Mar 31, 2007

A Penny For My Thoughts....

Attention: From this day, 31 March 2007, A Penny for My Thoughts is going to be a regular feature... ;)

Dated: 31 March '07 Time: 21: 30 hrs

Can a day ever be sooooo boring?????

Man!!!!!!!!I L.O.A.T.H.E Fightin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do they really have people managing what plays on T.V everyday????

My tummy's rumbling...i need FOOD!!!

I wannna go outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.............................

I wanna paintttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm...I think I'm thirsty.....Water!!!!

Vodka Anyone????hehehe...

I need new songs...Bored of the usual crap....

What are all my friends upto???

Wanna dance...just let my hair down...I need the break!

Well...Break??? Whatever from...Man! I'm losing it!

Trust me, Marriage is a Dying Institution...!

I've got to change...but what???

Oh! I need to lose weight....I'm gonna keep trying n trying...!

A Job.....that's what I need....And MONEY...MY money!!!

Uhhh....Can someone help me get away from where I am right now????

Why can't Dolz just be here!!! :( :( :(


"On a Day Like Today, the whole world can change....The Sun's gonna shine, shine through the rain..." [Background score]

Pepperoni pizza, KFC....Chaat???Cookie....Muffin, Banana & Walnut....Shawarma...Rainbow Sorbet from Baskin Robbins...A thick and juicy Dairy Queen burger...OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Can this happen???I mean...Can the floor just suddenly give way and can I vanish????

Am I really nice? Nah...I think people just say that to make me feel good....hmmmm....

Damn! The library's closed....I should be reading a new book now...not fretting!

"C'mon, C'mon, C'mon..We're gonna make it home tonight".....[Background score now]

Do Aj and Andu have to go???Are my 2 Best Men gonna leave me and goo?????? :( :( :(

What do we name our niece/nephew-to-be??? :) :) :) Atlast...something to smile about...!

I better end on that good note...Now,Your turn....Here's A Penny For Your Thoughts....

P.S: Fill them in as comments...If you haven't figured that out already... :)


Winds of Change said...

y on earth dont u come out...

y AINT you comin 4 dance classes!!!

y aint v goin for paintin classes

u'v changed


im soo sorry i cudnt get it this eve!!

The Techno Maniac said...

A Penny? I guess your blog deserves pounds. I am not that rich to give you. So i l give mine in words. I thoroughly enjoyed your writin. More competition for me. I dont know whether I can compare your writings to mine. Doubtlessly, you will always win..
ok.. Now to your blog..

1. You were so vetti on march 31st 2007? I remember very clearly that I told you to give me a missed call whenver you refree, a long time back. So i know this is going to irritate you, we are back to square one.. I have come to accept this fact today.

2. About your job, I have requested you to send your updated resume to me. not that i can get a job for you, but nevertheless i d give in my best shot to help you in anyway.

3. About friends. I really cant believe that no one was there. That too for you.. Where are all those blokes??

4.Vodka? what happened to orange juice?? you take raw vodka? must make a note of that..

5. Dance to old songs with new steps.. I hope I can say something like that..

6. Marriage a dying institution.. Sadly everybody has to enroll there some day.. so get prepared.. but to add a thought to it.. Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they're on the same side..

8. Weight.. You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.. and i m sure you have loads of it.. so go ahead.. and lend me some if you dont mind.

7. I d love to help you get away from there. I d be very much happy to get you here in Hyderabad.. you re welcome here.. its a great place.. I d be happy to have and host you here. But I dont know whether you d accept it. It is always an open offer for you at anytime.. I m always here.. Try to atleast consider my inviation..

8. No.. you cant vanish.. you re to huge for that.. not that i m thin..

9. You re the best. I have been saying the same old line for quite sometime and I have always meant as on date.. I dont know why you dont believe..

I bet you are regretting why you asked me to add a comment.. you are always welcome to delete it. if you dont like it.. am sorry..


krupal said...

Life is beautiful.. Let few things give some time..things will fall in place..Its juz like merry-go-round..haha;)..dont go by

beetlejuice said...

satti...nice comment...i liked it...truly did! so no sorries PLEASE!

next...yes...raw vodka has been tried in the recent past...not too bad...dunno if tat'l continue tho ;)

job hunt is on...will send u my resume..SOON!

friends...u r thr for me alwayz but hvin no credit leaves me wit lil or no contact wit u...


A.Johnson said...


I like this idea...


flow of thoughts...

wont work for everybody though...

My word verification here before i submit.."kffas"...sounds "kaifa hallak"..."what's up?" ie...

Kffas p3san? :)

pratibha said...

take lyf as it comes babe....relax n njoi everybit...even if seemz crazee.......everytinz not alwayz eazee now is it.......take a chill pill sweetz.....rock on!! :)

btw...wen r u writin a blog on me......??!! hehe...just givin u sme insipiration 4 ur nxt here....;)

love n mwaaaah!!