pay much attention to the lyrics of a song, especially Hindi or Tamil. (Basically cuz I wouldn't really understand it even if I did!) But then there are those that just drawwww you to the lyrics, and I analogize with every single word being sung. Few of my picks would be-

1. "So far away" by Dire straits

"I'm tired of being in love and being all alone
When you're so far away from me
I'm tired of making out on the telephone
And you're so far away from me

You're so far away from me
So far I just can't see
So far away from me
You're so far away from me..."

[For those of you in long distance relationships, Im sure this makes a lottaaaa sense...To me, it did...Every time... ;)]

2. "Best of Me" by Bryan Adams

"Sometimes words are hard to find
I'm looking for that perfect line
To let you know your always on my mind
Ya this is love - n' i've learned enough to know
i'm never lettin' go
No, no, no - won't let go

When you want it
When you need it
You'll always have the best of me
I can't help it believe it
You'll always get the best of me"

[Y'all friendz out there, this goes out from me to U! :) Love!]

3. "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx

"Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you

Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you"

[Extremely simple lyrics, but I'm not complaining when I'm the one being sung-to!]

There are lik a million zillion more songs that I could think of and I wouldn't wanna venture into that now cuz this is a blog and not a lullaby, though music is what we're talking about here!

As I said, genre doesn't matter-R&B, hip hop, rock, hindi,tamil whatever, music is just the best thing EVER! If Elvis melts my heart with "Can't help falling in love", Sean Paul makes me wanna get up and groove to "Temperature". If "Cocaine" makes my fingers ache to strum a guitar, "Nattu Saraku" makes me wanna do the koothu! Just goes to prove that Music, my pals, is My Marijuana!

Go on now, gimme an insight into your musical inclinations. Let me know what gets your body moving and soul stirring :)


The Techno Maniac said...


Why do I have this stupid feeling that the songs are all related to events that happened in the very recent past?? The thing is.. I m going from being worried to running scared..

And I do know about wat a music maniac u re.. right from our college days.. and finding ur laptop and desktop and now i suppose your ipod full of songs.. all the time..

And the way you study for exams with songs on the background.. sure.. its ur marijuana.. and the way you and your god used to dance while in the BUS! shaking your head and hand.. plus the fresher's party... Need I say more??

Anyways.. Me n Music.. Wish we had a better understanding.. however.. my fav song is the title song of my fav sop - Friends!

"I L be there for you...."

Winds of Change said...


i think im gna rate dis one my most FAVVV blogs!....nw dat does NOT mean i didnt enjoy readin the rest...but this one...sumhow....was simple n straight!....well well well! wen it comez to music, i can go on...n on...n on...u kno dat!....therez no point in me tln wat i like n wat i dnt like...cuz u kno dat...but for the rest of u who dont....id do ANYTHIN to listen to eagles-tequila sunrise/hotel cali/witchy woman ..beatles-luv me do/i wna hold ur hand/ysterday...n wen it comez to movin my body, it wud DEFINATELY include beyonce(deja vu..remember wen they played it nonstop on chnl v n m tv???) Shakira...sngz like beautiful liar...nelly's man eater...justin timberlake.... n wen it comez to soul stirrin...id b a muzic illiterate if i dont mention our one n only Bryan Adamz...have u ever reely luvd a woman/best of me/only thing dat luks gud on me/best of me/sumr of 69....oh! i sooooooooooooooo damn wish u were thr in mumbai dat day....anywayz...vl can still catch it sumtime soon....most of all..i can never 4gt the way v used to listen to all the muzic in the world ...whethr itz kya mujhe pyar hai or bryan adamz or any track for dat matter...i jus treasure the timez v used to sing like nobodyz business(and ofcourse torture the rest of them..but do v care bout such thingz?? NOO! :) )....and i wud b the biggest fool on earth if i dnt mention elvis! ive jus started listenin to dat stuff...n i ABSOLUTELY luv it!......n the most amazin part is, how some songz take u to a phase!...u jus automatically relate to those timez......n wen i say a phase...n can b sumthin really dumb 2...for eg, wen i listen to 'pure shores by all saints & dats the way it is by celine dion, it remindz me of my 10th boardz cuz dey used to play it all the time durin dat period...
newayz....datz all i gta say..

lotsa luv
u kno who

Winds of Change said...

b.t.w,is my comment slightly bigger than ur blog?????!!!!!!


musicccccccccccc makes the people come together.. madonna went all out to make music outt tat.. n she wa darn right.. [:D]

Wen the beats n the keats come together, its like 'music n lyrics' tat make ya go completely insane.. I love nethyn tat makes me move to the groove; be it hip hop, rap, evn trance at times.. n how cus i miss out on dapankuttu- man sumtimes its the purest music to the ears, n i know ya'd totally be in tandem with me naatu sarakku babeee[:D] n well, ya know me, i cud die 4 a song like.. orru vartha solla too-i think rekz n me gel on tat one[:D]

