Oct 29, 2007

Tantalizing/Tormenting Tongue Ticklers...

This time my thank u's are directed towards Andu san. As I heatedly explained my tryst with skin-thin salami, he suggested I write on it. This is one suggestion I did take :)

I'm an absolute food-junkie. After music, I live, breathe and crave food. And God has blessed me with the best of friends and family who share the same passion. (P.s: do take a look at the snap on the rite. Yours truly indulging in some 'finger-licking'..hehe) And so, I am gonna take you all on the astronomical sensation giving- gastronomical route- a trip though the roads of Chennai with pit-stops at my favourite and not-so-favourite joints.

1. Gallopin' Gooseberry: My rating *****
Mayo. Lots and lots of it. No order of mine here is complete without extra, extra mayo (Ahem, when I am not dieting that is...which is like almost alwayz :D). Their Rosemary chicken sandwich- 3 slices of white bread with just the right amount of meat, mayo and herbs- is heaven. If you thought a sandwich would be lighter than a burger, think again. This one is HUGE and absolutely sinful. Add to that a Carbuncle from the Fruit Shop below & I couldn't ask for more! Their burgers are good too. But I pick the sandwiches. To me, the prices are a lil high, around 90 for a sandwich, but it certainly wouldn't leave you hungry at the end of it!

2. Tangerine: My rating *****
Think steak, think Tangerine. Me and Dolz were weekly goers here till she got married,I started working and well, this happened-'the family'- me, aj, andu and dolz- were served a family of cockroaches 'on-the-house' with our basket of french fries. As the tiny lil creatures ran hither tither on our table, our appetite died a natural death (do read andu's blog on this for further info). That hasn't stopped us from going there though because the food is beckoning. Our standard order would include: French fries and stuffed mushrooms for starters, a nice, tall glass of minty iced tea, maincourse of either Stuffed cottage cheese steaks, Paneer and corn cutlets or Chicken Desiree and Dessert-Oh!this is the BEST part about Tangerine. Their desserts are to-DIE-for!I would suggest the Death By Chocolate (literally!), the Tiramisu and the Rum & Walnut cake (for the faint hearted, dont you worry, a lil bit of rum wouldn't do any harm. Tho' dolz claims she did get high on it!hehe)

3.Sparky's Diner: My rating *****
By the Americans, for the Indians. This is one highly priced burger joint which keeps with the American tradition of serving absolutely fatty, greasy burgers which are not necessarily tasty. I remember feeling high and dry the 1st time. I wouldn't suggest it EXCEPT for their Friday nite buffet priced at 375 nett. It is strictly for meat lovers with heady quantity of meat and excellent serving sizes. Burgers, sausages, breads, salads, pastas, soups and dessert-it's all there. Definitely worth a try on a Friday evening.

4.Paprika- at The Courtyard Marriott: My rating *****
*Drool* This is one place my condescending Dad (pardon me pa!) actually approved. And I fifth-ed it (after Harsh,dolz n mum...hehe). A refreshing change from our usual Main street- Copper point routine, Paprika was a whiff of not just fresh air but aromatic delicacies which seemed endless. No doubt it created a dent in Harsh's pocket (around 6k for the 5 of us) but none of us were complaining as it was worth every penny. Finally a new place to go to, one that my whacky family would unanimously agree!

5. Coffee World: My rating *****
Coffee World is now the official hangout of my gang-of-gurls (me, ruby, prati n janie..n satti ofcourse when he's around) for our TLC sessions. This has more to do with the proximity factor than their menu. The skin-thin salami experience was here. Being on one my infinite diets, that hardly last a day, I decided to stick to it and order a salami sandwich (lean meat) with brown bread (!!!) and *sniff* no mayo!I was just excited at the prospect of eating anything other than oats, skimmed milk and peanuts. But when I was served, I literally had to squint and scratch to find the light pink salami on the dark brown bread! Then why do I rate it 3/5???Awwww...I'm just partial to the place cuz a lot of good moments have been here. I'm a sucker for sentiment ppl! :)

6. Eden: My rating *****
Do not get outta here without trying the fried baby corn, mushroom crepes and aloo chutneywalley.

