Aug 29, 2007

I just HAVE to add these:

Issue #6- The Condolence Talk.

After the **** face, the next thing that bugs the crap outta me (the list of 'Things that bug me' is quite long and the order varies by the second, but yet) is what I call the 'Condolence' Talk. A pissing off day at work and you happen to tell someone that. What do I expect in return? Nothing! Really, all I want is just to tell it out and I don't want to know how 'alright' it is, or how i shouldnt 'worry' or how 'nice' a person I am [not just cuz I know it all already ;)] I don't need/want/expect sympathy. I don't, I don't, I don't. This, by the way, is one of precedents for Issue #1. I'd rather not speak out my woes than to have to listen to a sympathetic out-cry. No, I'm not dying or dead and neither is someone I know. Neither am I depressed or suicidal. So, thank you. Can the lecture.

Issue #7- The Needle-Got-Stuck-On-the-Record!

One day after something happened (by saying 'something' I mean I don't even know what happened!)

The Other: "Are you ok?Are you sure you're ok?Are you positive you're ok?" (over dose of KBC)

Me: "Yes, Yes and Yes."

The Other (yet again, persistence is his/her middle name): Uhhhmm....U sure right?"

Me: @#$%^&

Another day, when some other something happened

The Other: "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean it"

Me: O.K

The Other (an hour later): "Are you still mad at me?"

Me: No

The Other (a day later): "Hey, well...Uhhh...I'm sorry about the other day. I mean...I didn't, you know, like...mean to...u know...Well, I'm just sorry".

Me: ( *blank*) "What other day????"

Time flies. People move on. Situations change. All in a day. Then Why, just WHY, would I remember some spat or low moment I had days ago. Just appreciate that I'm not miffed enough never to talk again. If I do talk, it means I'm fine. Any reference to the past or digging up that buried hatchet could prove to be fatal.

Issue #8- I don't take hints.

I'm bad with games. Card games, board games, guessing games and especially mind games. And so, it is no wonder that I cannot (also read: will not) read someone's mind??? If there's something bothering you, go on, spill the beans. The low voice, the extra low murmur, the glazed eye or the guilty cough would just go unnoticed. I wouldn't even notice something is wrong. I don't take hints.

Couldn't help but add them :)


Mayth!! said...

Hey don't worry, everything will be fine. Your a strong girl. * breaks into song* The sun'll come out, tomorrow, so you've gotta hang on...

Ooops.. *point#6 rushing back to me* I'm sorry...I'm sooooooo sorry, I didn't realise what I was saying..

*contemplating on setting things right* we're ok right? I mean, I'm absolved for..transgressing points 6 and 7...we're ok right?
more importantly, you're ok rite?

hehe...just kidding, had a riot typing that out, but apart from that I could seriously relate to what your saying.
Sometimes petty things just don't matter as much as some ppl would think they do..

And at those times, you'd feel like screaming 'Get a life boy! Get!!'
Yeah, work all the more drives us into doing that more often than not.

Winds of Change said...

hmm...well...i guess issue#8 applies to me too u stop givin me hints thru issuez!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......newayz....i think v had a very very fruitful conversation last nite....shall cont once ur back....cuz u 2 sophstctd....n moreovr, im wayy too busy plannin on ur 'surprise'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


To make sure that i dont irk you, I am canning my lecture.

Chill out dude!


A.Johnson said...

ah! Excellent...

If only my irksome buddies wud read my blogs as much, I'd've done the same!

perfect blow...

points noted.



mudherfkin a$$holes had to make that sooo EASY...


Anonymous said...

Hello good lady with the name, which brings reminiscences... lol! (isn't that one of the longest becks you ever had????;))

Those two posts surely provided a good peek into your personage! And I shall remember that you don't take hints... ROTFL!

Btw, you are the first individual who hates being consoled... that is taking 'uniqueness' to a different level and I appreciate it honestly.

Keep posting... cheerio Preeti!

beetlejuice said... sooo glad u wr kiddin thr ;) hehe...

ruby wuby...i write based on comments ;)

satti batti...y u bein anonymous...???i knw u!!!

andu...hate the word verifications too...its lik its rocket science isnt it??? :D

srini...seriously seriously longest beck iv ever ever had!hehe... :) n so glad u read my blog :)

rantravereflect said...

well written [:D]
teh condolence talk is awwwww so bugging..
The other day..
I was telling ma colleague ' This fever is so horrible and i hate having no work to do...'

The reply ' Don't worry.. I wish i got sick.. I've so much bloody work 2 do'

Rubbing the salt into both ma wounds.. [:(] N TELLIN ME tindirectly," I donn;t care thta you're sick. I'm way too hale and hearty. And yeah, I'm brimming with work. Note the bloody big boss that i'M"


Some people are incorrigible..

And as FAR AS droppin the hints are concerned, they belong to the bin. I'm very capable of readin them, like when ma mom gets her face all bloated up,and she has a proposal at hand, and wants to emotionally blackmail me,but i choose to act like the dumbest janey bravo at these times, and show no sign of having been receptive to the hint. Some calamities and worms are best wen canned, jus like u implore people to can their lectures!

good one! keep it up:)

beetlejuice said...

hahaha...janie wanie...i cn sooooo imagine ur janie bravo luk wit ur mum...lik absolutely imagine it!hehe...n talk abt rubbin it in...ur rite u knw, most of tat sympathy talkin crap is pretty sarcy...worse when its ovr the phone, ul never ever knw if the other person is silently smirkin at our misfortune! :)