Shania Twain touches ma soul, bryan adamz is like every woman's dream crooner,I also liek the pak singerz bandwagon- i mean guys lik strings,fuzon(peetu, remember mora saiyyan- i think we listened 2 tat every mornin we woke up, AGAIN N AGAIN)

Music, for me, is akin to literature.. it cud be as classic/scripture-like (the mozarts n the shakespeares, as flimsy/whimsical(the M&Bs n the beyoncez), as groovy(the baldaccis/chetan bagats n the ar rehmans ), as masalaish(the page3's n the boyzonez/anu maliks), or as melancholic(the khaled hosseinis n the illayarajaz).. END of teh day, music reflects all our moods n moodSwings, AND conversely, OUR MOODS dictate the kinda music we listen 2..

About teh sex, drugs, bfz; trust me, they're addicting as they are, but couple each of them with music, n they get even groovier.. Have ya heard of musical-love makin (imagine whAT jennifer lopez n mark antony do in bed!!),or 'tripping' or trance or singing wyd ya bf(used to do tat:()music makes addictions even more addictive)

Ya got me 'jaunting' on 'Mrijuana', ' Music' and Preeti's 'musical moves'.. way to go.. TURN ON YA MUSIC TODAY:)WE'RE HOOKED TO YA POSTS.. KEEP ya dancin to ya tunes! mwaaaahh

ani said...

i will agree with rups this is my fav blog .. well not tht its got to do with music.. nor that u quoted out all our fav music .. hehe but then.. well justtttt loved it.. hnmm.. but then thats how we are.. but then there are few songs i like apart from these.. WHITE FLAG - DIDO and another is LIFE IS RENT that's from DIDO again.. and ofcourse BRYAN ADAMS.. and my all time fav the famous track from NOTTING HILL - WHEN U
thats like one of the ultimate..
well the blog's just amazing babess.. as always.. do check out mine when u get the time..
had been writing for past sometime now. ;)

Anonymous said...


Dunno why, but I was thinking about the group of awesome fivesome late last evening... and here I am, commenting on the blog written by one of them:)

Well, I am not particularly "against" music or even non-Indian music. It is just that my girth of knowledge in the area is virtually nill, I guess. No regrets though... lol.

But yep. music is the best things that ever happened to mankind in terms of a "release" - for many emotional, for some (musicians themselves, perhaps) intellectual too and probably transcendental. So I concur with you. It does make you get away, even if for a while, from the humdrum or the hazards of quotidian existence and I guess letting some steam off is always important!

My favourite music... well there is quite a bit... (and I listen to lyrics basically in "Tamil songs only"... Hindi I don't understand, English I cannot get them... lol). A long list...

But the songs I keep humming these days:

(1) Munbe Vaa
(2) Karukaru Vizhigalal
(3) Yenna Satham indha neram (Punnagai Mannan)
(4) Tum Kho Bhee (Kabhi Alvida...)
(5) Unnaale Unnaale/ Siru Siru Uravugal (same film).

Ciao! Take care

beetlejuice said...

tis time iv gotten all long commentz...another first...esp since ruby hs written a long one!wow! :) hehe...

thnx all of u for pennin in...as alwayz, meanz a ton! :D

satti...swthrt, if i gt into the history of each of the songz mentioned here, it wud go wayyy bak in time...trust me it hs nothin to do wit stuff in the recent past...no songz attached to tat one!!!so dont u gt worried abt me on tis note ;) n now our song cn b the friendz song... :D

ruby ruby ruby...music n us...as u said urself, tis is somethin v cud go hrz n hrz on...we share similar tastes in music...MOSTLY...hehe...cuz well, u consider urself 'too sophisticated' for me!!!hehehehe...n yup il certainly will never forget deja vu..!hehe...

next stop..janie...u n music...i knw the eclectic connection u guyz hv...esp watchin u groove to music is a treat! (tho sometimez u cn get carried away ;) ) u wr the one who used to download music by searchin by 'wrodz' in the english dictionary...rem the list of 'fuck' songz..??hehe...gk for me tat one! :D

ani...thnx for readin...im honoured!!! ;)

srini...i luv the songz uv mentioned here...another cliche statment im gna make...'music knwz no boundaries- no language,creed,caste etc'...n so any music is gud music...! :)

luv ya all!

Jagannath said...

OK....i know i am a bit late (as always), but P3...i have my excuses (as always!)

Anyways....shifting to this awesome topic at hand...YES!....music is the most important aspect of my life!...at any given time....i can listen to music while working, talking, driving, sleeping, etc etc.....even while taking bath!! (trust me...i have done that!)

