Oct 30, 2007

Just Another Day in Paradise...

.......or in other words, just another day in the life of P.R.E.E.T.I....and trust me, if this is paradise? I can't imagine hell :)

This was something Satti had asked me pen in ages ago -when I wasn't working my ass off like now [I know I don't need to pretend to you guyz, but, if not you then who else???Tamil la sola pona, unga kita scene podama vera yaar kita mudiyum???hahaha...Itz a senti 'awwww' moment ppl!!]. I told him I wouldn't do it. I mean, cmon, who would wanna take time out to read about me:

1. Waking up at 12.30 a.m (technically pm, though I'm still gonna maintain the 'a.m' cuz anytime I get up is morning and morning is a.m and I'd still say good morning when you call me then though it technically is afternoon!!!confused???)

2. Watching anything and everything on T.V. As I have professed a million times over, I am a couch potato and love being one. I used to watch Oprah on Star World at 2, but thanks to Hallmark buying the broadcasting rights, I was forced to watch Ellen- which I didn't like, not only cuz it just isn't O, but also cuz it just isn't O! Yet, I sat and watched it anyway cuz, what the hell! it's on TV at 2 and 2's a good TV time, just as 3,4,5,6,7,8.......!!!

3. Eating uneventful food like...red rice and rasam..or papadam and curd rice...or bread and jam....or chapathi and dal....or.....

4. Sitting online and blogging. Sitting online and chatting. Sitting online and checking mail....

5. Getting down the stairs as my cuckoo clock starts 'cuckoo-ing' 5 times at 5 (d-u-h!) and 5 is tea time , sitting at the dining table and waiting for Padma to give me tea [and biscuit if I've been a good girl ;) Makes me sound like a dog..hehe]

6. Talking on the phone to Ruby/ Dolz/ Rekz/ Dad/ Prathi/ Jane/ Satti about how bored I am, how I need a job, how I need my own money, how I've aged and put on 5 kilos, how I........

7. Getting back to my comfy green sofa and settling down just to watch the next round of anything- tattoo artistes, cooking shows, Kareena dancing to some silly music or the zillionth repeat of Friends...

8. Talking fervently to dad at 8,when he gets back from work, about my future and what I want to do with it....

9. Finally deciding at 1 p.m [I'm sparing y'all the post meridien explanation :D] to hit the sack and dream about...nothing or something or anything!

Now, temme, you wouldn't really wanna read about all that, would you??? :D

P.S. a) The routine has changed now. I work. And the details are too boring for me to get into :D

b) Coming to think of it, compared to Just Another Day at work- sitting in a freezing cold office on a beautiful rainy day and doing NOTHING- sitting at home and doing ALL the above does seem like Just Another Day in Paradise ;)


The Techno Maniac said...


Well, you dumb witted nut case, I guess thanks is due to you first.. This is the first time you ve listened to me..

Hmmm... you talk as if you re working "too hard" at the moment, which I am sure we all know, is not true.. and I am sure many of them (who know you)know that the name "Preeti" has a couple of synonyms like "show off" and "scene podarathu" and I have personally seen and confirmed them at many occasions.. Nevertheless.. thats what "P.R.E.E.T.I" is.. and you re loved for that!! (Now dont try to act modest.. It does not suit you, preetz) and I m sure.. many frnds and fans of yours, would be more than willing to read about it.. Though you prefer to talk about it, which again makes sure that they get to know wat you ve been doing for the past month or year or for a decade as a matter of fact, and may be few new stories as well.. As I ve stated before that you ve make stuff intrestin and scintillating that ppl just keep listening and listening and listening to you.. I also remember the time it took to get to you, and its easier calling my bank's or airtel's customer care, I reach the customer care in like 10 mins or less.. thats when I decided to call you as my fav "call centre" - all the time "yak"ing on the phone. I had to call you like 10 times, before I get to hear your voice.. and by then its ten, and you d wanna hit you den!!

Waking at 12 noon or "am" as you put it.. when have you gotten up early?? Even in our college days, you d keep sleeping in the bus and in class, tho you re away from ur bed at home. And the time you're not sleeping.. you l be either talkin or attending to your fan list..

Your TV Watchin.. all the time.. even on your B'Day.. I can never forget that.. A true couch potato.. watching same stuff again and again and some times telling them to ppl whom you re talkin (Example - me, btw... i enjoy that, so you may continue)

Food - As they say " Vanathla parakara Aeroplane a thavara, Bhumila odra car thavara(automobiles) and thani la mudakra kapal thavara.. elathiyume thingavendiyathu" thats especially made for you.. Hogging and rating food chains... I suggest, you become a food critic.. that way... its a nice career.. you d love and you may get free food to!! like the free cookie, you never miss out at cookie man's..

