Jun 8, 2007

A Quickie...

Now,now don't get your thoughts twisted..! I mean this is a quick, mini sequel of sorts to my previous entry.Just a few more thoughts I missed out that I simply must share :)

For those of you with access to paid channels, I'd request you to watch atleast one episode of Channel V's "Get Gorgeous" which is (supposedly) the "Hunt for India's hottest face", whatever that is!The "panel", as they call themselves, consist of a stick like girl with a mop of curly hair, a very gay guy (and no, I don't mean gay as in happy) and some hugely successful make-up artist. Their rampage covers the hot cities of Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and,ofcourse, Mumbai (Talk of hot and Chennai should be way up there, but no, not to them. The Chennai they know still has girls attired in pavadai dhavanis!). The only episode I saw ( I couldn't bear to watch that and hence no more)had the moppy girl going to the most 'happening' places in these cities and handing over admit cards to girls whom they considered model material and inviting them for the audition.

The girls present themselves in weird hues and patterns and act weird-er in front of the panel to get themselves noticed. The panel goes by the mantra- the weirder, the better. Atleast that's how it seemed. I personally don't have anything against these pageants because I basically just don't care for them but watching this one infuriated me! Wanna know why? Listen to this-There was this one girl who walked into the audition room and the gay guy with the weirdly spiked hair and his characteristic nasal voice shrieked," My!!Who asked you to come here???" The girl was obviously taken aback and answered that her friends thought she was pretty and wanted her to audition. To which the dude, with an animated shocked expression exclaimed, "Oh no!!Your friends must be blind!You are U.G.L.Y. Your hair's too dry, your eyes too wide and your lips too thin. Please go NOW!" ....!!!!!!Poor parents of his, they must regret having raised a monstrous homo with a shoot-off mouth. I don't even want to get into what the girl's reaction was at this outburst!What makes him or any of those out there put someone down that way?

This brings us to the issue of hurtful motor mouth comments. I always thought people who said mean things were either enemies or just plain bad. But I now realize that there are people who believe they can simply speak their mind and think that's ok- whether or not it hurts the other. Recently at a friend's place, I had someone tell me that my hair looked real soft and nice. Just as I was all blushy and was about to tell her my secret serum story, she leaned forward, touched my hair and said, "Oh!Y'know what? It just looks soft, maybe cuz of the straightening, but it's actually rough to touch". I was stumped. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh in wonder at the fact that there are actually people like that and cry because, well, I was hurt! But she didn't flinch, because she didn't think it was wrong to say that. And let me tell you, she was a friend. And a pretty good one.

I have always been the kind of person who has thought it alright to "white-lie" or rather hide the truth [Yup, Janie, you know what I mean. Not just in office but otherwise too :)] A firm believer in karma, I would never even dream of saying anything, knowing that it's going to hurt. Never, never, never!But it is saddening to see that there are those who feel that they wield the baton of truth. Knowingly or unknowingly, they say discomforting things, thinking that it's alright. They don't notice the shrivelled face, the slight drooping eyes and lips and that shattered expression of the other.

I don't know whether all of you would agree [Jane, Dolz n Ruby, I count you in with me, cuz of our million-hour tete-a-tete's in which all that would be voiced would be HOWs and WHYs...hehe...] . It maybe a trivial pursuit to few, or many, but it is something I feel strongly about. Lemme know what you think, and yea, make it (A) Quick(ie)!!!


The Techno Maniac said...


Quickie.. huh?? Ok Straight into the point.. I dont have to see get gorgeous.. I have a lot of my friends back there who are quite gorgeous (By the its goes unsaid that you.. ahem.. you know what!!)

Another thing I hate is insulting others, no matter what. You may have your personal opinions but I really dont accept people making others feel bad, though they are wrong. I just wish that guy or gay or both or whatever he is, to go and have a look at his face on a mirror before he comments on others..

About the girls.. I have nothing to say. I m sure you know my "fashion sense" and knowledge on fashion, both being zero, forces me not to talk on that.

Hurtfull Motor mouth syndrome.. another thing I despise to the fullest. I always believe, that the person as an individual is what important not the way they are decortated or adorned. By the way, I am not against dressing up, which I learnt in my very recent past, is something everybody enjoys, other than a couple of weirdos like me and my friend Srini.. However, its really cute to see the make over process [:)] and the final stage..