7. Cream Center: My rating *****
Another regular JUST for their near-perfect rendition of the lebanese Hummus. Something only me and dolz can relish (and gladly so, cuz we don't have to share then..hehe).
[P.S:On demand from my dearest bro-in-law Harsh, who couldn't believe I rated his fav. place 3, I am upgrading it to 4. And it is 4* worth, lemme tell you. And also, he SWEARS by their vegetable biryani..real awesome!]

8. Arabian Hut @ Citicenter: My rating *****
Closest to Bahrain's shawarmas and so a regular on my list.

9. Mocha- My rating *****
Blueberry brain freezer shake, Oreo shake and Nutella crepes- sums up Mocha in my eyes. I must add that their service borders on lousy. It may be a strategy to have ppl lounging in, but by the time you place the order, get it and get out- a Bollywood film with all its songs and dances would be complete!

10. Saravana Bhavan- My rating *****
Not for their food, which is already well known, this rating is for their delectable range of natural icecreams. Do try guava, strawberry and banana. Yummm!

Damn, all this writing has gotten me hungry as hell...Time to go feed by growling tummy :) I'm not letting you go that easy though, as alwayz, your turn to spill the beans.... :)



unxzwpabsoufukulutinglee delectable.. wowww babeee.. ma tummy is really doing a lotta growlin down there[:)] yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. i loveee each of zeze places, and have had a fab tyme with the fab sexcee six[:)], and wyd tonza other frenz..
chennai is a grt place 2 eat.. n yeh, sum other places ya cud chek out are-
movenpik- scoops of heaven their icecreams are, i love the roast lamb paninos there as well[:)]

veronaz/pupil- yummmmmieeee burgers, n the ham n bacon are oooohh so mouth-watering..

melting moments- they have amazin salds here- corn, mayo, peanuts, sprouts, fruits- yummmm..

fishermen's fare- love the seafood pasta here..

crescent- ahhhhh the malabar biriyani n the egg kothu parotta are 2 die 4, n they're open till like 1.30..

baywatch- once again, stupendous burgers- so juicy n yummm..

asian grill- we actually loved the thai fried rice or sumthin there[:)] - the food was gooooood..

kumaragam- off late, i go her 4 din dinn a lotttttt-apam and mutton stew, n kerala fish, fish n more fish.. yummmmm...

sweet chariot- chek out the choco rum balllz- they're definitely ballz more delicious than the human ones[:)]

coffee day- love them or hate them, i styll spend like 700 buks sometimes in tat place- the strawberry frappe, yummmmmm, the hot dog small, but tyz meat n sexcee sausage...n the iced tea a dump..

alsa mall sandwich stall- yummiest double cheese egg sandwiches..

Peeto, keep up the ravishing work.. i love the foodie in ya n all of us...


oops-a-daisy.. i almost forgot 2 tell everyone how this gurl cud rattle off names of everythin tat we ate, at a stretch- she has a thingie 4 names, nethyn n everythin on the menu..
her passion for food is a feast for teh eyes, as much as ummy food is to the tummy.. [:)]

ps: babeeee, how cud ya 4get anjappar?? biriyaniiii 2 dieee 44444444444444444444444..

Jagannath said...

well, food!....have been a hogger of that since birth!...out of the list u just presented...i have been to just 2 of them! :( (sad for me!)

1) sarvanaa bhavan...(yes!...they have a branch in new york!!!) - Frankly, I avoid south indian food, dont take idli,dosa, (though medu vada still gives me the thrills!)...but sarvanaa bhavan...is a place where i tend to forget my south indian food disliking past! and just gorge!...can eat anything they dish out!

2) Mocha's- well, i rate them ok-ok. Even the mumbai mocha's takes a gazillion amount of time to get ur order...maybe they train them for that!....though they have real good dishes.....a) not meant for people who are diet conscious (which I am supposed to be!) and b)their coffee....hmmm... all i will say is nothing beats mom-made kaapi :)

sob sob!...and just FYI, i eat the subway "everyday" for lunch and trust me...i m dying a boring death!...somebody help!

Aashish Ramdas said...

My favourite post is back :)

I remember one place I had been to about 6 years ago. It was near a Higginbothams shop (which might put it on Mount road?) and it had this amazing home cooked southie food. It was some Anna something. The food there was just god-level.

