Jul 24, 2007


OH man!I've been tagged! And it couldn't have come at a better time...For, all the while I cribbed at being unemployed, now, I wish to be able to wake up at noon rather than dawn!!! Thanks Srini for the tag and also for giving me something to post cuz I was just beginning to think I wouldn't have time to blog again! :)

1.(a) Pick out a scar you have:

Uh...emotional?or physical?Ok, ok..I'm not gonna get all whiney...A scar...hmmm....Got this tiny thing on my knee...Actually there's more than 1, thanks to my accident-prone self!

(b) And explain how you got it?

Well...not like it was a moment to remember and celebrate or anything, but I think I fell down somewhere sometime!One second I was walking and the next..WHAM! down on my knees :D

2.What does your phone look like?

Nokia 6600..Pathetically maintained...so...This is getting personal man.. :D

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?

STARS :D and planets and some weird satellite kinda stuff...hehe...you know, those self adhesive glow in the dark stuff that I find totally cool....makes me all starry eyed...literally!

4. What is your current desktop picture?

I never guessed it would matter!!!But right now, thanks to my PC's extra slow performance and extra low memory, it's just a blank blue screen ( as suggested by the comp guy)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Marriage itself is questionable...now gay marriage??? Well, I don't really have an opinion...To each his own!If it makes someone happy, then good....

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

To sleep....and wake up noon tomorrow... :D

7. What time were you born?

Sometime July 11th 1984!

8. Are your parents still together?


9. Last person who made you cry?

Myself...really...I can make myself cry anytime...

10. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea...and well, Orange Tonic by Azzaro...

11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Never really mattered...

12. What are you listening to?

My sad-ass singing...No more questions on that plz ;)

13. Do you get scared of the dark?

YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!I get all paranoid in the dark and my brain works overtime...

14. Do you like pain killers?

What's there to like? You got pain, kill it...Wanna hold on to it, your choice...

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

I'm pretty archaic in my thinking here. I still feel the guy's gotta do the asking out....

16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Anything...that's me!

17. Who were the last persons you made mad?

My mom...that goes on forever...and the feeling is mutual... :D

18. Is anyone in love with you?

I certainly hope there is some 'one' !

That's all Folks!!!!


The Techno Maniac said...


I see that you really want to slep till twilight and you are forced to get up by dawn.. I told you.. You d be busy.. I suppose you re happy with your choice..

BTW I liked the way, you answered the question.. Was funny and intrestin..


Anonymous said...

"I'm pretty archaic in my thinking here. I still feel the guy's gotta do the asking out...."

Interesting Preeti!

And as for as being friends is concerned, I reckon the feeling is mutual. In my case, there is an 'atavistic nominal reminiscence' - don't ask me what that is... lol - which may not be a foundation but the nevertheless a shot in the arm!

PS: Thanks for immediately 'doing' the tag... lol

The Techno Maniac said...

Hey da,

I was sleepy yesterday nite, so did not read fully.. just wanted to make a small correction in your tagging.. The answer for you last question should have been one to many.. However you ve been very modest.. No wonder there are many after you.. :D



Scars- yeha chicken pox marks..

wen i was like 5 years old, contracted chicken pox, royalled scratched them, n got scarred 4 life- all scars we get early in life neva really heal..

ma phone looks liek a 1100, n every1 knows a 1100 is truly indian-doesnt need maintenance[;)]

they say one really knows wazz on teh wallz & ceiling of one's bedroom only while doing 'it' 2 years into a marriage- wen 'it' becomes more of a routine than recreation:) lets jus say i styll am more into procreatin,oops recreating..[;)]

desktop pik.. hmmm.. desktops are dinosaurs these days,. hmm- nevertheless its styll the staid blue screen on ma notebook as well[;)]

gay marriages- peetu/dhanya/minsi- (chennai)/saniya/deepti u guys are really hot.. wat say? together in 'SICK'ness n health????[;)]i know i'm SICKKkkkkk, but i also happen to be healthy, GAY n STRAIGHT.. gay n straight????????m[;)]

MORE THAN NETHINN, I NEED ya peetu babeee to stand by me.. i'm knee deep in one of teh worst periods of ma life.. periods??? yeahh ya cus call it tat- i'm bleeding and im pms depressed..

'I' make maself cry, almost every single tyme.. ma tears are wells of ma own underwater tables of decisions/feelinz..

i get scared of the dark everytyme u around, cos i know u can really S.C.R.E.A.M.

PAINKILLERS.. we cause our own pain, thereby we are the only ones who can kill it..


Winds of Change said...


ur singin aint sad ass...ur a mad gal....n btw, talkin bout scars...i still have janez thng.....hehehe.......

u kno who

mayth!! said...

You got a job?
Aww shucks...that explains the infrequent blogging ;)

Blog good as usual

ani said...

well scarssss got loads of them.. like jane mentioned.. got chicken pox scars..

n then got scarss from few relationshipss.. be it incase of friendship or love..
and thinking about them.. i can cry.. well i do end up crying..

never knew u sang diii.. hehe jus kidding n u dont sing badly ( i didnt know i could lie so well ;) )

now mobile n my comp.. well they r pretty well maintained.. hehe atleast for the time being as am so jobless..

and now the most important answer.. hehe who all loves u.. well do u want me to start the conversation.. hehe may be check tht in my blog.. hehe rite!!!!!!!!!!!

Winds of Change said...

well well well!

so whrz ur next blog?????? cmon! write one sooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

lotsa luv