Well again.. a hell with your damned friend. hope she knows what soft is.. White lie, yes you have to white lie at most point these days. or atleast i do it most of the time.. (Dnt you scowl at me.. I ve been truthful to you, as always..) I really hate to to spil the mood of the persomn intentionally or un intentionally.. it is the latter gbenerally, my foot in mouth syndrome gets me a lot of trouble.. and I have learnt a new lesson.. Its called S.U.M.O and that lesson has helped me a lot. Especially with my "friends" here.. When I find some thing, thats wrong, I d rather say no comments and get a scowl rather than a fight. Its not wirth a hassle.

And many people stick on and some even feel better when we dont comment about them. Its just people who are importanat not their appearance or sense of fashion. I have been a weirdo right from school, and it continues always. I ve never been exposed to the side of fashion coming from a conservative family. However, I am happy that my thoughts are not conservative..

Great piece of work di.. End of the day, I understand that you dont need to care about such people who insult us. There are so many people who love us for what we are. And I hope that poor girl understands that there is much better life that the "get gorgeous" kind things.. Nice to see another part of preeti. I really feel, I nver know you.. you re such a new person over the blogs.. an intrestin one too.. and maybe a cute one too?? (hehe)

Really nice one di.. keep bloggin.. I really like the way, you voice out your views. You seem to have so many real life examples too.. Poor you, nevertheless.. You always know.. that you re the best..

You Know Who!

Anonymous said...


Sigh... I thought I was going to the first to comment. But my dearest friend preceded me here. Never mind!

To the fashion side of the post, I have nothing to add to what had opined for the earlier post. But I found some other thread quite interesting: the issue if you like of candidness - read as 'bluntness' - juxtaposed with the sentiments of the hearer. Now, though I tend to agree with you about the essence there are certain nitty-gritty, which need to be hammered down strongly... lol... and there I find myself differing if not disagreeing. (Hope you wouldn't mind another lecture and sorry again that this is not directly felicitous to the discussion at hand!)

Now it really is a rather delicate issue. But I, for one, do believe that there are certain instances in life where given a choice between a sweet "lie", which is not well meant and a truth - which can only be, let us assume, uttered one way, which is bluntly and therefore a little hurtful - I would definitely choose the latter. Of course each one can instatiate her/his stance in this regard and that is my opinion albeit I am as touchy as anyone around about hurting others' sentiments (mind you I am TOUCHY, which is actually more than hypersensitive and so a negative quality, yet still I am touchy and still I try to be quite blunt when I have to be). The other fallout of course is the intention of the person being blunt: some people out there exist only to give you flak and I believe that their comments needn't be heeded to at all; while there are others who may not know the niceties of a civil conversation, but would strive to tell you what they feel (without ever trying to perfume their words) and those are people who criticise you for your betterment and therefore would never let you down.
Hmmm... I am ready for a riposte on that. But that's what I have got to say!

Jagannath said...

NICE...this is a topic that has infuriated me quite some times in the past, both on television and among my friends socially, just as you have adequately put it!....

Other than that gorgeous shit on channel V...i have also observed such discriminating remarks on indian idol (which made me reject watching it btw!)....those judges...great artists in themselves with proper standards in all walks of their singing career..display arrogance to some of the poor participants...showing them down,which is downright discouraging!...

and mind you, this is just singing i am talking about...there are about a hundred other factors i have seen people commenting about!...

It is either looks, hair, voice, etc etc...and the list is long!

The basic fact is...it is very easy to say something bad about someone or make a lowly statement...but it is so difficult to say something good about someone...reasons?? there are plenty....ego, arrogance, over straightforwardness, plain coldness, jealousy, envy...this list is not long...its huge!

