Jul 3, 2007

Incessant Chatter to Mindless Rambling...

I start this blog in a very filmy way- swishing my freshly washed, sweet-smelling (thanks to L'oreal), recently 'smoothened' hair (though I don't really see any difference this time) and gently tucking it in behind my ear. I feel real good everytime I wash my hair. With all due credit to my secret serum and conditioner, my hair is reallll soft to touch, if I can say so myself. The effect lasts an hour. Good enough. An hour of feeling good, two days a week. Notches up my self confidence a bit.

As I alwayz say, I write to express. When something insinutates or amuses me. When bored or ecstasic. And I need inspiration. Hits me like a thunder bolt at the weirdest of times and my fingers itchhhhh to type it out. But now, I try and rack my brain to write something. Zilch. Nothing. So I decided I'll write about nothing-ness. A paragraphed version of my "Penny for my thoughts". An empty vessel making a lot of noise.

Something's changed me. My brain's short circuited. Can't attribute that to any one person or instance. But I'm different now. I alwayz thought I was talkative. People had to beg me to shutup. And even then I wouldn't. My idea of torture, you see. But now, 'I' don't wanna talk. I wanna be alone. I prefer the comfort of a book and the voices on t.v. Reel rather than real. It's a phase I know. And I'll get out of it. My phase of boredom! :)

I just don't wanna talk! I've got nothing to say most of the times. Conversations last 5 min. Anything more and it would resemble the hardly audible, soft humm of the air conditioner. Just hmm's and hmm's on either side. And then, when neither can bear it no more for fear of having the hmmmm echo on through-out the day, the byes are said. And I am back to basking in my own company! Aaahh...Solitude is Bliss :) :) :)

I know I sound weird, like some depressed maniac with skewed worldly views and latent serial killer tendencies ...hehe...But, y'all being my bosom buddies should know about my mood swings. This is just one of those low moments :)

For those of you who expected to read something a little more cheerful, sorry to disappoint and drag you into this quagmire of mine- earlier my Incessant Chatter, to now my Mindless Rambling!

P.s: I do requests....I also promise the next one is not gonna be about me :D ...And Jagannath, that sorry is soooo for you! I told u- yes blog, NO fun!hehe...


Anonymous said...


I have got no pretensions though I would like to tell you that I know more than most about what you are talking! In fact, though I have never been a "bavard" - as the Frenchies would call it - I have relapsed into a conscious state of silence; while 'jadedness' and 'rut' might be better words. So, I guess the tenacious disclaimer-like statement is not necessary, at least for me. Nevertheless thoughtful of you to have put it there...

Coming to the post... yeah... I, like usual, have something crazy to say. Though writing starts off and develops an inspirational and in that sense a "free" activity, it can at times get to your head if you do not write/post/share for a while. I am all too familiar with that and I would like to call it "the brimming INK syndrome"... lol

Jokes apart, I guess it is quite interesting to read along with our thoughts and occasionally jot them down in a forum like this. You would be surprised to note that you are not alone in that regard!!!

Take care

and yes, I do hope, more for your salubrity, than for my health as a reader...lol, that the next post is cheerful! Having said that that this was not sad!!!

The Techno Maniac said...


Miss Solitude huh? I was planning to call today.. I should postpone it.. Ok.. I thought your hair was always soft.. its softer now??

I bet, its just going to be some days, and I am sure, you wont find time to take a conditoner bath..

Well, you keep rambling, no doubt, but by the time you come to the actual thing you wanted to say, we have a huge set of another series of another topics, we want you to ramble about. As people say that you are a dumb but live wire of every group and you make people go ga-ga over you!! So i am sure no one wants to shut up you.. Now dont "thu fy" me.. beacuse thats the truth..

Being in solitude helps in retrospection, but dont breaak your head with such things, as you tiny weeny brain may go nuts! and Do i have to say what happens when you go nuts??

I have been telling you that you are diff, and glad that you have accepted that :P. We all know about your mood swings, so I better stop now, before you decide to kill me before I come to Chennai..

Just want to let you know that your life is very intrestin out there and dont keep siting in solitude. Go rock the world crazy, girl..

And srini beats me to this blog? wow.. he s real fast!

As Always
Techno Maniac

Winds of Change said...


by any chance does dat refer to our conversation in the afternun? i cudnt talk much cuz thr wer ppl around. And i do know dat ur talkin bout urself in ur blog....n i dont think ur dat bad...i mean....u still do talk a lot...for eg: ur salwar yest???? hahahahaha....i kno ull get outa this phase....btr b soon! :)

Jagannath said...

firsts things first....which shampoo do u recommend for my receding hairline???....i need something quick...u know...not just to keep me happy....but...to keep me vvv happy! (in other words, protect my hair!)

second para....
#define nothingness....OK...take me as an example...i have had aspirations to write blogs for a long long time..and u know that!...but have i come up with it?...A BIG NO!...bcos of plain nothingness..only difference is..i cant write about nothingness! :) (just to boost ur spirits...u know...speaking of which...at such stages...real spirits work well too u know! :) )

Point being...nothingness is good too..more like a lull before the storm of blogs/ideas come pouring out of u! ;)

para three and four...well, u r a cancerian...mood swings have been installed in us like a freaking operating system to a comp....gotta take it in our stride...hang in there i say!...u will soon bail out of the mood and be cheery...(and perhaps shampoo everyday to keep up the mood! :) )

In conclusion...i do not accept the sorry....instead, i would like to forward a thank you..

nicely written...shows ur versatility in writing....u know..i swear i couldnt possibly write a topic on "nothingness" (i seriously pass!)....but u managed to with ur usual ease...

A toast on that account! ;)


yehhh smoothened hair dus feel awesummmmmmmmmmmm, butur hair is amazinnnnnnnnnnnnn per se [:)] n well, i dunt think u can ever shut up- and I Wud HATE U IF U SHUT UP, inspite of hearin u talk non-sop all these years.. geeee.. its ur patented trademark[:)] infact, i do a perfect spoof of ur incessant chatterin(u havent heard it as yet- ask sathiya)soo keeppp walkinnnnn.. says janie walker..

solitute is superbliss- do enjoy it, though not at the expense of jabbering..

and i like ur flowpf thoughts- grt penny to give away...

beetlejuice said...

srini n sattii....

man, wat more cud i ask for???thr r actually 2 wonderful ppl fitin to b the first to comment on my blog..WOW!me on top of the world...hehe...frm low to hi nw thnx to u guyz :D

ruby..nope...iv told u...tis isn;t the new me or nethin, juz a time bein me...till i find somethin to occupy tis silly old mind of mine...n doesnt hv nethin to do wit u...our conversations never mADE SENSE neway...lik yesterday, we wr on the phone for 30 min..nt talkin bt mssgn other ppl!hehe...

jag...im happy i dint lose the fan in u...ur one of the most devoted ones i hv n i cudnt bear to shoo u away!hehe...yup ur rite...the cancerian in me makes me susceptible to those mood swings ever so often...:D

janie wanie...we rock...so no matter wat...il alwayz hv sometin to say when ur arnd..!nt tat ur gna leme b ne other way..rite???

luv ya all...n yea...the inspiration has STRUCK! ;) so until then...ta!

MaYtH!! said...

Preeth stops talking?

*Shudder* what will the world come to..!

ani said...

hehe i totally agree about u talkin a lotttttt.. n also about ur mood swings.. not that i'm any thing different.. but still..

and i can so relate it to it rite now.. guess i'm rambling on rite now ;)