Firstly....all the songs that u mentioned in ur list belongs to singers i have or had a strong liking for a long time in the past 23 years...

As like everyone else....my music dictionary started with B for Bryan Adams.....the first song i listened to was Run to You...which made me run to all his other songs as well! :)

Then came madonna, richard marx, stevie wonder, beegees, phil collins....and the other soft rock and pop favorites of the 80's.

Finally i got some taste of classic rock with humble beginnings being bruce springsteen and U2......and by the end of it...i felt like the guitar was the most important instrument in a musician's armory!....which was followed my mark knopfler's dire straits.....among many, their sultans of swing just swoop me away with their guitaring!....

After the era of classic rock, came the era of psychedelic rock......in two words...PINK FLOYD....these guys made me realise that it is not just the guitar...but the grand show and the play of the sythesizer too....(btw, try pink floyd on when u r drunk!....works like a charm :D )

Finally, having covered...more of the rock in the 70's and 80's...i ended up with heavy metal...in short again...METALLICA....though i only prefer their older albums....thanks to their quality....while their later albums only increasing decibel levels for no rhyme or reason!

And with this exposure...in the late 90's...i went global....with stuff like yanni....or even what i believe is our best indigenous product so far....AR RAHMAN!...

I still remember as if yest....rahman's urvashi.....which is a song i can listen to back to back...then on...it was rahman, rahman, rahman....the first think i look in a movie is if rahman is the music director...

I know i have written a really long account here (rather, faaar into the night is what conventional writes would pen it!) ....but pls ack the fact that u have kindled my most faaaaav topic...so i have to blurt all this out!...

Anyways...since u asked us to pen out our fav...i am including below...my 5 fav english songs and hindi songs as follows:

1)High Hopes- Pink Floyd
2)Sultans of Swing- Dire Straits
3)With or Without you- U2
4)Back to you- Bryan Adams
5)Fade to Black- Metallica

1) Urvashi
2) Yeh tara woh tara
3) Mera rang de basanti chola
4) yeh jo desh hai tera
5) Dil se

I sincerely apologise for the colossal hugeness of this comment...but i would request that u comment on this too! :D

beetlejuice said...


F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!i guess persistence pays off..ur commentz totally worth the wait! so im nt complainin ;) n plz...u cud write more if u wanna (as long as u juz write somethin!hehe)

lemme tell u y im even happier abt ur comment...juz ystrday when i ws listenin to radio city 91.1 (god bless it for playin english music, especially on sunday nitez) thr ws tis show on diff kindz of music thru diff yrz...startin of wit the elvis, the beatles, The kind MJ, madonna...it felt like heaven listenin to all of em...readin ur comment tuk me on the same ride :)

n i cnt belive i forgot to mention Sultans of Swing...Mark Knopfler...Dire straits...wow huh?Wudv luvd to go to one of their concerts...missed the one in blore couple of yearz bk...damn man... :)

n then ofcourse the God of Indian music-AR Rahman...thr r soooo many songz of his i cud go on n on abt like New york nagaram, ruth aa gayi re, sngz of yuva etc etc...

Hail Music!

beetlejuice said...

oops...correction...i meant the kinG MJ :) slip of the finger ;)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

Hm....now theres a post thats got me thinking.

Pink it's like red but not quite.. ;) Aerosmith

Beauty and the Beast- Dion

Forever, You've gota a way-Shania Twain (actaulyl all of her songs)

Hae you ever Loved a Woman-BA

Stranger in Moscow- Hail Jackson!

Scarborough Fair-S&G

And now....Naresh Nair.

You know these are some the few songs which sorf of give me the feeling that time stands still when I listen to them...

Sigh...thnk I should get back to listening to some good 'ol songs.

Nice post...again got me thinking.

beetlejuice said...

ah mayth!thr u r...thought id lost the reader in u ;) hehe...

cnt belive i dint mention beauty n the beast...Tale as old as time,
True as it can be...oh wow!n then thr goes the entire disney series- circle of life, hakuna matata,whole new world, under the sea....beautiful beautiful songz...

thnx for bringin them bk to me...

much luv...

Aashish Ramdas said...

hmm... interesting blog. Though I really liked a post on food that I think was removed. Sad, because I really didn't know that there were so many good places to eat in Chennai (though my grandma would kill me if I came back home smelling of meat).

Good work on the food post - really appreciate the info.

PS: You can find me through Jane on Orkut.

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

hey aashish...

thnx for readin! the post on food ws taken off cuz of technical difficulties...i felt the display wasn't rte so after playin arnd with the colours and alignment, iv published it...

n abt gettin home smellin off meat..i knw hw tat is :D bein a carnivorous-iyer n tho banned, i relish meat,meat n more meat :)