I have one motto in life for this factor, not boasting about myself but I tend to put myself in someone else's shoes and think about the implication about my statement or action before doing it! (preets...u r a fellow cancerian...agree with that? ;) )

I have lived in the US for the past two years...and I can see this clear difference among indians and americans in my everyday life.. (even if americans do it..they might be doing it less inconspicuously or maybe the indians do it more blatantly...whatever be the case!)...but what i see here is that the same thing prevails here too among us desi guys and gals...we all try to pull each other down...instead of boosting ourselves up...maybe thats the downside of having too much competition in india! (or maybe i m thinking too much :D )

At the end of the day...what have we earned...NULL/ZERO/ZILCH. But, speak something good about a person...boost his/her spirits...and what do u get??...a lot!..a friend...which i would say is quite an important thing!

OK...the other side is...people might say...lets be realistic...we cant possibly say good things about others all the time!...understood.. accepted!...what do u do!...

There is a perfect ploy for that!...use positive criticism

for eg: u dont like someone's perfume...it totally sucks...

WHAT NOT TO DO...."ur perfume sucks...change it asap!"...

WHAT TO DO..."Have u tried out this one, its awesome?"...HOWAZZAT!...



a quickie takes around 2 mins.. its like fuk(1/2 a min- penetration painful)fuk(another 1/2- getting access) fuk(yet another half- getting into the groove) n fuccccccccccccccccccccck (get off me baby, we're dun- fuk off)...
2 mins of pain..
2 mins of pleasure..
2 mins of abandon..
2 mins of 'i dun care a fuk' (even wen ironically,u actually carin enuf 2 fuk)..

yehh peetu babey I'm twisted, but wen u say dun get twisted, ha ha, i'm only thinking of twistin n turnin rampantly in those 2 mins;)

tHE LITERARY SIDE OF ME BEGS ME now 2 do the metaphorical comparison..

badmouthing sumbody on the face is like a quickie..
its like a 2 min verbal badmouthing tat 'fuks' the other person..
badmouth part 1(the 1'st 1/2 a min- slightly painful mode of penetrating the badmouthing)
badmouth part 2(the 2'nd 1/2 a min- gaining access to hurt the other person)
badmouth part 3(the 3'rd 1/2 a min- totally getting into the groove of makin the other person feel rotten)
badmouth part 4(final 1/2min- i've trashed n royally fukd u- now get this topic off me)

A 2 min badmouthing quickie tat leaves the other so hurt, useless, tired n miserably fucked, that there is no room given 4 a retaliation quickie..

If u ask me, take the extra 2 mins, forget ur good ol self for those avenging 2 mins, make the secret 'serum' public( i mean the serum after the fuk).. trash the penetrator bak.. tatz wat i've learned- wen we're nice, they keep 'quickyin' us time and again.. give them a fll blown tit 4 tat absolute trashing such kinda people that would quieten their tits, teenie-weenies and twisted lips 4 eva...

u shud ve told her 'minez only a lil rough 2 touch, urs beats tat, it gives me so0000 so0000 sore eyes, infact i may need a high power lens 2 evn find any hair on ur carrot head'

MaYtH!! said...

I see what you mean. I remember watching an episode of American Idol when I was in Bahrain... (friggin Chennai not yet giving me paid channels for free :D) and Iwatched a cute girl from Hawaii perfomring really really well...very talented...she didnt sing off-tune and was very strong at higher pitches etc.

But I remmebr being reallyl alarmed at the way the judges uncategorically dismissed her off... more to say, the way they put her down, that too on International Television.

The girl s brave to have survived that..I';m sure I'd have died.
Beauty and talent...these very sensitive issues and some ppl just have to realise that you can demoralise a person for life with one wham-bham of an insult.

Winds of Change said...


all dat ur blog reminds me of, is the day u saw my new glasses....n i had to literally "choke" the words "its not gr8 lukin" from ur mouth to hear the truth! haha...n i still gta do dat!! n yet to get the real feedback from u...tho i wonder if ud EVER tell me dat! hahaha....yeah ppl are jus wierd sumtimes......crazy!!and wen i think bout it, i mite've hurt ppl too....if i hav done dat to u at any point of time (so far i cant think of anything as such) ...but if i have, ................................please forgive me...i kno not wat i do...lol!!!!!!

lotsa luv,
u kno who

beetlejuice said...

heya all....

satti...im glad u hv been truthful to me..id lik tat to remain alwayz!

srini...i juz feel tat if somethin is gonna hurt someone it neednt b said...crticism on one's work is alrite...tatz for their betterment...but criticism on onez features or character....hard to chnge dude...plastic surgery n art of livin dont suit alll!hehe...

jag...cnt wait for the happily ever after scenario to hit tis world...if at all it does..!

janie wanie...babe..uv got a way wit wordz gurl ;) hehe...juz hope no parent of ourz readz it tho...hehe...

ruby...ur glasses R NICE!as long as ur ok wit them...they'r ok...im gna maintain tat no matter wat kung fu manouever u try out on me!

thnx a ton guyz n luv ya loadz...