But there seems to be a good list here - will definitely sample some when I make my next trip there. And things are still cheap!! Man, it's costly in Bangalore...

Winds of Change said...

firstly, i luv ANYTHIN n EVERYTHIN made outa potatoez.....

wen it comez 2 fud.....there r jus sooooo many favourites i can mention..u may disagree to the fact that i can eat properly...newayz...

as u sd..

eden: fried babycorn, aloo chutneywale..spicy crunchy.....

saravana bhavan: i ABSOLUTELY luv this place....their french fries at RK Salai rocks...sumtimez v even go jus to eat dat!!...kaima idli..mixed veg paratha..masala dosa, fried rice, gobi 65, panner butter masala, palak paneer...

little italy: cheese masala garlic bread is TOTAlly difrnt...french fries..tabasco pizza..n thir B29 pasta!!!! their restairant in nung is slightly roach infested 2!...dno watz with places dat serve italian fud!

sangeetha: their panner masala dosa, cheese podi masala dosa n sambar rice!!

pizza hut: luv any pizza!

dominoes: same comment....but their twisty bread, garlic bread n chinese pizzas rock...

khana khazana: near besse beach-the stuffd prathaz.....oooohhhhhh...btw, plz dnt expect any ambience in these kinda places, u gta sit on the platform n keep ur plates on stools provided by them

ccd: i jus dnt like the place but for the schezwan potato sub ..n sum drinks...

mocha: my standard philly cream n cheese paniniz....choc crepe..really like the place gud ambience...nice time pass....

moven pick: yummmmyyyy sandwiches, i agree wit jane but for the lamb part...oh ppl...im vegetarian btw...gues u wudve figured that out by now....

muruku sandwich!!!: sadly this was introduced to p3 n myself by a hopeless(an understatement) person. anywayz....i jus luv the muruku sandwichez...its absolutely YUMMMMMMY.....its been soooo long since i had it....damn wish i cud go thr sumtime....for those who live near pruawalkam...PLEASE have this stuff from this place called links near dasaprakash....

datz all i can think of rite nw...n yes...i DAMN DAMN hungry!!!

u kno who

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

hola ppl!

janieee...thnz for addin in placez i left out...lik veronaz,coffee day, alsa mall sandiwchez...n ofcourseeeeee BIRYANI! i wud juz die droolin for biryani...i 'unxzwpabsoufukulutinglee' luvvvvvvvv biryani...i hv GOT to chk out tis fisherman's fare uv been ravin abt...cnt wait :) man, im juz cursin myself for bein in office nw!!

jag...thnx for the pleasant shock!hehe...n well u shud b tellin abt the mumbai n american hangoutz n eatoutz tat u frequent! :) will wait for it :)

aashish...i think ur talkin abt annapoorna...i hvnt been thr bt hv heard itz juz as amazin as u say...will go thr sometime soon n post my review :D

rubyyyyyy wubyyyy!!!our own muruku...forget the initiator, we followed it! tho i forgot to mention it, i knew u wud...fr all of u out there, tis is somethin u MUST try...tiny tiny crisp murukus, with potatoes,tomatoes,onions and green chilli chutney in between...n hence the 'sandwich'...itz juz the most diffrent,innovative n yummniest ting u cn eat...n also, thrz tis 'thalu vandu' (push cart...???) dude who serves badam milk juz below the doveton bridge (xact location unknown)..ice cold n thick n creamy as ever with tonz of badam...10 bux a glass and sinful wud b an understatement...

i dint mention the pizzas n kfcs cuz they r alwayz yummy :) hehe...

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

Very VERY enlightening Preeth! Really.
I really could use a lot of this foodie-advice.

Give us more. :-)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

...Perhaps a post for the veggies ;)

ani said...

this actually show what gluttons we all are.. ha ha.. sorry for being very straight forward about that.. but reallyy u pretty much covered everything... :)

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

a post for the veggies...comin up mayth ;)

ani...dont worry...gluttons we r...im glad ppl juz gt to 'read' the blog n not see me eatin! :D hehe...

A.Johnson said...

'why oh why' is it that when we think of a place to dine I've never heard you suggest some of the places i've seen you list out here?


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