May 2, 2007

A Penny For My Thoughts (2)...

Date: 2 MAy 2007 Time: 16:30 hrs

Background music : Belly Dancer by Akon...A new favourite....

Writing a blog involves too mucha thought...Don't think my tiny lil precious brain can handle it!

Maria's DEAD??? Oh-My-God! [Self proclaimed Fashion House F.R.E.A.K]

So, now Caffeine helps me lose weight. Now I know!And all these days I've been drinkin black tea, white tea, green tea....

Ahhh, melted Dairy Milk..sheer Bliss...I must've died and gone to heaven!

As I see them now, the fotos that I've been dying to see..SUCK! Damn!

Cuppa with Chris? Chris with Cuppa? Interesting stuff by Janie Bravo a.k.a panni kutty a.k.a Chris a.k.a Mocha!

It's getting Hot in here..Don't think taking my clothes off would even help...!

YAY! It's a Wednesday!That means there's Heroes, Gray's Anatomy AND Fashion House [Self proclaimed anything-on-tv F.R.E.A.K]

I think my orkut pic is kinda funny..Helps ward off evil...hehe!

How does astrology work? Hmmm....

Oh!I LOVE Dolz to itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny BITS with all my HUGE heart ;) The Cross Sisters Rock Alwayz! Next blog coming up soon...dontcha worry!

Juz 2 months to go for me b'day! Gotta decide on my clothes, my hair, blah-blah,blah-blah!

I can't believe I'm the only one who isn't working... :( sigh!

Sparky's dinner buffet...All the MEAT I can get...WHOA! And to top it all my 2 best men for company...That's gonna be fun....Can't Wait!!!! [When is it gonna happen guyz????]

Cassandra went around with Jake. Jake was 2 timing Cassandra with Andrea. And they both...huh??? How do people write such stories??? [courtesy: the latest book I'm reading. No, the name isn't worth mentioning]

So,burning fat results in weight loss and doing weights causes strengthening of muscles. Which means, I've gotta rent the gym out and STAY there if I've gotta get anywhere close to what I wanna be! Can Life be more miserable than that???

OOps....My cook's come...It's Caffeine time! No Cuppa, No Vodka just Kaapi and Biscoot ;)

Quid Pro Quo time guyz...A Penny for (Your) Thoughts! Until next time, TA!



ha ha ha.. well i think the vodkaz taken its toll!!!! Im always ryte abt tat..

wowwwww.. me waitynnnnnnnnn 2 see who killed maria!!! Are we the only 2 who are even watchin the serial??

cassandra n jake!! i know y u not revelin the bookz name: cos these names are sooo much a dead giveaway: M& B(if u say no, the books atleast one of its ilk)

sparkyzzz: a reflection of the bbcd- bahrain born carefree desi[;)]

weight trainin n caffeine addiction: i think ure fallin in luv wyd kamaraj(our gym instructor, 4 the benefit of those who dunno the hulk)

the only 1 without the job: 2 objections: ure not the only one, and u n i re self proclaimed tv addict-sooo WE have a job..

quid pro quo.. the only exchange i can think of is gettyn a penny in return 4 ma comment[i'm broke)

beetlejuice said... comments janie wanie...LUVD it! :)

yup yup...maria's dead...the bitch never rests...alwayz makin things murkier..hehe...

no no..not m & b...some teen love stories...tuk it for a time pass read...n now regrettin every sec of it!

in luv wit kamaraj??? OVER MY DEAD BODY! I dont mind dyin...but not SOOO young...i'm juz...all of 22 n 10 months old! :D

no penny to offer for the comment baby...penny paisa also!hehe..u think someone'd pay us for watchin tv...since, as u said, itseemz to b our non-breadwinnin J.O.B! :D

Winds of Change said...

hee hee!

dats kewl.....

Winds of Change said...

btw....dnt tell me u didnt like bellydancer previously!!

Doll said...

ur nutz...:)

The Techno Maniac said...

I dont know who on earth Maria is. Sme Serial Actor??

Wow.. You have a brain?? Thats news.. :D

Caffeine helps to loose weight? I shud have been underweight by now then.. So reading teenage love stories eh?? That bored?? Taking your clothes wud not help? Have you tried it tho?? Anyways.. why dont you turn on your AC?? And if it is not gettin cooler.. Try getting a powerful 3 ton ac.. that shud do the trick.. Orkut Pic.. that had a very uncanny resemblence of your true self :D

You have like 2 months for your bday.. worried about it now?? Get a grip. As i told you.. that the job you going to get is going to make you so damn busy that you wont bde able to talk to us...

Over all.. a good read.. Nice way of puttin things.. and I totally agree with you.. writing a blog involves so much thinking.. But white tea?? thats wat made me ask about the presence of your tiny weeny little brain.. Keep pennying.. its like snippets.. nice one tho..

And your blog's appearance.. It really brilliant.. Nice color combination. Everything in its right place.. Looks real sexy.. that photo is also good.. like a great journalist leaning on the wall after a gettin a hot story.. with that impish grin.. Good choice!! Keep writin..

Anonymous said...


Good to follow Sathiya to this place... as his long time classmate! I know that is saying too little and clumsy... lol

Hmmm... nice one, though I could not follow it at a lot of places. Perhaps, has to do more with the fact that my head has more skin than brains!

Stream-of-consciousness... I think that is what they call this type of writing in Literature. In any case, I would not like to give too much to titles... Whatever!

Keep blogging! Cheers!

jagannathch said... start off with..this blogsy has a lot of informative stuff that i was blindly ignorant about...

As follows:

1)Caffeine helps to lose weight...woah!...sounds interesting!...

I thought it was more like caffeine intake and no food! :)

2)Dairy Milk...not a bad way to take a trip to heaven...but i think i m more of a hell kinda guy (read: sins) no chocs for me! :)

3)hmmm...never knew chris= mocha....lack of knowledge in these terminologies might be the only disadv of having filter kaapi which mom makes! :)

4) orkut pic...didnt ward me off!...i think it didnt work as!

5) something thats written here reminds me about my b'day too in 2 months! ;)

6)regarding the two-timing book...see...i told u...get into the market..write books preetz!...quality writers are required...cant u see the 100m large message??

7) weight is a relative term....depends on the person judging before renting the gym...see the person judging u...and i think ur intentions would get clear then!....crazy, aint i?

Hope u got enough pennies by now! :)

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

ruby dint like belly dancer initially...actually tat hd more to do wit the fact tat i ws confused wit it n candy shop!hehe...

satti...thnx for all the 'compliments'...hehe ;)

srini....thnx fr comin in... :D