Anonymous said...


Precisely my point too... LOL. When I mention(ed) the word 'criticism', a serious and a strong word, which I would never let go by a slip of the tongue, I was making a tacit, and I guess, well-understood, reference to 'things', which befit the word criticism... work, writing, art, performance, and things of other kinds, which ally themselves closely.

As for features or characteristics... I have always been weak in that arena... whether we are talking of Geometry or Human Physiology... does not essentially make a difference. Bit of a nitwit with both, I am... lol.
So how I resolve it is... I believe every person has his/her version/rendition/possession of beauty, elegance, fashion, style etc.

But yeah, in a world where people are increasingly conscious of looks and features, despite not conforming to stupid norms - which I respect - I do accept you because when someone tells me to have a hair STYLE (wonder why they cannot understand that my fahir is like me... wayward...LOL) and not merely hair, or dress up like a gentleman or go to a five star hotel in a particular brand of attire, I totally get pissed off with that. So yeah... our points are reconciled, I reckon.

What d'ya think?

A.Johnson said...

Wow. Very important lesson for Anand.

P3san, what if the person I were talking to trusts me to be frank with them and not cover up the truth?

What if I suck at acting and my true opinion can be read all over my face?

Wouldnt the 'white-lie' worsen the situation?

This is a very delicate subject and it takes a pro to handle it. And believe me when I tell you that I think youre a pro.

Theres a reason why I call you my angel.

If I were to tell you amoung few people, something that makes me feel bad. You would be the only one to phrase a well proportioned reply.

Im not sure If that makes good sense but that's how I feel. You can deliver your thoughts by completely out-maneuvering the danger-zone.

Its a skill. Takes time to learn.

But good topic.

A.Johnson said...

About the Gay guy.

Marteking ploy.

Sending the mop-haired bitch out was to attract contestants.

The Gay who's gotta be mopped in the mouth with the broomstick bitch is a cheap knock-off of the hugely successful "Simon Cow" who gets paid enough to say it pays-off to have an attitude like his. The behaviour attracts an audience that loves watchin other people get hammered on T.V.

And Im sure you would agree that the tactic worked, in Simon's case.

beetlejuice said...

preeti says:

srini...im glad we'v finally reconciled...nw tat tatz put aside, i shall wait for commentz on the next...hehe...god knowz when tatz gna come out tho...!hehe...

andu 'baby' san...firstly...im on top of the world tat uv commentd...dno hw or y but u n ur bro, my darln boyz or rather my best men,alwayz hv tis effect on me...n watz better than hvn u call me UR angel!!!awww...me all melty... :) luv ya alwayz n alwayz n alwayz n alwayz n forever!

nxt regd the matter at hand...i guess my 'polished' words r a result of the fact tat iv been subjectd to a lotta rude words at times n tatz really hurt me n so i conciously tried nt to do the same...n nw...itz taken over me n become me!dno if tatz gud or bad...bt i prefer to b tis way...as i said, itz a matter of karma to me :)

n i nw see wat ur point...simon certainly workd wondrz for americn idol much to the wrath of many sensitive ppl lik me...so it is a marketin gimmick tat seemz to do well for their TRPs...all is fair in not juz luv n war...but business n money too!hehe....

Winds of Change said...

oh by the way!!!

dis jus reminded me of the MAJOR argument v had on how frank v shud b wit frndz...bout the clothes thing n all...remember??????????????????

man...!! dnt wna get in2 it again...hahahahaha (but then....plz b frank wid me ...atleast TRY!...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!) hahahahhahahhahahahahhaha

Doll said...

u never told me u wrote a new blog....waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!