Blogging, chatting and messaging has become a part of your life.. aint it?? so thats not new..

Sound like a dog?? you re competition to chintu.. so..;)

Talking on the phone has already been discussed (refer first para ;) )

Well, I very much know about your life.. somehow, I ve always found it intrestin.. so many hours on the call, on the sms, at functions, parties.. such a wonderfull social calendar.. full all the time.. The only incoming calls I recieve are from Credit card companies on wether I d wanna a new card or askin me to pay my bills.. I ve always tht about how one can handle such a life.. where you have to split your attention.. You d make one of the best HR's as you know how to allocate little time to ppl makin them think that you re giving them the most of your time.. a skill, befitting GODS.. Be proud my dearest rowdy mallu (aka) call centre!!

Listening to you each day (if i get thru your line of callers, that is) has made it intresting for me to understand you bit by bit.. I get to know new things about you whenever i speak to you.. Is it new things or am i a little dumb? I ve been pondering over this question for a long time.. nevertheless, you d agree on the latter..

and last.. but not in least.. a philosophical thing which I d wanna say to you..

There are so many delicious, comforting, joyous moments in our life every day, but they are lost on us because we are often going too fast to savor them. Take a moment to answer the call of the good in your life by sensing it and fully enjoying these little gifts that are there if you slow down long enough to grab them. It is more about determination than anything else, just as it is the simplest things that are the hardest to realize.I m sure you know how hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one's senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality. after all Life is a zoo in a jungle..

I know you live your life to the fullest.. but just wanted to let you know that you re always special..

Loads of Luv

(I m sure you d be fuming over the fact that my comment is longer than your blog and also regretting to ask me to comment.. hope this shud suffice ;) )

and PS - You re Pretty, you re nice and you ARE Loosing weight and yeah.. ppl love you.. and the next time you disagree to that.. I d have you murdered ruthlessly..

TC! Nut Case!

Winds of Change said...


i gues e1 goes thru dat phase....the funniest part is, eithr wayz its borin....at home or at work...hahahahahahhahahaha.....so doesnt really mke much of a difrnce na? :)......at the end of the day, v r stil our crappy selves.....watever happnz in dis whole wide wrld, u n tv wl nvr break up...hehe!....n dont wry babe....ur blog wuznt borin n all.....

lotsa luv
u kno who

Anonymous said...


I have registered my presence here signorina! lol. Apart from that I do not know what to say. I have never encountered such a hellish version of paradise or a heavenly version of the neatherworld myself... lol. So, I guess I am not "qualified" (ROTFL) to comment on that.

As regards work and rest... at least I am of the opinion that the grass on the other side is always green. That is one reason why I am pushing myself now to study as much as possible though I would love to stand up and be counted in mine own money and on mine own two legs... lol. But then, once I get there I might start to wonder - hell, what difference would a couple of years of study have made (or not made... lol)? So, that's my study-job comparison - sorry for the tangential rambling as usual.

Take care. Cheers!

Nags said...

hehe.. you are funny :)

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

satti..u makin me cwy wit the senti stuff :( waah! ;) watever ever ever wud i do witout u?!?

ruby!i never ever said tis post is borin...hw hw cud u say tat...man im pissed at u! ;)hehe...

srini...nw im confused... ??? :D

nags...i hope funny is gud... :)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

I tell myself dumb job is better than no job. *Or is it?*

Well...like I (always) say, the grass is always greener on the other side.
Works sucks big time at times and I'd feel that I'd be better off watching Kareena move her ass... but you know what, I'll never know.

rantravereflect said...

WORK.. i really wish it were as excityn as wat we did saturday nyte- ya know, like pumpin iron every second, doing crazy, innovative stuff all the tyme, reinventin n livit it up 24*7... unfortunately, work 4 me is sadddddd.. N trust me I'm tryin 2 make it happy[:(] how ironic..

neways, i know wat ya mean.. n yehh ya've listed all ya dooo, which is an interestyn readable version of wat ya speak, i'm amazed at how ya cud speak sooooo much abt 1 simple thing- like how ya dad asked ya 2 keep the car up n runnin for a few mins n how the garage was redolent with chintu's smell and where the spare keys are kept near the gate and how the doormat went dirty and how many chappalz were rotttyn in the shoe rack wen sumone so much as utters the word car ..

hats off babe- u really keep people engaged[:)]

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

mayth...the grass on the side IS definitely greener...time tested philosophy...bt yet doesnt stop me for wishin the opp of wat iv gt...everytime! :)

n jane...tnx for makin public my talkin skills...hehe...tho tis is only wit u bumz who listen...actually..not :D